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File 135866696731.png - (176.57KB , 734x1024 , John Lennon.png )
11469 No. 11469 [Edit]
Waifu confessions thread! I'll start.

I think she looks cutest in her seifuku.
I like Miyuki's character CD roughly equally to my waifu's.
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>> No. 11470 [Edit]
File 135866872848.png - (690.38KB , 600x579 , 32971688_p8.png )
Confessions? Like what?
Off the top of my head, I am ashamed of nothing.
>> No. 11471 [Edit]
Yeah, I don't understand what the confessions are supposed to be about either. Something shameful? Something I don't agree with her on?
>> No. 11472 [Edit]
File 135869460872.png - (366.02KB , 800x800 , e94d0e4b717cf3ca3d643456825864fe.png )
1. I don't like seeing my waifu naked in a lewd way. Erotic, maybe. But lewd? Not much.
2. There are many girls in her world I sorta like because they're cute. One of them is her nearest neighbor.
3. I suck at Touhou games.
4. If I want her to be in this world, then not this disgusting country.
>> No. 11473 [Edit]
>2. There are many girls in her world I sorta like because they're cute
>3. I suck at Touhou games.

These applies to me as well.

I'm on working on the third point, though.
>> No. 11475 [Edit]
Something you find kind of shameful or at odds with popular opinion.

I don't think a majority of people with waifus find their waifu the most attractive in their school uniform if she has one; there's a lot of emphasis on alternate costuming.
And I feel like I should put my waifu and all related media first, at least within the topic of anime stuff, so it's kind of shameful to admit to liking another character CD just as much as hers, especially when it is from the same series.
>> No. 11477 [Edit]
Well I don't agree with what seems to be popular opinion is the whole virgin thing. I'm pretty sure my waifu isn't a virgin. I don't care if she isn't. I love her for who she is, not whether or not she has had sex.
>> No. 11482 [Edit]
File 135875004016.png - (1.07MB , 1100x1500 , d0271d227ff047f3b87a9a6b3654cba8.png )
1. I have never finished an [email protected] game. Probably because there is no end in Producer mode. I played [email protected] 1 and L4U for a long while and then I just stopped. I played [email protected] 2 for the 360 and was HEAVILY addicted to the game, but when the superior PS3 version came out, I realized how fucking played I was because Scamco Bandai just took all of my fucking money. I'll end this saying that because of Scamco, I'm not too fond of the series she's in. (Especially because of the anime now too, which I don't think was bad, but I didn't really like it either).

2. I was jealous of Nekopuchi. He/She(?) draws Makoto so well that I felt inferior and didn't deserve her love. Fortunately, I don't feel this way anymore.

3. I fell in love with Makoto at first sight, because I loved androgynous girls at the time (and I still do), I also loved her non-squeaky girl voice. I think it's shameful because she herself wants to get rid of that trait. Now though, I think she understands that she changing her appearance will cause her to change completely, and that she's perfect as she is now.

4. I can't listen to her songs. Despite being a huge fan of her voice, there is something stopping me from listening to her songs. I think this holds the same for not being able to finish the game. Why? Because I feel like there needs to be an ultimate special event where I can listen to her songs. I mean, I do listen to her songs, but only during birthdays or when I'm incredibly lonely. I just can't listen to it casually.

5. Although they are her friends in the series, I have a deep hatred for Miki and Yukiho. Well, okay, not much Yukiho cause I don't think she can help it... but I REALLY, REALLY hate Miki with a burning passion. I'm not going into detail why, but I really do. Sorry for those who are offended, I just... I can't help but hate her.

I'm not sure if these counts. I just thought them up the top of my head.
>> No. 11483 [Edit]
Pretty sure the popular opinion on virginity is that it doesn't matter.
>> No. 11488 [Edit]
I think it doesn't matter for most but most people probably want to think their waifu is virgin.
>> No. 11489 [Edit]
File 135878312885.jpg - (97.72KB , 929x768 , Kanako_03_by_evilweazel.jpg )
I don't think she really intends to be mean. She only pretends to be cold and cruel to others because she accidentally typecast herself into that role in her first appearance and lacks the courage or social skills to backtrack or apologise.
>> No. 11490 [Edit]
File 135879317068.jpg - (173.47KB , 512x640 , 3a4309a27e9e123da762ab9302a00e1b.jpg )
I also LOVE her seifuku uniform, but maybe it is because i have a school uniform fetish, though i still like her "boyish" way of dressing.

I kinda like seeing my waifu in a lewd way, i still hate myself for it.

I would never wish about her being real, not in a million years.

Even though she loves her friends, i really hate konata and kagami, i'm not going into details.

The only thing i am ashamed of is that i am still not the man i want to be for her, and that i need to get better at my art skills so i can draw her more often.
>> No. 11491 [Edit]
File 135879600472.jpg - (23.04KB , 503x383 , Kanako (38).jpg )
>The only thing i am ashamed of is that i am still not the man i want to be for her, and that i need to get better at my art skills so i can draw her more often.

Pretty much this, this and the fact that I know that she hates that I have to go to my job and she has to kill time till I come back. Yet I´m not man enough to quit.
>> No. 11497 [Edit]
File 135887659696.png - (0.97MB , 1400x1800 , Kurisu Okabe hug (2).png )
My feelings for her grow stronger always when I feel sad and depressed. We've had our best moments when she has provided me hug where I've been able to cry all bad things away. When I am happy and cheerful, all communications with her become more passive and ordinary. I wish her main purpose for me wouldn't be a comfort toy, but that's the way it is sometimes.

Post edited on 27th Jan 2013, 3:11am
>> No. 11498 [Edit]
Sadly it's like this for me as well
>> No. 11500 [Edit]
File 135892765119.jpg - (126.79KB , 800x1200 , 26036484.jpg )
Ah, I thought of something for this thread.
I often worry that people are not treating their beloved well enough. Mistreating them, hurting them, treating them like little more than an accessory and all that. It gets to me, a lot.
>> No. 11501 [Edit]
Why don't you just take her with you? Show her what you do.

Granted, I haven't done that myself, but I work in RETAIL.

I feel like I don't spend enough leisure time with my waifu, and she gets kind of pissed.
>> No. 11506 [Edit]

Honestly, I have a hard time just imagining that, taking her to my lame desk job just feels awkward as hell. If I´d be at least able to show her something interesting from time to time, I´d ask her if she´d want to come along.
Right now...nothing doing.
>> No. 11513 [Edit]
File 135925737058.png - (186.03KB , 560x800 , 15274919.png )
1. I never got a good or true end on her route yet

2. I hate myself for this but, I like doing lewd things together with her but absolutely hate others talking about it and sexualising her.

3. I'm a little afraid on how she would ever fall in love with me as she herself doesn't even really have a clue on what love is.

4. I absolutely dislike the Takane X Hibiki pairings

5. I know she loves her pets as they are a family to her but I most of the time don't include them in my imagination.

6. I hate it when she is being bullied or insulted and just want to go all out in protecting her despite making myself look like an idiot.

7. Sometimes I want to give up on her, but then I see her smile and just can't.
>> No. 11514 [Edit]
At night when I'm lying in bed trying to fall asleep I'll sometimes feel like trying to end everything with her because the knowledge that I can never really be with her hurts too badly. At least in the day there are lots of things to occupy my time, but at night all I can really do is lie in bed thinking about her.

Also, the idea of the future freaks me the hell out. I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with being in love with her when I'm like 40 or 50. She of course can't age, so while she'll stay around 18 or 19 I'll continue to age. Eventually I'll just be this creepy old man who would scare her away if I ever came up to her in reality. Things are okay now because I'm still young enough for her, but I have no idea how I'm going to deal with the future. I might be like 30 years old still fantasizing about going to High School classes with her. Sorry if anyone here is older than me and is offended by this, I really didn't mean to insult you or your relationship with your waifu or anything.

Still, she's the only person I can ever see myself loving. It may be hard somtimes, but I'm not going to give up on her.
>> No. 11519 [Edit]
File 135926306010.jpg - (29.84KB , 274x154 , eva_book04_issue02_pg_22.jpg )
I... well... in truth, I actually do share some, say, weakness for quiet and nerdy type low profile girls with modest dark hair and glasses; which doesn't fit my waifu, like, at all...

But it's only a fetish! In the end, however alluring, none of them can hold a candle to my blinding sun. I wouldn't devote my life the way I do to anyone but her.
>> No. 11520 [Edit]
>I'll sometimes feel like trying to end everything with her
I've been feeling that way a lot lately. It kind of makes me feel sick to myself. I'm not even sure why I've been feeling like this. I feel terrible about it.
>> No. 11521 [Edit]
Well, I have some waifu related confessions.
I get really angry when people say they will break up if their waifu gets a love interest.
I hate it when the only things some people have to say about their waifu are about their appearance or some other shallow traits.

This might be hurtful to some, but I could never delude myself into thinking my waifu loves me. I would just feel disgusted if I did; it's not because of low self-esteem, I don't think, I would just feel strange for changing my waifu's character in a way that pleases me. I'm not sure how to articulate it.
Honestly, my first reaction to seeing people say things like "My waifu and I kissed yesterday!" is "Huh, get a grip." It's shameful, I should feel happy for them. I'm usually more empathetic than this.
>> No. 11522 [Edit]
My biggest confession is probably...I'm not as into my waifu as I used to be. I look back on my old posts, and see real love there. Now it all kind of leveled out (or I became more depressed). It really pains me.

Another smaller one is that I get jealous whenever someone mentions her, even in passing.

And the smallest of all is that I really don't like her source material anymore. I think this is the cause of my "flatness" towards her.
>> No. 11523 [Edit]
Man, this thread is getting serious.
In a bad way.
>> No. 11524 [Edit]
>I'm not as into my waifu as I used to be.
Depending on how long you've been together that kind of thing does happen. It's to be expected. It doesn't necessarily mean you love her less, you might just not find the relationship as exciting anymore. Happens to pretty much any couple when they've been together long enough.
>> No. 11525 [Edit]
>I could never delude myself into thinking my waifu loves me
I find no problem with this. Personally, I'm positive that mai waifu would most likely hate me and it's ok: I wouldn't expect any less of her than to despise a shit like me. Not that you or anyone must whip himself this way, of course; just that the point and joy of having a waifu, for me at least, is simply to be able to love somebody, appropriately and good.
>> No. 11526 [Edit]
File 135927527351.png - (109.54KB , 480x640 , 32709520.png )
Lately, the warm feelings this board usually gives me have vanished. It's nose-dived and I can't be the only one who's been thinking this.
>> No. 11527 [Edit]
Maybe someone should start a bit more of a happier thread. I would, but I can't think of anything.
>> No. 11528 [Edit]
File 135927597190.png - (4.65KB , 200x200 , 32434640.png )
Me neither. Another thing I love about this board is that we don't bring up the same subject twice. Well, it does happen, but rarely.
The downside being I can't think of anything to start, either. Might go dig through the last few pages, see if there's anything worth dragging up.
Nevermind. Looks like some kinda wipe happened when I wasn't looking.

Post edited on 27th Jan 2013, 12:45am
>> No. 11529 [Edit]
Maybe something like "What do you have in common with your waifu?"
>> No. 11530 [Edit]
File 135927711374.jpg - (758.82KB , 600x800 , 19303894.jpg )
Good idea. I don't think I saw one like that scanning through the 6 pages. Hope you don't mind if I go off and start it.
>> No. 11535 [Edit]
I don't really like Minami's source material all that much, either. Lucky Star is a fun show with a great cast of characters, but it's not amazing or anything. Not sure of the effect this has had on my love for her.
>> No. 11562 [Edit]
File 135942657591.jpg - (636.53KB , 1753x1240 , 1358709575447.jpg )
It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that she was my waifu, and I have yet to improve myself as much as I feel I should for her.

>4. I absolutely dislike the Takane X Hibiki pairings

You and me both, friend.
>> No. 11568 [Edit]
File 135944015325.gif - (129.14KB , 510x691 , Tomo172.gif )
I recently read a few h-doujinshi with her in them (vanilla, of course) to kind of make the relationship more 'whole' as in not just an emotional, but physical relationship too. But afterwards I feel really bad at looking at them, because even the more vanilla ones just are so out-of-character or just make her appear differently to me.

Also, it has been more of a taboo thing for me - but I have been saving a few images lately that normally I would never have saved. Like this one, but I think she looks very cute in this.
>> No. 11575 [Edit]
File 135946146985.jpg - (37.96KB , 383x720 , Hibikin.jpg )
I know, right? They are friends but a couple? Haha, nope.

I felt guilty in the beginning as well, hell I still do from time to time.
Though for me, it did end up making the relationship even stronger.
I still can't stand others sexualizing her though.
>> No. 11586 [Edit]
File 135951604673.jpg - (358.52KB , 1000x1250 , Tomo02.jpg )
I get that, I get overly defensive when people sexualize her (though I mean honestly she is sexy). I just feel that if I go ahead with it, our relationship may change too much.
>> No. 11588 [Edit]
Change doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing. It depends to how you approach it, I suppose.
I don't consider it as fapping at all, I see it as making love to her.
And my brain has linked that so much together that it actually does feel like that a lot.
I'd say in my case, it made our relationship even more stronger. I rather not go into details.
>> No. 11589 [Edit]
Without a doubt change isn't a bad thing. It's just way different than my way of thinking. Since I have this semi-platonic relationship with her. I don't want to go into too much detail, but last night we (what I consider) made love. It was nice and romantic, and during and after I immediately felt a lot better bring with her. More than I do now. I guess because I used my imagination. It still had an air about it that made me feel a bit bad, but it was nice.
>> No. 11609 [Edit]
File 135976173061.jpg - (571.06KB , 1280x1550 , Shidou_Mariya_full_513491.jpg )
I don't think I need to elaborate. If I wanted to "save face" I could "choose" Shizu or Suzutsuki Kanade for a similar personality, but there is no choice.
>> No. 11620 [Edit]
I'm OK with this.
>> No. 11621 [Edit]
I think change in general does have a problematic quality. Because, however bad the current state of things might be, at least it is acknowledge as such and, since we know how things are, we can do something about it. Change coming by, however, is always uncertain, hence suspicious, hence (initially) dangerous. To think about change or novelty as inherently good is way too naive.

Post edited on 2nd Feb 2013, 12:24pm
>> No. 11664 [Edit]
I honestly feel though, things are going a bit better now. Not to sound like a moron, but I feel a stronger bond between Tomo and I. You're right on change, but I guess things turned out for the better.

I guess deep down, I've kind of wanted to make love to her and denied it. With this, I'm more honest so the change was indeed good.
>> No. 11672 [Edit]
File 136047273022.png - (497.78KB , 692x571 , kagari4.png )
Sometimes I fantasize about Kagari having a penis.
>> No. 11673 [Edit]
I'm sure a lot of us do that.
>> No. 11700 [Edit]
I know some of this might come back to bite me in the butt latter, but better to be honest. besides, I've already talked about some of this before anyway.

-Didn't used to like her school uniform much, thought it was kind of ugly and something about the cross don't sit well with me. but it's grown on me and I think she wears it well. still, much prefer the casual wear.

- I've never actually read the VN. I know it seems kind of silly to fall for what's essentially a side character in a 13 ep anime who doesn't even really have 'that' much screen time. but fall for her I did. I'd really love to, but I can't read Japanese and I couldn't stand the horrible translation produced by atlas/translation aggregator. as far as I know, I think it's the only Key VN that hasn't been translated. It's been tossed around by half a dozen groups over the past few years, and with CODs scaring people off on top of other issues, at this point I doubt it's ever going to be translated. I've also got a drama CD, but holding off on that until I'm more confident in my spoken Japanese.

- I'm guilty of having editing some images to lower her mouth slightly. That said, I still much prefer the official style over the many other art styles I've seen in fan art. I normally don't mind it, but there are some times when it's really hard to ignore when the mouth is drawn at nearly eye level.

- I don't really like AIR -that- much to be honest (the series she's from) I don't dislike it or anything like that, I just don't think it's that grate. I'd give it maybe a 7 or 8 out of 10 at best. most of the AIR merchandise I've acquired wasn't so much becuase of the show but becuase of my waifu. one thing's for sure, I'm not crazy about the tittle of the series, being a generic word makes it a pain in the ass to look up online. I didn't even read the second half of the manga becuase my waifu didn't appear it in anymore after that point, and the rest was the same story I've already seen in the anime/movie, and yeah it kinda blows she only had a 1 second long cameo appearance in the movie.

- I often regret taking up her name, Because I feel as if my actions might give her negative backlash by association. Which is kind of why I tried taking up a avatar on /a/ years back, so that people might not associate myself with her. I've seen it happen, and in some cases people grow to hate the character becuase of a douchebag who happens to associates themselves with the character. same thing made me want to change the site's name for the longest time.

I guess I'll edit this if I think of anything else.
>> No. 11702 [Edit]

>I would never wish about her being real, not in a million years.

I've been giving this topic some thought lately and I've decided the same thing. I'm not sure what your personal reasons for thinking this way are, but for me I realized how much I'd be taking from her and how much danger I'd be exposing her to by bringing here to this place. I'd be taking her away from her family and her friends just to satisfy my own desires. I'd also be bringing her into a completely different, much darker world than the one she's used to. I could never forgive myself if something happened to her because of my selfishness. This is why I'm actually relieved that she isn't real sometimes. This world can be so terribly, senselessly cruel.
>> No. 11703 [Edit]
File 136068382570.jpg - (73.57KB , 361x600 , 6a89e91f3427706c524a6fc78b42fb1d.jpg )
Yep, those are the same reasons i wouldn't either.
>> No. 13693 [Edit]
File 13851667993.jpg - (99.29KB , 564x600 , 12.jpg )
Some people might find this difficult to comprehend, but I haven't - and won't - forgive Keisuke completely for everything he's done in his canon. It's kind of difficult to explain why. Love is difficult, but patient and understanding... I love him and I am with him, and he's my partner, but it would go against both of our moral codes to forgive him completely. We mostly don't bring it up and live on, but when it does come up I am not gentle with him. I'm not mean either, but I don't sugarcoat things. Likewise, he doesn't forgive me. Knowing and staying together - despite the horrible things we've done - has made our relationship stronger and not weaker. What we did is not okay... it's important to remember what we did and its irreversible impact so we can become better people.
>> No. 13703 [Edit]
File 138539269573.jpg - (105.09KB , 520x490 , Kanako (1).jpg )
The way she was drawn with two nostrils at the beginning was sort of yuck.
>> No. 13725 [Edit]
I sometimes fantasize about my husbando beating me up. He beats up people in canon when they betray him, but he'd never hit someone innocent. It's so out-of-character to imagine him doing this. I've been with him for three years, and this is the first time I've ever thought about anything lewd.
I wish I could stop these thoughts.
>> No. 13727 [Edit]
We're all dogs in suits.
>> No. 13732 [Edit]
True. On a lighter note, I think he would forgive me if we met. I mean, I love what other people would consider "flaws" in him, and he's a very kind person who has forgiven others for worse.
I guess another confession I have is that I don't like posting his images. He has lovely fanart too. Maybe I'll get over that.
>> No. 13755 [Edit]
File 138654590572.jpg - (92.23KB , 541x755 , 1317591178790.jpg )
I used to save lewd images of her, before I really considered her a waifu. My feelings grew for her over time, and before I knew it I couldn't bear to look at some of the things I had saved. Pic related is the lewdest image I now have. I'm not too fond of the giant tits, but I have a thing for fangs, so it balanced out.

There was a period of time where I hated Tomo, purely because of the episode in which she made Kagura cry. I've gotten over that now though.

I've made a character on Kisekae that looks similar to Kagura to indulge in my fetishes. I'd never want to do some of the things I do with the character I made to mai waifu. It still feels kinda wrong though.

I've written a self-insert fanfiction of Azumanga Daioh. About a year ago I had no internet access in my house for the best part of a month. It was at that time that these story ideas came to mind, and I felt it'd be a waste to not write them down. I never got round to finishing it, since for one thing my internet came back, and secondly I didn't know how I wanted it to end. My closest friends have read what I'd done, and they enjoyed it, so it wasn't a complete waste of time. Although one of my friends thought that out of all the characters, I'd gotten Kagura slightly wrong, though he wouldn't tell me why.

I've cosplayed as mai waifu. Twice. Admittedly the first time I was only wearing a white and blue striped shirt, a yellow jacket and jeans, and failed miserably at trying to do her sideburns any justice, but the second time I was in a seifuku. It happened when one of my friends wanted to go to a convention in a seifuku, but only if someone else from my group of friends joined in. I was the only one that volunteered, and I suggested the Azumanga winter uniform. Conveniently for him, he wasn't able to get the outfit in time for the convention, and I didn't feel like wasting a perfectly good outfit. I still failed on the sideburns though. If there's a next time, I'm getting a wig.

I once had a vision of her. I can't exactly remember how it happened, I must have been in a pretty sad state at the time, but I did see her. I think of myself as a rational person, I even told her that I was just hallucinating or something. I said the situation was completely crazy and that I must have officially lost my mind. It's not something I've ever been able to replicate.

Despite all this, I'm not planning on staying with her forever. Unlike a lot of people who have waifus, from what I've read, I've not given up on "3DPD". I've been in a slump ever since my 3rd failed attempt at a relationship (I got into AzuDai somewhere in-between girl 2 and 3), but I still wish to find myself a real girlfriend, however small a chance that may be at the moment. I hope in time that Kagura will forgive me for that, and that she knows that she'll always be with me in some way.
>> No. 13797 [Edit]
File 138682220239.jpg - (69.84KB , 600x527 , 503434.jpg )
"I used to save lewd images of her, before I really considered her a waifu. My feelings grew for her over time, and before I knew it I couldn't bear to look at some of the things I had saved."

Yeah that was me too, I just really thought that someone should treat her better...

I've written a bunch of hated self-insert fanfictions haha -- I'm CaptainAfrica on Fanfiction.Net too. I've had vivid fantasies of being tortured for her sake and fallen into massive self-deprecating cycles for not feeling worthy but now I've decided to simply improve myself little by little. I only clearly recall one dream of her although I'm sure we've had many other meetings in the subconscious. The dream I recall we were sitting on a snowy hill in a forest along the side of a path everyone was supposed to be on and just talking about something.

I have fapped to her (estimated) 400+ times in our 2+ years and hope I can make my dreams come true with technology (a sentient artificial intelligence or biologically modified character at the very least, a portal to the 2D world at the very best)

Post edited on 11th Dec 2013, 8:25pm
>> No. 13802 [Edit]
From the thumbnail I thought she was packing some serious junk down there.
>> No. 13805 [Edit]
File 138685694379.png - (451.64KB , 456x865 , 1379438936377.png )
Heh, I've thought about putting up my story on fanfiction.net, but I've thought better of it. I might do if I went over it and changed my name, but then I'd have to rewrite a load of it, since there's a few gags in there centered around my name, so I figured it'd be too much hassle. Plus, as I said, it isn't finished.

I haven't been able to dream about mai waifu yet. The closest I've gotten is seeing her name on billboards or random people's shirts. I was close to lucid dreaming once before as well, but I woke up soon after I realised I was dreaming.

Yeah, I've come across an edit of that image that does just that. I kinda like futa, but of mai waifu? Hell no.

Post edited on 12th Dec 2013, 8:22am
>> No. 13832 [Edit]
File 13870310588.jpg - (259.42KB , 1280x1280 , lizlet_chelsie_by_nightgreenmagician-d6j81mk.jpg )
One of the things that got me interested to her is her blonde twin-tail hair and her large breasts even before watching and reading the series where she came from.
>> No. 13834 [Edit]
File 138704449184.jpg - (40.14KB , 500x693 , 75293252fff08c6c222ac4e23fa1c82e5efe57fa.jpg )
I like me some blonde hair and pigtails as well, though my allegiance is with short brunette hair.

Post edited on 14th Dec 2013, 10:17am
>> No. 13873 [Edit]
- I think sexual pleasure is a great way to strengthen the emotional bond with her. Experiencing an intense orgasm while having a beautiful, positive and intimate picture of her in my mind increases the deepness and intimacy of our bond.

- Many think their waifus are too pure for anything sexual but I think there is nothing dirty or unpure about the sexual parts of our relationship. It's quite the opposite for me, I think sexual pleasure with the one you love is a wonderful, natural and pure thing.
>> No. 13874 [Edit]
File 138734345238.png - (1.56MB , 752x1062 , 2f38908b86d85548c1585f180da9b980.png )
yessssss.... spot on braw
>> No. 13880 [Edit]
>Many think their waifus are too pure for anything sexual but I think there is nothing dirty or unpure about the sexual parts of our relationship.

Me too, but I can't get no boner.
>> No. 13881 [Edit]
File 138739025781.jpg - (119.94KB , 700x600 , 231382d98caffbb112c22924a85d9885.jpg )

Start with hugging, kissing, talking, and slowly work your way down...
>> No. 13882 [Edit]
File 138741699068.jpg - (125.99KB , 426x800 , まっしろ - うどんげいおりん - 31551531.jpg )
Lately I want to steal Iori's bunny. That bunny she carries around with her is so cute, I can't resist to take it away from her. But for her sake, just a glimpse of her bunny would do... for now.

I agree with this.
>> No. 13883 [Edit]
File 138741714493.jpg - (192.77KB , 600x600 , 494d6076d7ce6137c4dc26702b0f3e0d.jpg )

Did the first three, still can't get no boners.
>> No. 13884 [Edit]

What does give you boner then?

Post edited on 18th Dec 2013, 10:21pm
>> No. 13885 [Edit]
You can use something that gives you a boner to prime your boner (you DO have something that can do that, right?), and then switch over to your waifu once you've got something to work with. Imagination-driven masturbation is a skill and can be hard to do if you're new to it - using material to get started and then shifting to imagination and going back to material for a second if you're wilting is a good starting point. If there's faithfulness problems with the method or the material, you can think of it as using whatever means necessary to attain a boner to make love to your waifu with.
>> No. 13887 [Edit]

Lol I never recall ever wanting to do that -- usually my boner is just "there" with her at times...
>> No. 13888 [Edit]
For me my waifu is the most beautiful and sexually attractive female in the universe. Looking at official art of her in a bikini already makes me very hard but nothing is more arousing for me than focusing my mind on cuddling and kissing with her, already knowing how wonderful and intense the pleasure will be. The orgasms I have with her are incredibly intense. It's so much better than regular boring fapping because of the intimacy and connection I feel with her.
>> No. 13889 [Edit]
File 13874389067.jpg - (320.20KB , 850x1118 , sample_f180f9cd157fa468e41992cf1c4208a0.jpg )

Ehh... If I was better at drawing and put effort into finishing my H doujin it might go that way, my imagination isn't that strong. I still get stronger orgasms when doing it to really good loli H-manga.
>> No. 13891 [Edit]
File 138745288737.jpg - (191.50KB , 900x1259 , Misaki_Mei_full_1000709.jpg )
Well, where should I begin...

- I don't really like her hair. I think it's kinda weird and it makes her head look bigger than it actually is. I would like it a lot if she grew her hair long, below her waist.

- I also have paternal feelings for my waifu. I can't help but treat her as a daughter sometimes. I often fantasize about her being a little toddler and me taking care of her as if she were a baby.

- She's not really my type. I'm usually into aggressive, loud, arrogant, hot-blooded girls, but my waifu is nothing like that, so I disliked her when I first saw her. To this day it's still a mystery to me why I ended up falling for her.

- I have lewd dreams of her all the time and I love them. And like I mentioned above, she's also like a daughter to me so we have a really strange relationship going on. Going from wanting to make babies with her, to wanting her to be the baby. It's kinda messed up.

- Sometimes I have periods of time where I get really depressed about not being able to be with her. During these times I start thinking that my life is miserable because of her and that things would be a lot better if I had never met her or if I just abandoned her.
>> No. 13892 [Edit]
I forgot to mention...that I would love to drink her menstrual fluids.
>> No. 13898 [Edit]

Haha, with me it's usually more trading off who is the child as in many romantic relationships. I'm around six feet and average height for a male but I'm still quite immature inside XD

If that's a pic of your waifu I think she's totally attractive, although she could be more loli.

About the rage of not being able to be with her... I've felt that a lot before really -- getting unmotivated enough to even have to retake two classes in junior year and barely getting by some in senior year. Just recently I've been starting to get over it and accepting the fact that even if it's a reasonable emotion it doesn't help either of us. Overall I'm still glad I found her as I've been able to experience so much more in my life because of her.

Menstrual fluids be dangerous or would you happen to be part vampire too?
>> No. 13906 [Edit]
Sometimes I cant resist the urge to fap to a rape doujin of my waifu. It was a fetish of mine for a long time but the impact was huge when I first stumbled upon this shit. On top of that it was from one of my favorit artists. I wish I never clicked it but well...

The weird thing is the fact that I wouldn't hesitate to kill anyone who would even dare to talk about touching her if I were with her. I wouldn't let anyone harm her in any way, I even get angry when someone just says shes hot since it implies he would like to do lewd things with her and degrades her as a sexobject in that moment. I really dont know, but I guess I somehow managed to seperate 2d and 2d2d or something. It still doesnt change the fact that I degrade her too at the moment I cant control myself again and "read" that fucking doujin again. I never was in such a fucked up situation in my life. But at themoment I compare it with a real relationship were the husband faps to his own wife with things in his mind she wouldnt want to do (or cant do). Thats why I said its like 2d and 2d2d. It still annoys me though.
>> No. 13907 [Edit]
>prime your boner
Best thing I've read all day.
>> No. 13909 [Edit]

I once read the horrid rape and weird ass doujins out of curiosity...

Madoka doujins are usually divided into those two categories of pure yuri and uncomfortable everything else anyways....
>> No. 13911 [Edit]
>>13906 here,

I wish i could just ignore doujins of her. I really dont know if im just weak, too addicted to fapping or just one of the worst kind of husbandos. Or all three things. I really feel guilty but at the same time i know i wouldnt allow this in "real". At all. Ugh, as i said, its a relly fucked up situation.
>> No. 13915 [Edit]
File 138759224249.jpg - (199.14KB , 850x1204 , sample_f95636f641f49c7e8f5b3dbece165e32.jpg )

>> No. 13922 [Edit]
File 138760155210.jpg - (453.71KB , 812x1181 , 0888cf2ce467d02d2e685a39c2ea53a8.jpg )

Here's the problem: My fetish involves a group of sexually ravenous men, a lone girl and a crowded train car. All prerequisite fetishes included. I can't handle my waifu being put through that sort of stuff.
>> No. 13923 [Edit]
File 138760212130.jpg - (287.00KB , 968x800 , 3e005f866555d6d1f25b38bcdaab9a7b.jpg )

your waifu want reward that good farm man yes she does
>> No. 13924 [Edit]

I used to fap to vanilla a long time ago, it went much deeper that that through exploration. And now my boner just...died down. It must be the psych meds.
>> No. 14249 [Edit]
-I think there are cuter girls out there then my waifu, but thats a given, there will always be a step up.
-I seriously fantasize about certain sexual things, involving multiple men and my waifu, but its consensual and she loves it.
-i wish she had bigger breast/ more feminine body
-i'm a bit ashamed of some of her actions
-i wish there was more porn/doujins of her
-i want her to have a penis
>> No. 14250 [Edit]
Well, that's a bit too much.
>> No. 14251 [Edit]

Haha I just don't like Madoka's widefaceness. As far as cuteness is concerned I think KyoAni just beats 99% of other companies on that one.

I sometimes want threesomes/foursomes with Kyoko and Madoka as well as Homura. Doujins will never beat my imagination I guess...
>> No. 14252 [Edit]
I enjoy masturbating to her on a regular basis but sometimes I wish I could last longer for her but she is just too sexy and arousing.
>> No. 15932 [Edit]
I think the most beautiful part of my waifus body are her perfect breasts.
>> No. 15955 [Edit]
File 140453469021.png - (1.67MB , 1315x1536 , 8af784efde9a4748463b7c19bc8e8830.png )
It never makes any sense to me to see her wearing her original outfit outside of a performance. I think she's much cuter in other clothes, like this, and whenever I imagine her with me I imagine her wearing something different.
>> No. 15957 [Edit]
Recently I've been feeling my waifu just got screwed too hard in her canon and it's hard for me to create a happy headcanon again.
>> No. 16047 [Edit]
I never listened to my waifu`s voice. I instantly turned off voices when I first played her vn after hearing another character speak and I have never played it with them on, even after 3 years.
I do feel somewhat guilty about it, as it is denying an aspect of her in some form and she probably has a great voice, however I can`t get myself to do it.
>> No. 16064 [Edit]
Her voice is wonderful but I rarely listen to music in which she sings because it always makes me tear up. (in a good way)
>> No. 16084 [Edit]
File 140521239637.jpg - (482.71KB , 833x1067 , 41408514.jpg )
I'm the same way. I played through her VN before a voice patch was available, so the only voice I had for her was the one in my head. When I went to replay it with voices on, I really didn't like her voice actor. The voice I have for her in my head fits much better.

It doesn't really bother me since the same seiyuu can voice 50+ characters, but the voice I have for her is unique.
>> No. 16169 [Edit]
I don't like the 'wide' art style in some scenes of Hidamari. The art style is very cute and funny but it makes it hard for me to imagine what her expression would be like on a realistic scale.
>> No. 16845 [Edit]
I often find myself wishing my waifu was from a different source material.
I wish she was from a more standard innocent rpg where she would have gotten decent development, rather than simply been used as fapbait in what never was more than an embarassingly deviant nukige after all.

I do worry that this may seem akin to wishing she was someone else, as the world someone lives in definitely makes up a part of them and wishing for her to be away from everything she's ever known is incredibly selfish at best, but as it is, as much as I can't imagine her being in this world, I simply can't stand thinking of her in the setting of her retrospectively horrid source material anymore.
>> No. 16847 [Edit]
-I'm really interested in her hobby, I wasn't until I met her. It makes me want to get into it. It makes me feel closer to her too.

-I probably think she's more depressed/troubled than she really is, so I feel a little guilty for pushing that aspect on her.

-I'm depressed I don't know her stats, not even her real name, just her nickname. I don't let it bother me, but I sure wish I knew.

-I'm actually happy nobody cares about her, and she'll probably be entirely forgotten by next anime season. It makes me feel like she's all mine. I'm not a jealous or envious person at all, but just seeing a lot of bad fanart of a favorite character is really a kick in the balls, so knowing nobody will do that is a good feeling.
>> No. 16851 [Edit]
File 141365028012.jpg - (157.61KB , 800x589 , 45844232.jpg )
I couldn't think of anything but then I read some of this thread and indeed, I don't look at erotic or pornographic images of her. I rarely find myself imagining a sexual relationship with her too, but this is a cute crisis I get from time to time: that of not engaging in animalistic behavior (look at this guy). Then my libido decreases a lot. Still, she is often portrayed in a cool or cute way, so I feel like things work out just fine.

Post edited on 18th Oct 2014, 9:46am
>> No. 16912 [Edit]
File 141496895871.png - (296.63KB , 1000x1008 , 46632511_p0.png )
Her best hairstyle is when her bangs are kind of messy, instead of perfectly straight at her forehead!

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