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File 135166071277.jpg - (11.74KB , 240x222 , 322597_1257333846057_full.jpg )
12234 No. 12234 [Edit]
I just got this idea for what might be the greatest anime of all time ever. I was thinking about Yakitate Japan, which is one of my favorites, and how the MC was trying to make Japan's gretest bread, which he would call Ja-pan. Well my idea is for a similar tournament style show, but the MC is seeking out Ja-pantsu.
you're thoughts on the topic?
>> No. 12236 [Edit]
So he goes around molesting lolis looking for the "greatest pantsu" or some shit like that?

I dunno, it kind of sucks.
>> No. 12237 [Edit]
I'd watch it if the MC was voiced by Kana Hanazawa.
>> No. 12241 [Edit]
>Yakikate Japan
>69 episodes
>About making bread

That's up there for one of the most autistic sounding synopses' I've ever heard.
>> No. 12252 [Edit]
You mean you think its a bad summation or you mean that you think that it sounds like a bad show from that summary?
>> No. 12253 [Edit]
It means you overthink imageboard posts.
>> No. 12255 [Edit]
What a dick

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