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File 135113010035.jpg - (390.63KB , 724x1024 , Narcissu_full_69100.jpg )
10741 No. 10741 [Edit]
Next Tuesday is our third anniversary. I wanna do something to celebrate, but I can't think of anything really special other than just reading through Narcissu again.

Do you guys do anything special for your anniversary and/or your waifu's birthday?
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>> No. 10745 [Edit]
Only a birthday so far. Took a walk, bought an orange and ate it, stared at the sky for a while.
Do you have a driver's license?
>> No. 10754 [Edit]
File 135115175299.jpg - (186.69KB , 688x1160 , Asuka B-ES [pencil].jpg )
For our anniversary, I haven't. Partly because I don't exactly remember the date (thought it was on early spring and I decided to set it on vernal equinox), and partly because I've spent a great deal of time and effort during Valentine's, her birthday and some random dates, making drawings, poems and a certain song (abour spring and love) all in her honour...

Maybe next year, if I can make the time; not that I do a lot, but there's some shit I still have to do in order to make it look like I'm doing something with my life (and be able to buy figures and stuff). Maybe I'll try doing another song... but I don't know; we'll see.
>> No. 10755 [Edit]
File 135115197064.jpg - (123.54KB , 500x716 , 14954449.jpg )
Neither of us are the kind for dates, so I prefer to try and make every moment we have together as wonderful as possible.
>> No. 10757 [Edit]
File 13511620792.png - (26.84KB , 400x400 , a560c7b8c8980d7e03dc8f7fc1d7238c.png )
I usally try to think about her through the whole day and watch my favourite scenes from Rozen Maiden. Also I always try to make something to make a surprise of the sorts. It's not always something big, but I try to put my heart in it. Last year I had some problems so I couldn't make something remarkable, however through all the day I tried to behave in a way that could make her happy.
I also have a track of songs that I play this day and other special days. Those songs aren't the best ones but they are kind of special, some remind me of her, some remind me about the day I met her, some are just warm songs that reminds me on what I felt that day and I'm still feeling.
I cannot explain why I do those things, but I do them anyway because I just love that kind of "special" things.
>> No. 10759 [Edit]
Our anniversary is this friday and I figured that we´ll just rewatch her series, look though our old stuff for some nostalgia and that I sit my unmotivated self down and practice my drawing.
>> No. 10761 [Edit]
Her birthday falls on a Sunday this year, so I will probably spend pretty much the whole day cuddling and talking with her. I also wrote a sonnet for her, which I think became pretty good considering I never wrote a poem or anything like that before. I'm already looking forward to presenting it to her. Two and a half weeks to go.
>> No. 10762 [Edit]
usually i draw or write something for her birthday and tabatna. i try to do other holidays, but i have a shitty memory and forget alot. but i always make sure to remember those two.

i also play through her route again, but our anniversary is coming up (January 6th, woop woop!) and i want to do something. i dont know what though
>> No. 10766 [Edit]
Happy anniversary man!
>> No. 10768 [Edit]

Thanks a lot mate, it was a good day.
>> No. 10773 [Edit]
File 135132333861.jpg - (45.92KB , 253x217 , Chihiro flower.jpg )
I simply dedicate the whole day to her. play through her entire social link (which will be easier next year since I'll have an NG+ to skip that "gameplay" thing), what her cameo in P4A, and just...be with her. It's significant to me, and I don't even care if it falls on when I have to do finals.
>> No. 10784 [Edit]

A belated Happy Anniversary from me as well!

And thank you everyone for your replies.

>Do you have a driver's license?

I do! That's actually a perfect idea; we'll take a trip to the beach. She'd love that.

Wish I knew when her birthday was. I'd feel weird just making one up.
>> No. 10789 [Edit]
My waifu was never given an official birthday either, so I just use the release date of the game in which she first appeared in its place. I still wish I knew her actual one, though...
>> No. 10799 [Edit]
File 135165112845.jpg - (3.43MB , 4608x3440 , DSCF0148.jpg )
Well, today's the day, and Setsumi and I went for a lovely walk on the beach. I brought my laptop hoping to get one of those "dinner date" style pics, but the lighting was bad and I could see my own reflection in the screen (creepy), so the back of the game box was the best I could do. (You can still sorta see the camera, but oh well).

She and I have been through a lot together over the last three years. I can't think of anything profound to say, but that's alright; she's a woman of few words, so I'll follow her example. I just think that as long as we're together, things will turn out okay.
>> No. 10800 [Edit]
File 135165472126.png - (210.49KB , 480x640 , 1261744229517912.png )
This year, all I could afford to do was replay her Social Link, but by next year, I should have a job, and I've already got it planned out.

There's a little hidden hole-in-the-wall French café on the other side of town that makes wonderful crepes, and it just happens to be near the two major state museums, so I plan on making a day of it.
>> No. 10813 [Edit]
File 135202805323.jpg - (16.12KB , 429x100 , Setsumi.jpg )
>three years
It's amazing how fast the time goes, isn't it?...
My best regards to both you and Setsumi.

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