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File 135561286820.png - (38.64KB , 600x420 , 506b47b2hQfg6GPZ.png )
12809 No. 12809 [Edit]
How are we all spending our Saturday nights?

I was mourning for when Saturday night meant something - then realised that, for me, it never has. I'd just vicariously Saturdayed my way through the weeks, however little it differs from any other day.
>> No. 12810 [Edit]
I'm gonna masturbate later and probably play some video games, op
>> No. 12811 [Edit]
I like weekends because most people stay in their houses so that means I can take a walk in peace if I feel like it
>> No. 12812 [Edit]
I'm ordering some pizza for delivery soon when my parents leave for their shitty holiday party over a neighbors house. They won't turn the news off that's currently at ear raping volumes from the TV, I can't wait till they leave so they can get their fill of bullshit I don't want to listen to elsewhere. I'm ordering a white mozzarella with ricotta, it'll be pretty good. I just wanna get through this weekend and next week as fast as possible.
>> No. 12813 [Edit]
I'm sitting in bed with my laptop listening to traditional carols and pretending that i have some grasp on the season. I just bought my aunt a Christmas present, a calendar with Pre-Raphaelite art. I don't feel remotely seasonal, and realise now that i haven't, despite my best efforts, since early childhood.

Soon, I suppose I'll go to sleep. Tomorrow I'm going to watch Hotarubi no Mori e.
>> No. 12814 [Edit]
I'm spending it with my video game console. I have to fight this cheap jerk in Ninja Gaiden that can do these cheap grab attacks and take a big chunk of my life and if I can avoid those, he still manages to combo the hell out of me regardless of what weapon I use or combos I try to throw together. Right now I'm trying to see what game to play next after I rage quitted that fight and using the internet during that time.

Aside from that, nothing else really.
>> No. 12815 [Edit]
listing shit on ebay to pay for figs, and a bit of cleaning up around the old room.
Think I might set up a large arcade basketball thing in our extra room. oh and see about getting my pile of shit old PC working with the living room TV.
>> No. 12817 [Edit]
Arcade basketball thing? Like one of those actual machines you see in the arcades? That's pretty cool if so. I would like my own pinball machine in my room. I want a The Sopranos machine, that was one of my favorites. I have emulators on my pc but it's just not the same.
>> No. 12818 [Edit]
I'm going to spend mine watching movies and after that i'm going to study for a test. Being a human is suffering.
>> No. 12819 [Edit]
Thank Haruhi, my annoying parents finally left. Probably going to go play some games in peace now and watch some anime later without anyone bothering me. Fridays and Saturdays really only mean something to me because I just made them my eat and drink all day carelessly and go out later somewhere cheap with some family members days. Most of the time I finish the nights with sitting outside around a huge fire. It's all I really look forward to, just going on weekend adventures and finding some pleasure in getting through the week to them.
>> No. 12820 [Edit]
Not really, it's pretty cheap and shitty.
It's mostly just plastic tubes a bunch of net with a board that keeps score.
>> No. 12824 [Edit]
Where I live, going for a walk on a friday or saturday means trying to avoid being beaten or robbed by drunks.

My saturday was spent playing dota 2. Thrilling.
>> No. 12825 [Edit]
i know the feel, last time i went to take a walk a nigger almost robbed me, shit sucks

Post edited on 16th Dec 2012, 11:04am
>> No. 12826 [Edit]
I feel bad for people in areas that are so shit that you can't even go for a walk and listen to some music without being disturbed by people that don't have anything better to do than try to hurt you or steal from you. I never ran into anyone that wanted start shit with me thankfully.
>> No. 12827 [Edit]
It's not that my area is particularly safe or whatever, but most of the drunkards in the weekends don't go out in the streets, unless it's late at night, until then things are calm
>> No. 12829 [Edit]
I had this happen to me once. 2 guys came up to me and asked me for cash. I got scared and started running like a gazelle
>> No. 12836 [Edit]
I forgot what I did Saturday night......

oh, I met someone IRL.
>> No. 12838 [Edit]
Some SankakComplex poster mentioned he got into some shit with a gang in his neighborhood, and somehow his father resolved it by forcing an apology from the gang leader......and the dude just withdrew into hikikiomori from that entire bullshit.

Think some Iraqi Youths did that too during the US Invasion and shitting up of Iraq....
>> No. 12845 [Edit]
Saturday night has never meant much to me anyway. My family's always been too poor to really go out, never been out on a date in my life, don't really want to anyway.
>> No. 12849 [Edit]
stealing something right out of a person's hands while stuck in a small moving confined area? Not the sharpest tool in the shed was he?
>> No. 12850 [Edit]
Since the assailant escaped into the street, the bus probably wasn't moving at the time. It's not a bad idea at all - unless the target reacts fast like in this story, you're going to get away with the spoils before anyone can interfere, and in a crowded bus no one except the target is going to care too much or chase after you, and even if they do they won't be able to keep up in a crowded urban environment.
>> No. 12851 [Edit]
It was a 'snatch and grab'. They normally wait til the bus/train is at a stop/doors open, snatch the ipad or whatever from someone right by the door, and run out before they respond.

I was an ideal target I guess because:

1. I sat right by one of the bus doors
2. I was immersed in watching youtube/etc
3. I had a VERY LONG santa hat on (6 feet)

He probably thought I was ditzy as hell or something, and I was right by the door so.......he was surprised when i grabbed it back.

The bus was not very crowded, however it was after the sun set and he ran into a nearby park. It is in a major city proper, but it is a residential part of the city.
>> No. 12852 [Edit]
Saturday generally means my employed friends will visit me and take me out to do random things. I feel conflicted about this because given the choice, I am sure they wouldn't hang out with NEETs, but we are like an indispensable part of the group because they can't manage to find better friends who are employed and get along with them.
>> No. 12981 [Edit]
I want to see what this post was about now.
>> No. 16928 [Edit]
I know it's not saturday anymore but I made a twitter account so I have a place to vent every negative thought I have. It's locked and I follow no one and have no followers. I have no tweets yet, but I will when I next feel depressed I'm sure.
>> No. 16932 [Edit]
I had a dream about Ahania once.
>> No. 17440 [Edit]
Working out, then alcohol and video games. Just lost my D3 hardcore char yesterday when I was buzzed and not paying enough attention. Drinking and gaming don't mix sometimes.
>> No. 17493 [Edit]
I spent my Saturday watching Patema Inverted and the NJPW ppv, then I grinded Japanese flash cards for 6 hours.

It went by fast.

Post edited on 25th May 2014, 9:54am
>> No. 17511 [Edit]
I went to a party this saturday. With my only "friend" (he's kind of a dick though, especially this year because there are a lot of girls in the classes we take and like he doesn¡t really need me anymore because now he can make normal friends)
Anyway we were there, there was a lot of smoke and electronic music, I got drunk and next thing I know I'm outside next to a small puddle of vomit. Then I called him, but he said he was gone, so I just walked home. He knows how socially retarded I am and that I never went to a party before yet he still left me to my luck. I remember asking a girl if she would kiss me. I'm pathetic.
>> No. 17512 [Edit]
>Then I called him, but he said he was gone

Are you still drunk?
>> No. 18739 [Edit]
I'm gonna spend my Saturday doing the same things I did today: sleeping and sitting on the computer.
>> No. 18740 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure sitting on a computer would break it unless it's on of those hard shell elite ones that can survive an atomic bomb and being dropped from the 20th floor.
>> No. 18742 [Edit]
Sitting isn't that damaging, the average beige box can survive just fine on temporary seat duty. Being dropped from the 20th floor is another thing altogether.

Unless you're talking about laptops, which probably are a bit more vulnerable, but why would you sit on an inch-thick sheet anyway?
>> No. 18743 [Edit]
They get really warm and fuzzy after a while. Also helps drying your pants in case you've been in the rain lately.
>> No. 18781 [Edit]
We have a lot in common.

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