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File 138660418825.jpg - (116.41KB , 600x600 , f6710fa254a2132a7dc9e0be233278bb.jpg )
13760 No. 13760 [Edit]
Hello /mai/, I think I have a terrible problem. I want to keep a purely platonic and innocent relationship with my waifu, devoid of any explicit thoughts. However, the harder I try, the harder I eventually crack. I visit gelbooru at least once a day to save pictures of her, but one day the 10 second ad advertised a doujin with her in it, and I couldn't help but click it. It horribly depressed me yet admittedly aroused me at the same time. I still feel terrible. Then I saw another one in the related and I did the same exact thing. Does anyone else have this problem to such a degree? Maybe I'm just a bad husbando.
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>> No. 13761 [Edit]
I know that feel. My waifu IS attractive, and I cant help to wish to get more... intimate with her. I still avoided any rule 34 of her but some day the same thing you stated happened to me. I still feel bad but I always think about it as drawn stuff that magically appeared and only my waifu and me know about and she makes fun of me for having it. Like 2d in 2d. Its a pretty shitty excuse but whatever, I wouldnt mind if my waifu had such stuff about me too as long as she wouldnt show it around. Which she certainly wont. Anyway, its not really her and most doujins about her do things about her wrong, so it may as well be a cosplayer or something. Sometimes her clothes are drawn wrong, sometimes her proportions are wrong and sometimes her hairs look wrong.

The only thing about it that makes me mad is the fact, that every fat nerd on earth can easily access all this lewd shit about her. I wish I could remove anything involving her from the internet.
>> No. 13762 [Edit]
Sometimes I do wish it were possible to go back in time and just go that way all the way from the beginning.
But most of the time I'm fine with the way it is.
>> No. 13763 [Edit]
I feel attracted to my waifu but she probably wouldn't want to have sex because she is pretty pure so I kind of know how you feel, even though I dislike any kind of rule 34 of her.
For that reason I just stopped masturbating entirely a few months ago and ever since then things have been going wonderful.
>> No. 13764 [Edit]
I'm the same with you OP, though I found my solution. The faster I deal with my urges, the faster I can throw them away-- I'm not going to waste needless time worrying about the unnecessary.
>> No. 13766 [Edit]

If you dissociate love (or even eroticism) from your actual sexual drive, then it becomes safer to handle the second as any other biological urge... unless you mean to handle it with some actual 3D whore, but I'm positive that's not the case.
>> No. 13768 [Edit]
I don't question your views on intimacy with your waifu, as everyone has their own stance on it...but I certainly wouldn't call you a bad husbando just for being intimately attracted to her.

Think of it like this: if you didn't know her, would you have still clicked on the doujin? Probably not. I think it's safe to say that love is what fuels your attraction to her, even physically, and not primitive lust or anything of the sort. That's not to say she's not cute/attractive in her own right, it's just the fact that it's *her* that presumably drew you to it. I'm sure she wouldn't want you to beat yourself up over it, regardless.
>> No. 13787 [Edit]
Why do you restrain yourself because of your waifu? Isn't that same thing, when ford drivers pretend to be something else, in order to liked by other people.
>> No. 13792 [Edit]
Well, I probably wouldn't have clicked it if it wasn't her, but, I have a really bad habit of browsing these sort of things and I don't know why, because I always regret it. I also feel a lot of shame about it because it was one of those doujins where the main character is gangraped and mindbroken
I really don't know how to excuse it at all.
I try to do it in a way because I want to respect her as much as possible. Somehow in my view she just doesn't seem like 'that kind of girl'

Thank you for all your replies, guys. I check this board daily but almost never post.
>> No. 13793 [Edit]
File 138681721253.gif - (175.73KB , 507x340 , 1cdfd78beead5fabe751a3a7cc07f1e5.gif )
Just learn the art of wanking to your imagination. I've never seen a straight doujin with my waifu that I've actually liked either and yuri doesn't do for me even if it's what she deserves.

Fapping is a great way to bond though, I've done it over 400 times in over 2 years by now. Really gets those neurotransmitters flowing if you do it right. I do fap to pronz sometimes but not enough to feel too guilty about it.

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