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File 13043792403.png - (330.28KB , 977x1400 , 130032217735.png )
481 No. 481 [Edit]
what do you do if you want to read a particular manga but nobody translates it and you can't find scans anywhere or find a tankobon of it to buy because they don't ship to your country?
>> No. 482 [Edit]
read something else
>> No. 483 [Edit]

You are as helpful as ever Anonymous.

Seriously though, read something else.
>> No. 486 [Edit]
if you want a more helpful answer, how about using a forwarding service to import it into your country. or make friends with someone overseas that can help you out.
>> No. 487 [Edit]
How could they not ship it to your country? Surely there must be some sort of forwarding service by some other store/business?
>> No. 488 [Edit]
more manga download :
>> No. 489 [Edit]
a lot of sites won't ship outside of glorious japan
>> No. 490 [Edit]
Honestly, in the sort of situation you're presenting, you're shit out of luck. Read something else.
>> No. 491 [Edit]
I'm truly sorry to do this, but I guess I'll be the first.

What is the source of that image?
>> No. 492 [Edit]
What country, OP?
>> No. 494 [Edit]
I know that I'm shaming myself by admitting that I still view 7chan and will probably be (rightfully) permabanned, but here is the link you're after.
now that you've seen what the source is, if you're still going to view it, i suggest that you view that thread and nothing else on the site, because nothing goood has been posted there since 2009.
>> No. 495 [Edit]
Still, I must thank you for providing a link.
>> No. 496 [Edit]
Well personally I live in Canada and I can still get things shipped to me by using Kinokuniya.
>> No. 548 [Edit]
check share or perfect dark for raw scans?
>> No. 907 [Edit]
You can go to mangahelpers and request a translator to pick it up. That's a free alternative but chances are your going to be ignored.

If worst comes to worst you can commission a translator site to do the translation for you. Saha, Desu and a some others would be willing to pick it up if you pay money for it. But it's stupidly expensive at $1.25 a page.

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