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File 147063364555.jpg - (53.65KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Nisekoi - 15 [C4AC94D3]_mkv_snapshot_14_2.jpg )
26785 No. 26785 [Edit]
I, like many as it would appear, thought that the Evangelion films were not as good as the television series. I still liked the Evangelion films, yes even 3.
Though, I thought the T.V series had better pacing and harder hitting action.

Now I recently re-watched the T.V series and it turns out I was incorrect. It was not as well-done as I had previously thought.
I am going to re-watch the films eventually to see if I do find it better than the T.V series.

Actually I think I only began to believe the T.V series was better after seeing people complain about the films. I do not like to be swayed by mainstream opinion but it is amazing how my mind did it without my permission.

Did anyone else have a similar experience with Evangelion?
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>> No. 26788 [Edit]
The Eva TV series isn't some kind of definitive masterpiece. It has many shortcomings. There are superfluous parts that serve little purpose and a good chunk of each episode is spent on fairly comedy SoL anime things. Almost each episode follows the same formula: SoL stuff -> Angel appears -> they beat the Angel -> epilogue.
That being said if you compare it to anime that were made at that time (and before Eva) it still looks pretty good in comparison.
Moreover one could argue that even the superfluous parts saved some purpose in the long term. Think of Ideon, the show that Evangelion takes a lot of inspiration from (or rips off, depending on who you ask). The entire TV series is the same thing for 39 eps - they just keep running away, and running away, and running away (it's like I'm really listning to Xam'd's OP), and that's the only thing that ever happens. But without those 39 eps the movie wouldn't be very impactful. In fact there's a compilation movie for the TV events but you'll end up missing out if you'll just watch the two movies.

The part where Eva shines however is characterization. The characters simply feel real. They're complex and logical, you can see how various events in their lives shaped them. LoGH gets praised for its characterization but while it's pretty good it's fairly dry compared to Eva. You learn a lot about LoGH characters, yes, and they have their own quirks, but they just lack that extra dimension.
Frankly, 20 years later, Eva's characterization is still unmatched and I don't even think there's much that comes particularly close. It's the best thing about the series and that alone makes it worth watching.

As for the movies I was okay with the first compilation movie but the second one sucked. It's watered down, dumbed down and it removes everything that makes Eva Eva. It gets replaced with moegirl Mari, shitty modern tsundere 'Shikinami' who's almost nothing like actual Asuka and dumb action scenes that aren't even similar to what was used in the TV series. It's like they tried to TTGL Evangelion and it was disgusting. And I actually really like TTGL, hell, even almost as much as Eva, it's like my third favorite mecha show or so. But TTGL is TTGL and Eva is Eva, and it's best to keep it that way.
So with that being said I loved how ass the third movie was and how much people hated it, after the long long wait which I spent reading all the praise for the second movie, which was pretty crap.

So no, I certainly do not believe the movies to be better, but I acknowledge the TV series has many flaws and is far, far from perfect.
>> No. 26789 [Edit]
I don't recall ever saying Evangelion is perfect.

Evangelion 2 is where the time-line splits so naturally it's going to be different.

You did re-watch the T.V series after watching the films?
>> No. 26790 [Edit]
>Evangelion 2 is where the time-line splits so naturally it's going to be different.
You can have a different story without changing what the series stood for to begin with.

>You did re-watch the T.V series after watching the films?
I can't absolutely swear I did because it's been a while (7 years now since Eva 2.0) but I'm ~80% sure I rewatched the TV series at some point after watching 2.0's camrip.
Not after watching 3.33 though, no. Although 3.33 is like not even in the conversation as far as I'm concerned.
>> No. 26791 [Edit]
>The Eva TV series isn't some kind of definitive masterpiece.

It is.
What makes NGE nearly underappreciated is how well everything great works together and forms a great whole that's both self-contained and reality-oriented.
>> No. 26794 [Edit]
File 147070713324.jpg - (174.04KB , 504x697 , fin.jpg )
I'm too biased because NGE+EoE, without exageration, changed my life. I first didn't welcome the movies well; but I saw the same turn for utter tragedy in 3.0 that I did in the original series, so I still have hope that 3.0 + 1.0 might deliver somewhat of a deserving new ending. However, I don't think it'll have nearly the impact NGE+EoE had on me, as no other anime (or thing) has done so ever since.
>> No. 26802 [Edit]
File 147079949192.gif - (453.65KB , 500x335 , ZKwQ1Zp.gif )
>> No. 26803 [Edit]
What's the first anime that ever did the "girl running to school with toast in her mouth" thing anyway?

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