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File 13794202036.jpg - (87.54KB , 400x300 , motto-group.jpg )
13334 No. 13334 [Edit]
Maybe this thread has been posted already, but the idea came to me, so here we go.

How often do you watch your waifu's show? Or if not from a show, how often do you read her manga or play her video game? For a long while, I thought I had some obligation to be frequently watching it, so sometimes I would end up either forcing myself to watch it and/or feel guilty about not watching it. I still enjoyed and loved watching it of course, but I thought about it for a while and decided to not force myself, especially since I'm still waiting on the series to end (it's being fansubbed). It's a lengthy series, so likely once it finishes, I'll probably put it down for a month or two, and then start it back up again from the beginning, doing maybe an episode or two a day.

Before this, I would hop around a lot (since I've ran out of episodes to watch) and rewatch favorites or watch various chunks or arcs, so I think after it gets subbed, taking a break from it, watching other anime, then hopping back into it will help strengthen our love.

How about you guys? How often do you watch or rewatch her show?
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>> No. 13335 [Edit]
Not that often. I read her VN route once a year, but I also have lots of savepoints of my favorite moments of her that I go back to whenever I feel like it. I do a similar thing with the shows / manga / LNs she's in, I try to go through them about once a year but I also have a list of special moments from them.
>> No. 13336 [Edit]
File 137942555186.jpg - (585.85KB , 1000x750 , Hitoto_ - な、慣れないサプライズなん.jpg )
I only went through her content once so far, since [email protected] is quite big by itself to expand in different formats.

For example, the anime. The only problem with watching her show is that, there's only two episodes that features mainly her (and another OVA) which the rest of the episodes are either entirely focused on her friends or of that Haruka, Miki and Chihaya taking most of the spotlight. Also, the anime ended, so hardly any content would produce more content of my love.

There are various different manga that interprets her into different perspectives, although Iori gets more focus, depending on the chapter. I hardly read the manga, which the chapters take very long to wait and I am sometimes usually up to date with manga because I am a fast reader.

Gamewise, I am taking it slow with the SP version, as I try my best to get the best results out of the game. It's the only game I played, since I could only play translated versions since my moon is really bad. [email protected]/L4U is region-locked with the 360, so it might be a long time for me to get it. [email protected] pretty much made her unplayable, despite her having her own extra route in the PS3 version.

Overall, I would usually listen to her sing frequently (as a series based on idols, there's a vast collection of songs) because I believe that's how I would interact with her by actively listening to the efforts that she had worked hard to be herself. The purpose of the series itself however, is completely self-immersion as the idea of you being a producer and managing an idol that you like enforces it. So rather than going through the content over, I usually imagine myself with her and just go through with my daily life to make our bonds stronger everyday.

I am quite excited for another sequel to [email protected] though. I just hope Iori gets to be much more playable compared to [email protected]
>> No. 13337 [Edit]
File 137942951329.jpg - (1.54MB , 1360x3072 , comparison.jpg )
Pretty often, but I don't always watch whole episodes. A lot of times I just skip to certain moments that make my heart skip a beat or another thing I like to do is play music and kind of let episodes just run and kind of sink into ecstasy. Other times I will watch whole episodes though, but considering the SOL nature of the series I never go back and watch them all in order, and usually just pick my favorite ones.

On another note it's very interesting to see the art comparison in each season when rewatching them, honeycomb having the most QUALITY in terms of things like character designs/proportions etc, first season just kind of looking cheap and shaftey in general, leaving the second and third as the best in my opinion. The second can look a bit odd in my opinion though at times, it's definitely the most unique (and wide). I actually find it insulting how much QUALITY is in Hidamari, humans really do find a way to ruin everything, even things they've created.
>> No. 13340 [Edit]
Only once. It sucks and I don't like the depiction of the character. To me, the manga is the only gospel.
>> No. 13341 [Edit]
I've watched the series about 4 times in total. Lately, I've just been watching the scenes that I find the most entertaining.
It's a shame that he looks really off-model at times in the anime, the manga is much better in that regard. Hopefully they fix that with the next season.
>> No. 13342 [Edit]
File 137946286329.jpg - (45.88KB , 370x304 , top_10_.jpg )
When I first fell in love with him, I played his route 3 or 4 times in about a month. There are save spots that I look at occasionally that reinforce my love for him, or when I just have a bad day I look at them. I'd say once or twice a month, but I haven't played his route from start to finish since March.

I watched the anime shortly after, which was garbage both animation-wise and in terms of story/pacing, and I didn't like what they did to his character, so I doubt I'll watch it again.

The manga is largely untouched - I've been saving it for a rainy day, and/or when the manga ends. Same thing goes for about half of his drama cd tracks, although the ones I've listened to are amazing. (I treat them similarly to the original game.)

I really want to buy the PSP version of the game and play it as they altered some of the scenes slightly (and, if screencaps are accurate, added some scenes for Keisuke as well), but unfortunately I lack the funds and the skill to read Japanese to excuse buying it right now. Soon...
>> No. 13344 [Edit]
File 13794653717.jpg - (27.88KB , 170x170 , 3694543.jpg )
I lost count.
Eva is like background noise for me, at this point.
>> No. 13345 [Edit]
>I watched the anime shortly after
My condolences.
>> No. 13346 [Edit]
I used to play "her stage" everyday in the first months since we met, both to see her tiny sprite and because I was practicing for a 1cc at the time.
It's been quite some time since I last played it, though. Playing the short segment she appears in just doesn't mean that much anymore and I've moved my focus to other games.
>> No. 13347 [Edit]
Yeah, I'm actually replaying her route at the moment. It's a shame that there's so little offical content for her but I guess I can't complain.
>> No. 13443 [Edit]
File 137999157339.jpg - (63.32KB , 798x599 , 1358261697690.jpg )
That's the exact opposite for me.
I can't watch Eva anymore. I watched it 3 or 4 times, but that's it. I cant take all those emotions, I actually feel as if I'm inside the show, witnessing all of the cast suffering. They're like real people to me now.
If I watch Eva again, its gonna damage my mental health
>> No. 13444 [Edit]
>If I watch Eva again, its gonna damage my mental health
Maybe I did pass that point.

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