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File 134594531354.jpg - (132.84KB , 720x540 , po.jpg )
16521 No. 16521 [Edit]
Gardening, does anyone else do it? Its one of the few things in my life where I can relax and just lose myself for hours doing. Its so relaxing and rewarding to admire my plants after i've worked hard nurturing them to maturity, even though I know it won't ever be profitable compared to simply buying mass-farmed produce. Right now I'm trying to create a new garden bed to grow more stuff in for spring (its spring here in the southern hemisphere), but all the topsoil is gone due to previous construction work, so I've been taking waste from the fruit market to make compost to enrich the soil, hopefully it will work. Pic related, its a set of sunflower seedlings.
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>> No. 16522 [Edit]
File 134594542864.jpg - (152.42KB , 960x720 , po2.jpg )
The same set of sunflowers, mature.
>> No. 16523 [Edit]
I don't really garden, but my father and I planted a pine tree in our backyard near the start of the year. I also got a bonsai tree last year but it died within months and shed shitty little needles all over the place
>> No. 16525 [Edit]
No, but I'd love to get into it. Looks like something I would enjoy.
>> No. 16526 [Edit]
Those are some nice sunflowers. Do you have anything else planted besides that?

I quite like gardening as well. Mostly flowers and vegetables. But living in a big city in a condo means there is no real place to grow anything anymore. All I've planted recently are roses outside and a few herbs growing out on the balcony, though it's better than nothing.

Using waste from fruit is a great method of enriching the soil and usually works really well. One thing I used to use a lot is used coffee or tea, which are high in a lot of minerals and so on, so if you have those available they're great to throw on.
>> No. 16527 [Edit]
My grandad used to love gardening. Spent his whole life doing it. Used to get playfully mad at me all the time as a kid when I went on his grass. His garden really was beautiful.

I don't really see what's so rewarding about it but I guess with my memories linked to the now gone relative (only relative I've ever felt a relationship with), meh.

It's nice to see people of tohno chans pretty flowers though!
>> No. 16535 [Edit]

>I don't really see what's so rewarding about it

I never gardened but I imagine it's the same feeling as what you get when you play some empire building/4X game and you start out with next to nothing and do your best to make something out of it.

I don't garden but my mom does, our garden is pretty~
If it were up to me I'd plant trees everywhere, it feels so soothing when you're in the shade, hidden from the eyes of all possible onlookers. I never had much contact with nature even though I enjoy it so (I'm a pantheist of sorts) but leaving my home is... yeah. When I was younger I used to go mountain climbing wi-

Whoops, got off topic here. But yeah, point is I don't garden but I think it's a wonderful hobby.
>> No. 16563 [Edit]
Gardening seems like a useful skill to learn. I guess even if you don't grow anything for food its still enjoyable to see something grow from your care and attention.
I was thinking of buying some easy to grow plant or maybe working at one of those community gardens. Not sure how one would get started with something like that.
>> No. 16582 [Edit]
Its sort of like carving something from wood your writing your own music. You're not here to make a living, you're just doing it for fun and you're hooked on the feeling of accomplishment you get.

Beans and peas are good beginning plants. They take up little space, grow quickly, and create their own nitrogen fertiliser via a symbiotic relationship with soil bacteria which they house in little root nodules.
>> No. 16651 [Edit]
a couple days ago i noticed all my lettuce started bolting so i harvested the lot of it. last two nights for dinner i made a donburi recipe (think it was called nameshi). its bitter leafy greens, leek, dashi and egg over rice and quite good.
two days ago i had it with morita-san and last night with the first two eps of love hina. i didn't grow the eggs or rice nor the seaweeds i used to make the dashi.
>> No. 16746 [Edit]
File 134680232557.jpg - (1.24MB , 1200x1600 , P.jpg )
planted some pea seeds a week back, they're growing quicker than I thought they would.
>> No. 16751 [Edit]
Nice. You should cull them and leave just the strongest plant so that they don't compete for resources.
>> No. 16761 [Edit]
well to be fair, I only bought the seeds, my took them and mom planted them, and by planted I mean tossed them out semi randomly into the planter area.
Had I done it I'd have spaced em out better.
>> No. 16767 [Edit]
That mud looks awfully dry..
>> No. 16770 [Edit]

That looks like some very sandy soil. You should get some top soil for planting stuff next time, it's much better.
>> No. 16775 [Edit]
yeah it's not very good, most of the planter was covered with a layer of plastic sheeting and rocks above that, and left as such for a very long time.
the dirt around the flower bed area was worse though, completely dry and hard to work with.
>> No. 16776 [Edit]
I've been thinking of doing what those kids do in elementary school and just get a styrofoam cup, some dirt, and some kind of seed, then leave it to grow in my windowsill.

Then again, I don't think my cat would like that, seeing as she sleeps there half the time.
>> No. 20821 [Edit]
File 136152957220.jpg - (1.51MB , 1200x1600 , tree.jpg )
This is how my mother believes you're supposed to prune a young tree.
>> No. 20822 [Edit]
Wow, did she take a chainsaw to the thing?
>> No. 20838 [Edit]
I love gardening. I usually have a bunch of flowers during the spring and summer, sometimes I grow a few vegetables too.

Poor thing looks like it got beat with a shovel.
>> No. 20844 [Edit]
I used to do that too as a kid, that is just get overeager and end up killing the tree. As a teen I discovered the finer parts of pruning: you prune to remove unhealthy growths, improve the image and structure of the tree, and encourage growth. Cut near the wrinkly bit so the bark easily grows back, and remember some trees such as citrus don't like being pruned harshly. Gardening is pretty cool, you'd never think something like this involves techniques and skill like a sport or painting.
>> No. 20846 [Edit]
File 136180244193.jpg - (5.54MB , 4288x2848 , IMGP0461.jpg )
Yes, just yes.

These are my Chillis when they were babies being pollinated by ants.

Currently procrastinating going down to the shore to get some sand so my Spinach and Rocket (Arugula) seedlings stop dying from damping off. It's fucking humid here.

If you can't compost because you're not on the ground like me try a Bokashi Bucket, here's how to make one from scratch. http://www.seniormonthly.net/bokashi.pdf
It even takes meat, MEAT in your compost!

You can buy the innoculated bran, or you can make your own:
>> No. 20849 [Edit]
File 136184356732.jpg - (764.47KB , 1200x900 , plants.jpg )
Got these growing.
>> No. 20906 [Edit]
File 136255282333.jpg - (771.15KB , 1200x900 , 352013.jpg )
Progress pic from earlier today.
>> No. 20907 [Edit]
File 136255371212.jpg - (1.36MB , 1000x1333 , flowers 332013.jpg )
and the current state of our crappy little flower bed.
>> No. 20908 [Edit]
File 136255394934.jpg - (1.62MB , 1000x1333 , gopher.jpg )
These little douchebags has killed a lot of our crops...
>> No. 20909 [Edit]
File 136255448789.jpg - (792.14KB , 1200x900 , bottles.jpg )
Using bottles and stuff to get a green house effect.
>> No. 20912 [Edit]
How many of gophers have you managed to catch?
>> No. 20916 [Edit]
man, just WTF
>> No. 20917 [Edit]
you should look up the high pitched repellent for pests. So you know you dont have to kill things
>> No. 20918 [Edit]
used to do it (went to an ag high school/FFA shit & helped grandmother do things) but nothing now. Just keeping preexisting plants from dying and all that. I still have these plants I got as a project from high school (cuttings of some form of ivy, a spider plant, and something else i forgot - it was a purple plant).

I want to plant raspberries and strawberries and prolly a cherry tree. Mainly I want to plant shit I can eat. My mother's backyard used to have a shitload of naturally growing raspberry bushes on the side. Idiot lawn service mowed it all down. Family also removed a lot of good flowering trees too (well one tree and some - no wait they removed several. Ugh).
>> No. 20919 [Edit]
I planted a cherry tree at my grandmother's house. It died in like 5 years. It was a small tree though less tha a foot tall/a seedling
>> No. 20920 [Edit]
That's the first.
>> No. 20924 [Edit]
Not sure about raspberries, but strawberries are not a very productive plant and you'll only get a few berries per plant for your hard work. Still its worth a try.
>> No. 21204 [Edit]
File 136418809497.jpg - (686.88KB , 1200x900 , shrooms.jpg )
mushrooms keep growing around my plants, are these something I should be worried about?
>> No. 21205 [Edit]
Taste them.
>> No. 21209 [Edit]
I don't know, but it would probably be a good idea to get rid of them
>> No. 21210 [Edit]
Thats what I've been doing, they just keep showing up again and again. they grow pretty quickly overnight.
>> No. 21211 [Edit]
I dunno then. I wouldn't keep them indoors anymore, don't want those mushrooms giving off spores and ruining the place
>> No. 21216 [Edit]
Id probably just put them in a sunnier place. Mushrooms feed off rotting matter, its probably feeding off the woodchips in your potting mix.
>> No. 21237 [Edit]
>Mushrooms feed off rotting matter

that isn't true at all. the vast majority of plants require a fungal partner in the soil to survive.
regardless of how you keep your soil, it will have fungus in it and some funguses produce mushrooms. many funguses live in symbiotic relationships with other organisms, there are many plants which cannot survive without the correct fungal partner and vice versa.
regardless of how good the soil is, almost al plants will starve to death or die of thirst in it if the soil doesn't have fungus in it because plants have evolved to a state where they cannot live without presence of fungus.
there are funguses which are bad for plants, but if you're not able to identify how the mushroom is harming your plant then it is unlikely that it is harming your plant and it is quite likely that the fungus is extracting nutrition from your soil and feeding it to your plant's root system.
>> No. 21250 [Edit]
A fungus the size of a mushroom is probably more dangerous by releasing spores than beneficial and is unlikely to be part of a symbiotic relationship with the plant, unlike the tiny microbes which do the bulk of decomposition.
>> No. 21252 [Edit]
you're uneducated enough on the topic to be effectively incoherent when attempting to discuss it.
its like you're just typing random words and hoping that it seems intelligent.
>> No. 21264 [Edit]
Nah just saying something which seems reasonable to the layman to see if you'd be able to call me out and prove me wrong. Although, like most arguments on the internet, you've called me out by insulting me, but failed to explain how I am wrong.
>> No. 21269 [Edit]
File 136436184126.jpg - (63.87KB , 1024x768 , givingtree.jpg )
Too bad I wasn't on Tohno chan three years ago. I was unemployed and gardened tons of winter squash and canned a bunch of veggies/salsa that lasted me well into winter.. I Even half built a greenhouse. I'am too busy to properly garden now.
I did go johnny apple seed a while back and planted a bunch of grapes, cherries, and apple trees in a few forests and public parks. They are fairing quite well. Though I am sure some future housing development will mercilessly tear them down.
>> No. 21280 [Edit]
I'm interested

Are there any sort of easy and simple to grow flowers, fruits or vegetables for a beginner?
>> No. 21281 [Edit]
corn seems to be pretty easy. I haven't had a single dud among the seeds I've planted.
>> No. 21348 [Edit]
Depends on your climate. I'd say for vegetables, peas/beans and pumpkins are difficult to fuck up. For fruit trees, citrus fruits are pretty tough, but itll take years before you get any fruit.
>> No. 21444 [Edit]
You must have very clean soil to not have fungal problems with that much water, try cutting back. Things in pots you should only water when the top dries out a bit.
>> No. 21458 [Edit]
File 136555629921.jpg - (10.96KB , 300x236 , physalis.jpg )
Depends on your zone.

I am >>21269 and I live in a zone 3. Using cold frames, tree wraps, and mulch I was able to (more or less) emulate Zone 5 growing seasons.

One surprising find was that a patch of Physalis Peruviana I planted and abandoned years ago has flourished. It has such a unique and 'tropical' taste to it. Makes for a very unique addition to any garden and not any harder to start than an average tomato plant.
Also works wonders when concocting raspberry jams and sweet salsas.(it's my secret ingredient)
>> No. 21728 [Edit]
My sunflower seedlings keep being eaten by snails. I have taken to protecting one using a plastic bottle as an adhoc greenhouse and growing the others in pots. Also, putting dilute urine on them really helps them grow.

I have planted about 30 seeds of spinach in a small tray but of them only 4 have resulted in living seedlings. There were , but 2 of them struggled and then died.. There is a very low seeding rate and the seedlings grow incredibly slowly. There needs to be a solution.
>> No. 21767 [Edit]
Check the roots of the dead seedlings, if they're black you've got damping off. It's a very common fungal infection of seedlings caused by them being too moist.

Also sounds like you need a snail beer trap.
>> No. 21775 [Edit]
>> No. 21844 [Edit]
I don't think its damping off, as the pot regularly dries out (which isn't really that good either).
>> No. 25307 [Edit]
I've been planning on planting a few chilies starting next month. I have a lot of rawit left over, I read they are a perfect indoor chili pepper to grow. I've never done gardening before so I hope it'll go well.

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