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File 137689694454.jpg - (117.08KB , 500x500 , 0045.jpg )
13178 No. 13178 [Edit]
Do you think meeting your waifu might have been fate? like it was meant to happen?
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>> No. 13179 [Edit]
File 137689835210.jpg - (42.60KB , 500x500 , 35698015.jpg )
To be honest, I'm not sure, but I'm rather uncaring as to whether it was or not. For me, what really matters is that it has happened.
>> No. 13180 [Edit]
File 137690028336.jpg - (1.22MB , 1753x2480 , 20367533 - ビビッドいおりん.jpg )
Who knows, fate isn't supposed to be answered in a direct fashion. Fate is illogical and the fact I fell in love with her but nobody else feels like a mystery to me.
>> No. 13181 [Edit]
File 137690213625.jpg - (151.01KB , 800x1095 , 28208927.jpg )
Doesn't matter.
>> No. 13182 [Edit]
Nah. I always recognised that she was a 2D girl, and thus I could never meet her. I love her insofar as I can love and appreciate a fictional character. I do not need to give her personifications from the 3D realm to appreciate her. I don't dream about her, I don't make imaginary scenarios with me in it, or anything like that. It is not wrong to love a fictional character, although it might be self-defeating.

Post edited on 19th Aug 2013, 2:13am
>> No. 13183 [Edit]
File 137690743678.jpg - (195.48KB , 600x847 , a7dd8c48e47fb55f148e33ea98f9deca.jpg )
If you consider fate as a succession of logical step of your personal development, I'm sure meeting her was fate.
>> No. 13184 [Edit]
File 137691589981.jpg - (600.67KB , 800x1129 , 4607a363f7ce6c561e8ad79e1cfd5a9e.jpg )
I can't define to myself what fate means but if it means something like that was bound to happen even if it looked liked coincidence, I can that even if it was just fate that I met her, it was my full choice to pursue what she meant to me.
>> No. 13186 [Edit]
File 137692154963.png - (318.73KB , 373x397 , A-S.png )
No: I embraced it; I made it happen by taking certain opportunities (and discarding others) as they came. However, what made me like I currently am and make this or that alleged "choice", certainly exceeded my control most of the time. I'd say I've rather been a slave of chaos, a fortune's fool, than a chosen one of any delusional fate.
>> No. 13189 [Edit]
File 137699101823.png - (483.70KB , 802x1200 , Asuka sparkles.png )
I want to believe it was fate, but I'm just not sure if such a thing exists.
>> No. 13193 [Edit]
File 13770630397.jpg - (445.87KB , 1492x2122 , 1358304565368.jpg )
I think we met because all the pieces fell in the right place. Whether you call that fate or something else, what I think really matters is that it happened.

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