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File 131463568321.jpg - (87.90KB , 640x360 , RO2.jpg )
4466 No. 4466 [Edit]
Red Orchestra 2 anyone?

Anyone else excited to PPSH some фашисты? RO2 beta maybe tommorow.

Some gameplay videos:
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>> No. 4469 [Edit]
Wish I had the money for it, but no buying new games for me for a while I think.
>> No. 4470 [Edit]
It looks amazing, and I loved the first one. Worried that I wont be able to run it though..
>> No. 4473 [Edit]
It's UE3 though. It's a pretty scaleable engine, so it should work on most systems.
>> No. 4474 [Edit]
Loved the first, but I never played it much because there are no servers in my country and most international ones with acceptable ping are mostly empty aswell.
I'll surely download it and take a look, but I'm not sure wether I'm buying it.
>> No. 4477 [Edit]
I can't wait. The first one was amazing. If you're into "real" FPS games, try it out. The last one was very competitive and lived on for a while.

Like someone said it's made on Unreal Engine 3, so it can work on even shitty systems all the way up to high end. It's very dynamic.
>> No. 4481 [Edit]
Scratch that. This has to be worst UE3 game ever, performance wise.

According to the beta at least.
>> No. 4482 [Edit]
>worst UE3 game ever, performance wise

Even worse than APB?
>> No. 4490 [Edit]
Ok, maybe not. Seems like most multiplayer UE3 games are poorly optimized.
>> No. 4491 [Edit]

You can not judge the final product on what you get in a beta, especially when it comes to the UE3 engine.
>> No. 4524 [Edit]
File 131512879453.jpg - (14.53KB , 279x233 , 1313420275773.jpg )
AFAIK, some of the graphical features are rendered by the CPU and not the GPU.

Turning on V-Sync fixed my fps issues, instead of 60 fps inside, 20 fps outside, i get 50-40 fps throughout. Although sometimes the game hick-ups and stutters for 10 seconds, but things like this are to be expected, being a beta and all.

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