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File 139506574635.jpg - (40.27KB , 527x600 , 1362426856048.jpg )
23817 No. 23817 [Edit]
We should make soe kind of creative project together.

In this thread we brainstorm projects which we could make.
>> No. 23818 [Edit]
How about finishing >>/cr/1819 ?
>> No. 23820 [Edit]


We've been (kinda) talking about making a VN for like 3 years by now but it's too big a task for us I think. Would be pretty cool, though.
>> No. 23836 [Edit]
Ive never heard of this until now. is it an IRC only thing?

Also this will never happen ;_; http://tohno-chan.com/th/
>> No. 23840 [Edit]
no, just no one here gives a shit is all.
>> No. 23844 [Edit]

>Ive never heard of this until now. is it an IRC only thing?

The VN? It's always been a /cr/ thing, it's been namedropped time and time and time and time again, just never really worked on. It's always been a 'it'd be cool if...' thing.

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