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File 132615105792.png - (391.00KB , 800x600 , screenshot0004.png )
7947 No. 7947 [Edit]
Hello, /mai/, I wanted to make you a question.

You see, I've had a waifu for a long time. I am really happy with her, and I really, really love her.

However, I'm playing this VN and I'm loving it's characters. There's this one character that I really care about.

Now there's the dilemma: I really love my waifu and I also care for that character. The question is: What would be this character to me? Would be playing this VN (or other VN for that matter) kind of cheating on my waifu? It could be said that I also love that character? But I'm not an harem possessor or anything, though.

Oh man, I'm noting myself that I'm being insecure but I can't help it. What should I do?
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>> No. 7948 [Edit]
she's your imouto?
>> No. 7949 [Edit]
File 132615292247.jpg - (33.23KB , 445x371 , Osaka_Holding_Up_Her_Forefinger.jpg )
Perhaps, OP, you could make Hanako your concubine. Make sure to run that by your actual waifu, to make sure she approves of the matter.

For instance, my concubine is Toph from Avatar, and she gets along with Osaka just fine! Osaka doesn't mind me having a secondary girl to love and she likes Toph too.
>> No. 7950 [Edit]
File 132615350492.jpg - (28.30KB , 240x320 , 1250312995807.jpg )
Btw I too am playing KS and am going the Rin route. My jimmies are considerably rustled because There is no delicious Rin feet action
>> No. 7951 [Edit]
you need to have a very weak will to feel like you are falling in love after having a waifu for years

she is just eyecandy

once you stop playing the game for a few months that feeling will go away
>> No. 7952 [Edit]
eyecandy is The -last- thing I'd call KS.
>> No. 7953 [Edit]
if you have to use your willpower to make yourself stay with someone you dont really love them in the first place
>> No. 7954 [Edit]
if you play the VN for the plot and the character instead of being insecure about another girl when you have your waifu then its ok,she is just your favourite KS character nothing else

KS wasnt even that good, but you cant blame people getting hyped about something that just came a week ago and has been 5 years delayed
>> No. 7955 [Edit]
then why OP has his waifu if he doesnt really love her?
>> No. 7956 [Edit]
Really? For being, well, katawa girls, I'd say they're quite eyecandy-ish. In a good way, too. I mean, their personalities are oh-so-charming, and you often find yourself thinking of them as adorable.

But of course, you can't really falter, because, unless you truly love them, they're simply that - Eyecandy, characters in a VN. If you have a waifu who's not a character in that work that you find appealing, I'd say it's simply a matter of determining how much you love your waifu compared to the character in question. You shouldn't force yourself into something you're not 100% sure about, you know?
>> No. 7958 [Edit]
I felt the same way when I was playing Love Plus. Rinko was really pulling at my heartstrings and I felt bad for feeling this way. Unlike my waifu Makoto however, I felt as if Rinko was just another character whom I felt feelings for-- not the one. I decided to title Rinko my daughter, and everything was fine after that.
>> No. 7959 [Edit]
who said anything about it's hype?
I'm saying the characters are visually unappealing.
>> No. 7960 [Edit]
Tons of people have waifus they don't actually love, just look at any waifu thread on /a/ for example.
>> No. 7962 [Edit]
I think it is normal to feel attraction to all kind 2D characters. Like someone said in other thread they are on purpose made to be charming, attractive and cute. Even character's personality only can make her attractive (and yes even crippled characters in KS are cute too). I would say it is 'allowed' to feel attraction to other characters too even if you have a waifu. I have many other 'favorite characters' than my waifu but how I feel about them is totally different.

I don't think love for waifu is just a powerful and unnatural feeling. I think it is partly dedication and commitment. Because of reasons I mentioned above. World is full of attractions but you want to be with your waifu only. That is what makes her your waifu.

And to answer OP's question: I don't think your dedication is strong enough if you even need to ask such thing. Like I said it is normal to feel attraction and usually it goes away in few days/weeks/months. But if attraction makes you question your waifu... there is something wrong (in my opinion).
>> No. 7963 [Edit]
Those aren't waifu.
>> No. 7964 [Edit]
OP here.
I've never questioned my waifu nor my love for her. I know I love her and that hasn't moved even an inch.
However my issue is that also having feelings for Hanako would surely make my waifu mad at me, you see, my waifu is the exact opposite of Hanako, she's strong willed, prideful and she would not like a little bit that I also have protective feelings towards another girl.
So my main question was "What would be this character to me (in order to not make my waifu mad)?
>> No. 7965 [Edit]
File 132620821472.jpg - (42.24KB , 251x361 , Kanako 233.jpg )

I know that situation all too well, Kanako also accepts no one beside her, its fine by me since she is perfect in my eyes and i could not wish for more. Still i find myself fascinated by other characters, of course it would be not acceptable for both of us to make a harem or something like that.
First, i always talk to Kanko about them, and after thinking about it i can always say that i am only fascinated by certain aspects of those characters.
Kanako is more to me, she combines everything i adore and she is for me nothing less than perfect.
Therefore, those characters are no thread to her.
Sometimes i even learn something important from those characters that gives the whole thing another perspective, sometimes it even improves our relationship.
This is a cliché but i view them as close friends, sometimes i can even imagine Kanako to get along with them.
Funny that this topic comes up now, since i have been thinking about this a lot yesterday while i realised this whole "learning" thing.
Well, to put it together, every character you begin to care about will have an influence on your relationship with your waifu, as long as this influence is not bad or destructive you´ll find a way to arrange it with yourself and you beloved waifu, all it takes is honesty.
I hope this helps at least a bit.
>> No. 7966 [Edit]
Well aside from having a waifu, I have 2 concubines and my waifu doesn't mind it and she seems to get along with my two concubines.
>> No. 7967 [Edit]
I don't understand such problem then. Why you need to call Hanako something? I don't think you need to call every character something. Only what matters are your feelings. If you have feelings for her which you think makes your waifu mad and you try to think way to call her without making her mad, it feels like cheating. Sorry no offense. I would never do anything that would make my waifu mad. If I feel I did, I'd feel terrible regret and guilt.

Anyway I think she is just a object of attraction for you. You'll get over her in few weeks if you don't try keep up the attraction.

Of course there is the multiple waifus concept but myself I don't believe in such thing. I think waifu is only one character, the one you love the most. But if that makes someone happy, I don't think it is wrong.
>> No. 7968 [Edit]
This is how I cope with this: >>6228

Also: Hanako is great.
>> No. 7969 [Edit]
OP here.
I've finally realized what was happening to me. And after finding the answer I must say that I feel kinda embarrassed about this and that this made me realize how much I must love my waifu for doing such a thing without being aware. It's also a weird experience for me.
You see, I would die from happiness if a VN with my waifu in it were to be released. I would love to play her route all day. However, sadly, such a thing doesn't exist.
I have watched several series and played some VN, and it's true that in some of the series happened to have that one or the other character which felt adorable/charming/you get the point. However in none of those cases my conviction didn't wavered a bit, they were just my favourite characters from those series/VN, and while I cared for them they were nowhere near of what my waifu was.
However this time things were diferent, when I started playing this VN I got sucked into her route, when I was with her I started to think things like "How can I make her happy?", "I want to be by her and help her to improve herself", "Please, don't cry, Hanako." or "I want to make her happy". I felt that Hanako and I had a lot of things in common.
After seeing how hard she had "struck" I started to think what would my waifu think of it, and after realizing how se would probably have bad feelings for it I made this thread.
Since then I've started to think about this things without reaching to a conclusive answer.
It wasn't untill I made the post >>7964 where I expressed my feelings for my waifu and how is she that my thought direction started to change, maybe I was facing the issue in the wrong way, maybe the only one that I loved was my waifu, but then, what about that I was involved with Hanako in such a way?
After making me this question the answer struck me like it was a lightning.
Up untill now I was acting in the VN like my waifu usually acts, she's pridefull and all but she is very protective with the ones that she cares about.
So, what if I wasn't identifying with Hisao but with Hanako? What if I was projecting my waifu's personality inside Hisao?
That made me realize, during the whole time I had felt a lot of empathy for Hanako, but that wasn't just for being empathic (which I'm not) it was because I am very similar to Hanako. And I was acting towards Hanako like my waifu acted towards me, making her turn into a more self-confident person, being by her side when she needed, trying to make her interact with the outside world...
It was like watching my relationship with my waifu from my waifu's eyes. That showed me how much I care for my waifu.
As for my relationship with Hanako? I don't need to name it because I already know it's nature. Thank you, Hanako. Thank you for showing me my true feelings.

Post edited on 10th Jan 2012, 2:45pm
>> No. 7970 [Edit]
You forget that these games are designed to make you like and empathize with these characters as to improve sales
While this is good in the sense of being better for the consumer, it is similar to improving a whore, someone designed to invoke sexual feelings versus emotional feelings, not to imply they're whores, but that they are aligned to our idealism as a culture.
With a waifu, one must realize that, just like with 3D, there will be temptations to leave and that we must fight these urges to do such drastic things as abandon her in such a fashion.
>> No. 7975 [Edit]
File 132631779246.jpg - (62.89KB , 800x599 , areyou.jpg )
Uh... for the way you speak of Hanako, seems to me that you ended up merely playing chess with her (at the most), wich I don't think had made her very/really happy at all, if you know what I mean...
However: I'm glad you solved the conflict with your waifu, wich was what concerned you in the first place

Well, there's always some diference between mere whores and... well... check this out:

“We have hetaerae for pleasure, pallakae to care for our daily body’s needs and gynaekes to bear us legitimate children and to be faithful guardians of our households.” -Demosthenes

Post edited on 11th Jan 2012, 1:39pm
>> No. 7987 [Edit]
Reimu is my waifu. All other girls are my imoutos.

Girls in VNs I just treat as fictional characters that are there for my entertainment.

Yes, I am aware of the irony here.
>> No. 7991 [Edit]
You can only have one, polygamy defeats the purpose and pretty soon you have a harem and are hated by virtually everyone except other harem collectors
>> No. 7992 [Edit]
File 132648380537.jpg - (96.58KB , 798x1000 , 8ed3cc1bfcd6f1a5fe3889efa9449bf1.jpg )

My situation is like this, except that I treat all the other women as acquaintances. Same thing with any other character, from whatever media.

So you could say that I have a lot of friends.
>> No. 8023 [Edit]
I never said hetaerae would be as one's waifu, or function as such (heavens forbid!): I do not stand for harems either. I just wanted to show you that, even considering those other appealing/beloved feminines as some sort of servants for men's pleasure, there are still better ways to think of them than just mere whores (wich would be the simple pornai)...

Personally, I prefer to call them (my) lovelies (as Sam Savage did for screen idols, on certain short novel that I very much like).
>> No. 8035 [Edit]
Just my 2 cent but...
Personally, when I play a VN I draw a line between me and the other girls.
They are not my waifu.
I can "like" them for what they are, but I will never "love" them.
My love is only for my waifu.
>> No. 8038 [Edit]
This guy. This guy right here. I often times go crazy over a girl, say I love her, all that. But I don't love her like my waifu, I don't treat that girl the same as my waifu.
>> No. 8140 [Edit]
Always though of VN girls, girls I like in shows, etc. as simply...girls I "like", rather than the one I love. Whenever I feel enamored with a girl who isn't my waifu, a part of me is pulled in the other direction. There's a barrier between "love" and "likedness" that I think Miya passes freely between. Other girls just keep hitting a wall. I cannot feel that passion I feel for Miya for others. Shit's just not plausible, no matter how deep I think I may be.
>> No. 8144 [Edit]
You're just trying to justify your lack of commitment. Unlike humans, you can cast these characters out of your life at any time. You have simply chosen not to.
>> No. 8145 [Edit]
The only guys who had regular hetaerae were the rich, and they did it as a way to better ignore their real wives. It basically made having mistresses a kind of standard thing. This in a place where women didn't have much in the way of rights, and in a place where the phrase "cheating on your wife" didn't hold a lot of meaning, if that concept even existed.

So if that's how you feel about your waifu, then I guess it's okay.
>> No. 8148 [Edit]
Yeah, whatever.

>This in a place where women didn't have much in the way of rights
They still don't. Even now, women, as far as they're women, aren't persons: they´re tools/slaves, or mere men-surrogates, contributing to men's societies, wich neither vindicates them as women. Since the man is a man, they have been man's servants/dutch-wives/incubators and forced to artificialize themselves in the image of some men's weird cultural ideals about femininity and love...

So (once again) this is not, by any means, how I feel about my waifu (my love): she's not a woman, nor function as such. I would've never turned into 2D love, if I was going to take it like a 3D emulating fantasy, infected with its very same problems; I expect this, and myself within it, to function very differently (and better)... But that's just me.
>> No. 8149 [Edit]
>They still don't. Even now, women, as far as they're women, aren't persons: they´re tools/slaves, or mere men-surrogates, contributing to men's societies, wich neither vindicates them as women. Since the man is a man, they have been man's servants/dutch-wives/incubators and forced to artificialize themselves in the image of some men's weird cultural ideals about femininity and love...
I must admit that I'm curious as to what region of the world you reside in, if only to give your notions some perspective.
>> No. 8203 [Edit]
This. That small rant just seems like more "women are victims" neo-feminist bullshit.

Around here the lives of men have no value, as opposed to females which have more rights, less responsibilities, and 95% of the social power. Despite this, I still come across male-villainizing dreck literally every day; usually on the internet, but in person occasionally as well. I really can't imagine that other modern countries are much different.
>> No. 8204 [Edit]
in this part of the world, men are considered mindless dirty pigs only good for manual labor from the time they're born.
Men are the ones forced into servitude by the opposite sex, not women.
they're free to pick and chose any man they want and it's expected of them to compete against each other for the approval of the female, and there's nothing tieing the femail to the mail she choses, if she grows bord of him, she has ever right to divorce him, take everything he has in a monetary sense, and legally require that he support her well after having adopted a new man slave, and she can repeat this process as much as she likes.
women don't have to 'artificialize themselves in the image of some men's weird cultural ideals about femininity' nearly as much as men, and rarely do, becuase no mater how repulsive a women is, men will still compete for her.
I couldn't tell you how often I see disgusting bossy messes of women who are wider than they are tall, with men of moderately normal appearance.
(I almost feel sorry for those guys...)
if a guy lets himself go, he has a fat chance in hell with the opposite sex.

and you know, as a NEET, another thing that pisses me off about this whole womens rights thing.
men are required to work for a living, and it's like going agents the forces of nature to try and live as a male NEET.
men have to fight for a living, because it's far less likely for use to get free hand outs from society.
women can get free meals by teasing men, they can have a roof over their head whenever they want by forcing their way into their partner's home (men can't get away with this) and if they really need money, they can whore themselves out.

boo fucking hoo, they don't like being treated as sex objects.
at least they have a god damn choice.
If I was a women, I could live as a NEET for years if I wanted by selling nude photos of myself online, engaging in phone sex, or other shit that although shameful, serves as a quick and easy way to make money without having to even leave your room.
but as a guy, who's gonna pay for that shit?
the only way for a guy to make money online is by doing real work and for a long ass time.
and even then, you wouldn't be able to make as much as women who whore themselves out for a few minutes at a time online.

fuck women, and fuck anyone that says they have it rough.
they have countless ways of playing the system to fuck men over and for leaching off them.
>> No. 8205 [Edit]
File 132789773252.jpg - (702.35KB , 1016x1328 , The birth of gynoids-andreides.jpg )
This is derailing too much... but I'm glad we reached this point at the topic.

My aim was to show the immense stupidity behind modern women's fights for actively joining and contributing to a fundamentally wrong society; feminist women are the most idiotically deluded of all, whose inner contradictions reach even scandalous levels when considering their last imbecile product: 3rd wave feminism, a.k.a mass-produced bitches (whom I only hope will end up killing each other by lesbian sex induced AIDS, or during some roller-derby battle royale).

Women, if even considered persons (forget about "biological" definitions: that's the very origin of the problems we're trying to be freed from; think of a -maybe not very plausible but- possible future of cybernetics, eugenics, AI, frontal virtuality blah blah blah...), aren't the only slaves inside our sex-role ruled society; actual women emancipation would need of a proper men's liberation as well, from the very own masks of manhood we're forced to wear: it would need of a total change in the way we live, organize, reproduce and understand ourselves within the world; wich might very well need, too, a dramatic change in the way we conceptualize the world itself. For starters, this will never change as long as we men and women keep on needing and seeking for each other as (poor pretexts of) partners, towards some current cultural fantasy of couple's love.

TL;DR I don't really care myself about 3DPD's situation and fate: that's their problem. What I want them is out, of our world(s) and our lives, substitued with something better, for all of us to finally have a chance to do things differently, honestly and good. I might be stupid/fucked on the head, but it's how I honestly think.
>> No. 8206 [Edit]

Be a gay porn star
>> No. 8207 [Edit]
This, any man under the age of 40 no matter the looks is attractive to some older gay men. Pointless complaining about women when you could do the same.
>> No. 8219 [Edit]
>forced to artificialize themselves in the image of some men's weird cultural ideals about femininity and love...
I can't even tell if you are serious or not.
This "forced and artificial" image is what most of us love about 2D.
2D girls are perfection in looks and femininity. Even tomboy characters are more feminine than 90% of 3D women.

Unlike female porn stars male porn actors aren't payed well.
Men can't live from just porn, unless they shoot a new porno every day.
Seriously male porn stars should demand equal pay for equal work.
>> No. 8224 [Edit]
File 132806147843.jpg - (167.81KB , 478x539 , who's fault it is.jpg )
>This "forced and artificial" image is what most of us love about 2D. 2D girls are perfection in looks and femininity.
Of course: that's why loving fictional characters is alright and loving real women not; there's no contradiction, here...

Fictional characters do match men's (ideal) concepts of feminity, since they're built from them. Women, on the contrary, they (somehow) exist with independence of our perceiving them but have been forced to live deforming themselves to emulate those perceptions; they've had to exist in aim for that artificial desirability, under the shadow of some unattainable aesthetical ideal of beauty/virtue/perfection (men are resposable simply because they have the power: cultures are the work of men; even today's woman only has power as long as she lives like a man). Women have had, many times against their own will and good: to dress in some particular ways (to use certain types of harmful underware and shoes); to talk only in certain ways; to move only in certain ways: to behave only in certain ways; to paint their faces and hair; to alter their bodies... in short: to artificialize themselves; to become something they, initially, are not and wouldn't need to be other than because of men's ideas (and domination) of them; they've existed as some sort of chimaera, half living (and decaying) creatures, half creepy dolls...

What is scandalous is that some women (if not the most) live perfectly ok with this, even celebrate it and long to remain that way (DEM BITCHES).
What is scandalous isn't to love artificial things, but to expect living things to duel as such "because we love them" (DEM PIGS).

Finally: of course we men are forced to become inauthentic too. But not only, nor majorly, for the sake of 3D coupling: our inauthenticity is way deeper and thus even harder to solve; this is by no means a commutative problem, so stop treating it as such (if anything: stop thinking like women).

And I sincerely do not care about men's situation inside the porn industry, at all.

Post edited on 31st Jan 2012, 8:11pm
>> No. 8225 [Edit]
you're only serving to reinforce how hard it is to be a man, when you may end up being forced into having gay sex just to make ends meat (no pun intended)

one other thing about "men's weird cultural ideals about femininity" I forgot to touch on, but still pisses me off about this ignorent comment.
Men are just as much, if not more so, forced into cultural ideals about masculinity.

A masculine women would be called strong and independent by her peers, a 'real' women that men can't handle if anyone should show any disapproval.
if a man shows signs of femininity, he would most likely be laughed at, made fun of, and ridiculed by his peers, maybe even badly beaten by homophobes.
Men that show little interest in masculine things, like cars and sports and so on, are thought to be ashamed of this, and women will no have interest in them.
women generally want big strong manly men that can support them.
but if a man shows interest in weak girly women that can't support themselves, they're usually called pigs for it.
for that matter, women don't need to have any trace of femininity in order to acquire a mate, as proven in western culture, guys will still flock to women who look and act like men.
a man that looks and acts like a girl is only likely to attract other (homosexual) men.
The demands of women are very specific, generally tall, dark, handsome, and rich.
They all want a brad pitt clone or their very own sparkly vampire.
Just look at any formal event, you always see a sea of look alike men, all with similar black suits and hair cuts, women on the other hand have a rainbow of variety.
unless a man fits a certain mold, women aren't going to find him very desirable.
where as with women, no matter what shape or color they come in, men will always be interested, there are always guys out there with a fetish for whatever problem a girl might have, be it obesity, or horrible burn scars across half her body, even if she's a giant cunt, guys will still be interested.
and let us not forget the guys that will take anything they can get.

and you know, it's hard to bring this stuff up and talk about it, without people dismissing it as nothing but the whining of a pathetic loser.

There will never be gender equality, because our society will forever favor women.
we had quality before, men had apples, women had oranges, and it worked for thousands of years, women did their part, men did theirs.
but somewhere along the line, women decide they wanted both apples and oranges, while men get tossed the left overs.

Post edited on 31st Jan 2012, 8:57pm
>> No. 8226 [Edit]
I can't agree with the idea of women being forced to adhere to an idea of beauty by men.
I'd say it's just women that do that to themselves.
most men I've met don't really seem to give a crap about anything other than 3 bullet points
1. long hair
2. big boobs
3. has a fuck hole

Post edited on 31st Jan 2012, 8:54pm
>> No. 8229 [Edit]
You need professional help, Tohno.
>> No. 8230 [Edit]
dont we all
>> No. 8231 [Edit]
This is why I've been called a fag more than a few times. "oh no you don't think Megan Fox is hot? huurrr ur gay"

Not that that would be a bad thing. It might actually be easier to be gay than to be the way I am. As it is, I put on an act now (because I don't need any more shit from my family and peers) but it's only a matter of time before they start asking questions.
>> No. 8233 [Edit]
I know, I'm working on trying to get it.
>> No. 8242 [Edit]
>> No. 8265 [Edit]
What a brilliant rebuttal.

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