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File 134763912468.jpg - (38.26KB , 434x579 , 96656.jpg )
10414 No. 10414 [Edit]
What physical things related to your waifu/husbando do you own? I just received my Leorio keychain in the mail so I can take him with me wherever I go. And now I'm planning on ordering this.
What have you got? Figures? Dakis? Posters?
Or perhaps, he/she's too rare for any of these?
Expand all images
>> No. 10415 [Edit]
I'm expecting a button.
>> No. 10416 [Edit]
Nothing, yet
>> No. 10419 [Edit]
I do have a small figurine that i´ve found on amazon, when i have some more money on my hands í´ll go and get all the delicious merchandise i can find.
>> No. 10420 [Edit]
File 134765014872.png - (1.10MB , 778x1000 , Spoiler Picture.png )
I have something. Actually I think I have almost all possible merchandise of her.

Post edited on 14th Sep 2012, 12:18pm
>> No. 10421 [Edit]
I don't own anything because I don't have any money for anything.
I really want a daki which I would be prepared to shell out for, but none exist.
>> No. 10422 [Edit]
File 134765763014.jpg - (67.39KB , 500x500 , miko mousepad.jpg )
Only merchandise of her that I am aware of is a dakimakura (expensive) and this mousepad, which I don't like too much. Maybe I'll come around to it, but there's something about the way they drew her face. Is it just me?
>> No. 10424 [Edit]
File 134766423911.jpg - (222.23KB , 1536x1152 , Waifu_Chalice_2.jpg )
One's waifu's urine is the finest brew; more flavorful than any wine.
>> No. 10427 [Edit]
I wonder what was going through the head of the guy(s) that had to make that.
>> No. 10432 [Edit]
File 13476730786.jpg - (92.98KB , 240x320 , r0010440.jpg )
Figures, her charatcer songs, and a dakimakura i made myself.
>> No. 10433 [Edit]

I'm sure the makers get odd requests regularly.
>> No. 10434 [Edit]
File 134768112355.jpg - (823.41KB , 3648x2736 , IMGP0649.jpg )
I only have two figurines of her. I would probably try to get more merchandise of her when I get the chance, being a poorfag quite restricts your spending spree.
>> No. 10435 [Edit]
File 134768140017.jpg - (203.51KB , 768x1024 , narcissu_side2nd_review_1.jpg )
When the English version of Narcissu ~Side 2nd~ (finally!) came out, the translators held a drawing to give away copies of the original game CD, including the booklet and a soundtrack CD. 234 entered, 30 won, I was one of them.

It's not much, but it's nice to have a little physical reminder of Setsumi, since there's not really a lot of her out there.

(That's not my copy in the picture; I don't have a camera.)
>> No. 10436 [Edit]
File 13477021719.jpg - (2.15MB , 2400x1800 , waifu stuff.jpg )
There's this and a pair of large beach towels not shown, also another poster I'm still not sure where to place.
The boxes are garage kit figs I intend to work on after I'm done with the others I'm practicing on.
I tend to buy almost everything of hers I come across, there's still a few items out there I've yet to grab, but they don't seem to be exactly easy to find.

Post edited on 15th Sep 2012, 2:43am
>> No. 10437 [Edit]
That's really cool man.
>> No. 10442 [Edit]
File 134775967913.jpg - (54.35KB , 720x480 , 539983_374372432614923_1217229515_n.jpg )
I have the new figure as well but I haven't taken a picture of it. I also have the Makochii keychain. I have a heart keychain and a photobook coming in from artscow.
>> No. 10445 [Edit]
File 134776954238.jpg - (693.06KB , 779x2384 , Asuka stuff.jpg )
Included traditional media drawings because, well, they're physical and probably more of mai own waifu than anything else I possess.
>> No. 10446 [Edit]

Those drawings really are damn nice. They look as professional as the actual merchandise.
>> No. 10447 [Edit]
File 134781670344.gif - (19.10KB , 130x182 , You activated Mai Waifu card.gif )
Persona 3 FES, Persona 4, the Soejima art book, and Chihiro's P3 and P4 Weiss Schwarz trading cards. Persona 4 the Manga Vol. 6 is shipping.

I still have to get the Yukari-Mitsuru drama CD and P3 and P4 design works to have all the official items with Chihiro in it, and am contemplating if the other versions of P3 and P4 count, as I'm mainly concerned if they add any Chihiro related content or not.
>> No. 10455 [Edit]
File 134798912092.jpg - (184.45KB , 1521x1141 , DSC01786.jpg )
Wow, impressive. I really like those drawings near the bottom. Did you make them yourself? If not, I'd like to know if whoever did make them has a devart or something. I long for a pic like that but with my own waifu and I in it. Commissions are my forte.

Anyway, I am an Eva-fag myself and I have a rather rare artbook called "Der Mond".

I got it autographed by Tiffany Grant, Spike Spencer, and Briana Palencia: Asuka's, Shinji's, and Rei's English voice actors.

Here is Tiff's.
>> No. 10456 [Edit]
File 134798924267.jpg - (194.30KB , 1536x1152 , DSC01790.jpg )
Bah, that was just the cover; here is the real deal.
>> No. 10459 [Edit]
A small figure, a poster, a pillow, a sticker on my laptop, a picture in my wallet, a case for my 3DS featuring her, and many of the dozens of video games featuring her.

I'll will hopefully soon be getting a dakimakura.
>> No. 10461 [Edit]
File 13480235402.jpg - (16.89KB , 300x300 , a03c_35.jpg )
None. I'll buy a fig or two eventually, when I can effectively hide it from my family, but she doesn't have much merchandise otherwise. A poster, some figs, a CD. That's really it, all of which I'm going to get when I can.

Oh, I have an art book she's in, though. (Pic related)
>> No. 10462 [Edit]
Uhm... I think giving you this link is all I can do for you this time:
>> No. 10497 [Edit]
File 134839594031.jpg - (16.53KB , 276x500 , $(KGrHqZHJBQE-cNO!29+BPvKwVONsg~~60_12.jpg )
Just ordered this on ebay. It's definitely not as well-crafted as the figma or the Alternative PVC, but it was all that was currently in my next-to-nonexistant budget. Plus it was the only one I could find of her in her casual clothes, and contrary to popular opinion, I liked Muv-Luv Extra just as much as (if not more than) Alternative.
>> No. 10498 [Edit]
File 134839648675.jpg - (100.99KB , 1024x1024 , shiranui.jpg )
Also have an as of yet unbuilt model kit of this. Sorta related.
>> No. 10500 [Edit]
I got a mug, a small figurine and some pictures in photo frames of mai waifu.
>> No. 10504 [Edit]
File 13484237165.jpg - (2.87MB , 3264x2448 , 20120822_123115.jpg )
Being poor and only having something from artscow is suffering.

Some day, I'll have enough to get her figs, though.
>> No. 10970 [Edit]
File 135434364413.jpg - (55.12KB , 600x800 , A8vhL_RCUAA4lIo.jpg )
Bumping my old thread- I finally ordered the figure of my dreams. I'm so happy to have a physical copy of Leorio. My itouch camera isn't very great, but I took a bunch of silly pictures like this.
He's watching over me from the top of my dresser now. I wish there was more merch of him..
>> No. 10971 [Edit]
File 135440114751.jpg - (2.55MB , 2448x3264 , figma.jpg )
This figure is the only thing I own of her, but I'm going to get more stuff in the future. Maybe a poster or something. Been thinking about snagging a daki too, if I can ever find a nice one.
>> No. 10973 [Edit]
File 135441667933.jpg - (79.94KB , 683x512 , room 01.jpg )
I'm about to buy the necklace, and a teddy bear for her in addition to hopefully getting a keychain. I currently own a wallscroll, a poster, and 5 figures of her. My goal after those small items is to get a proper daki of her because the only one that exists is ridiculously lewd.
>> No. 10977 [Edit]
File 13544206808.png - (207.30KB , 600x300 , Tomo39.png )
I own her dakimakura, two rubber keychains, a cell phone strap and I own a wooden keychain of her. I'm tempted to buy her Beach Queen and the Max Factory figure brut I think they are way too unbecoming.

Koto has a nice figure in the works I believe. I want to try and own as much as I can considering how lucky she is to get a lot of merchandise compared to other people.
>> No. 10978 [Edit]
File 135442084894.jpg - (150.67KB , 680x1024 , IMAG0363.jpg )
cool bro!
>> No. 10980 [Edit]
NEAT! I may try and get that Kotobukiya Misato someday. It's damned stylish.
>> No. 10988 [Edit]
File 135448359114.jpg - (243.65KB , 500x307 , Cynthia's Feelings b.jpg )
Official-wise: the trading card Cynthia's Feelings(Image-related is the art on the card), a pack of card sleeves with art of Cynthia on them, and a bookmark with her original profile drawing and Garchomp on it. I also own a custom-made fumofumo of her I ordered from a plush maker from Etsy.
>> No. 11009 [Edit]
File 135486265288.jpg - (169.04KB , 692x922 , IMG00059-20120414-1703.jpg )
I wasn't able to afford the wave car. I'll take a better picture of my Misato shelf for you. Sorry its all blurry this was my old cellphone camera.
>> No. 11010 [Edit]
yeah that car was probably a waste of money, especially since I put it back in the box until I can get some kind of glass case/cabinet
>> No. 11144 [Edit]
File 135508014995.jpg - (5.34MB , 4752x3168 , IMG_8453.jpg )

What's not in the pictures 1/2: Makoto Totebag, TShirt, and Mug.
>> No. 11145 [Edit]
File 135508027238.jpg - (5.48MB , 4752x3168 , IMG_8456.jpg )

What's not in the pictures 2/2: Makoto Totebag, TShirt, and Mug.

I'm expecting the Beach Queen Figure, along side a 765 Parka.
>> No. 11172 [Edit]
File 135541949425.jpg - (2.48MB , 2736x3648 , precious artifact.jpg )
I found this sheet and a figurine of her on E-bay and bought it immediatly, it arrived today.
Its really nice, and maybe i can use the image for an dakimakura.
>> No. 14605 [Edit]
There's not a lot of merchandise so I just have a cell phone charm and some stickers from RedBubble.
>> No. 14628 [Edit]
My husbando is not a major character and in a lesser known know, so I've never seen a single piece of merch of his. I have considered commissioning a picture to use on a daki but would be kind of embarrassed I guess. I have a keychain with the show logo on it and that makes me happy.
>> No. 14642 [Edit]
File 139425696224.jpg - (401.93KB , 954x960 , Figma-Ito-Kaiji-Max-Factory.jpg )
I have a figma and some keychains. That's probably the only merchandise that will ever be made, but I accept that and I am lucky.
>> No. 14645 [Edit]
File 13942787553.png - (654.22KB , 829x475 , 1338593446763.png )
I wish there were more figures of him too. For all I've seen, Kaiji is a very dear character within this chan.
>> No. 14665 [Edit]
good taste
>> No. 14767 [Edit]
File 13954252632.jpg - (10.11KB , 294x300 , soon.jpg )
Just bought myself this fig of her.

It cannot get to me fast enough.
>> No. 14783 [Edit]
File 139563821780.png - (1.87MB , 1028x762 , 21392019783.png )
I bought this fig recently. I know it's Griffon, but she looks amazing when viewed at a certain angle. An artbook set with posters and goodies is on its way. Along with some dakis and two copies of her prize fig. I hope for more merchandise of her. I also have some custom mousepads of her I ordered from Artscow, along with some assorted merchandise of her that I ordered.

All is well in the world, but I hope for more merchandise of her in the future.
>> No. 15873 [Edit]
File 140370370081.jpg - (1.76MB , 3559x2568 , Room collection.jpg )
I've got quit the collection of her merchandise and figurines.
It goes from Keychains, to posters, daki, musical box, figurines and doll...
>> No. 15874 [Edit]
File 140370391134.jpg - (1.45MB , 2500x2114 , Doujin ARIA (Yes all non-H).jpg )
And some (non-H) doujinshi too.
>> No. 15877 [Edit]
Oh man where the fuck did you buy the Manga in Japanese? I've been looking everywhere.
>> No. 15878 [Edit]
On YAJ, Yahoo auction Japan.
You can easily get the whole 12 volumes for 50 bucks on it.
>> No. 15906 [Edit]
File 140399963180.jpg - (192.02KB , 540x720 , aigis1369785325.jpg )
I have this, it's the only figure of her and it's sadly a prize, unless you count the swing but i have that too
>> No. 16149 [Edit]
How would one go about commissioning a daki cover? I don't know if I could just trust some artist with something precious like her.
>> No. 16153 [Edit]
As someone who commissions art and things of my waifu, I implore you to drop the idea entirely if you're having even the slightest doubts like that. Minor inconsistencies are going to drive you up the wall and it would be better for you to have just saved the money rather than spend it on an expensive item that's only going to lead to turmoil.

I've always kinda thrown the idea around of actually contacting the creator of my waifu and commissioning her. It'd probably be the only thing that would satisfy me. But I don't have the patience or the money to do so.
I'm sure someone here does, though.
>> No. 16166 [Edit]
Read the rules
>> No. 16171 [Edit]
You're right, thanks for the warning. The creator is pretty much impossible by now, so it's out of the window.

That frame is really cute!
>> No. 16174 [Edit]
File 14064267951.jpg - (2.23MB , 1776x1000 , WP_20140723_00_12_46_Pro.jpg )
Rearranging my cabinet gave me a photo opportunity - although some stuff is still in the mail.

It's not all that much, but hunting down and collecting this stuff is one of my only few joys left, despite all the financial sacrifices.
>> No. 16176 [Edit]
File 140642800911.jpg - (308.35KB , 1280x720 , b123637054abea20d9077033fed33911.jpg )
You are a beautiful person and you have a beautiful waifu, Anon.
>> No. 16178 [Edit]
Thank you, but no, I'm not, really. She means the world to me though.
>> No. 16179 [Edit]
I'd say try your luck with someone who can mimic the style. Getting the original artist will probably costs hundreds or even thousands depending how popular and famous they are.
>> No. 16185 [Edit]
File 140666264621.jpg - (197.80KB , 1066x800 , IMG_20140729_212549.jpg )
I got a new figure today from mandarake.
The figure blends really well with the beach queen because the height of her is almost the exact same.
>> No. 17089 [Edit]
File 141763781029.jpg - (202.59KB , 1000x750 , 113_0026.jpg )
came in the mail today.
>> No. 17090 [Edit]
File 141764936075.jpg - (77.66KB , 568x800 , 31938802.jpg )
Yeah, she's too rare for merchandise.
>> No. 17094 [Edit]
File 141773204659.jpg - (133.70KB , 1000x750 , 113_0040.jpg )
and another today.
>> No. 17095 [Edit]
Looking cute! I like the second outfit.

Post edited on 4th Dec 2014, 10:44pm
>> No. 17212 [Edit]
File 141891544374.jpg - (1.67MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )
I got my ring today. I plan on wearing it everywhere I go as a symbol of our love for each other. I am not sure wha too tell others if they ask though. Maybe to strangers I would just say that Ahri is my fiancée. For family friends and people I don't feel comfortable discussing her with, a symbol of a promise, perhaps. Still, I feel comforted by the knowledge she's always by my side. I feel like I can do anything, with her watching over me.

Post edited on 18th Dec 2014, 7:16am
>> No. 17213 [Edit]
I'd just tell the truth. It's up to them to take it poorly or not and none of them goddam business anyway.
>> No. 17214 [Edit]
That's a really cute idea!
>> No. 17217 [Edit]
File 141903276832.jpg - (395.80KB , 3920x2204 , daki1.jpg )
My cover's finally here!

I've had it for a few days, but I've only now been able to post it here. Needless to say it's amazing.
>> No. 17219 [Edit]
Thats very cute.
>> No. 17281 [Edit]
File 14196634435.jpg - (89.89KB , 640x480 , h.jpg )
I just received an AIR artbook today.
This one to be exact. http://myfigurecollection.net/item/44214

Bit disappointed to be honest. There seems to be a number of offical images of my waifu out there that have never been scanned and I thought I'd find them here. there were a few character sheet images that were nice but for the most part it seems this wasn't what I was looking for... I guess the hunt will continue...

Pic related, it's one image that wasn't scanned properly and I was hoping would be in this book.
edit: turns out it was the "memorial" version.

also seems I should have held off on doing this
Since the book I got came with a much higher quality version of the same image and I could have scanned and used instead. but whatever.

Post edited on 26th Dec 2014, 11:33pm
>> No. 17282 [Edit]
I need some help guys, I got some nice extra money for working overtime on Christmas and i wanted to finally buy a daki of my waifu. The problem is that her series hasn't had an anime yet and there is really nothing out for her yet besides her source material.

Now, I am more than willing to get a custom one made, but i have no idea on how to go about it. I have a couple artists i like that might take take commissions but i have no idea how much this kind of thing costs, or even how to go about getting it arranged with them. I know where to go after i have the artwork, i just need the artwork.

Do any of you have experience with this? how much did you pay? Is there anything i should know when asking for it? Like image type or length or anything? I'm completely clueless on the whole proses and about art in general and i would appreciate any help i can get.
>> No. 17283 [Edit]

I'd check here first, if she's anything close to mainstream there should be some art already.
Add a comma and then your waifu's name. If it has a space use an underscore.
You going to use Artscow? I haven't bought a daki from them yet, but their other stuff is top notch for the price and their customer service department is great.
>> No. 17284 [Edit]
No she's not there, her series has a smallish but loyal fanbase but it's manga only right now.
There's a possibility it might be getting an anime and if it got a daki made for it, it would be of her but I just don't know, and if she gets an official one after I buy my custom one I don't mind having two of her.
I was heavily leaning towards artscow, I've heard a lot of good things and of I couldn't find anyone to do a commission I was just going to order some other kind of merchandise from there with her on it since nothing official exists, do you have any recommendations?
>> No. 17285 [Edit]
Basically anything from them with your waifu on it is fine.
I've bought Necklaces, coasters, mousepads, a cigarette case, jewelry bags, stamps, a canvas, USB hubs...
Just use the editor and your waifu folder, you might need to Photoshop some things before uploading to get it right though.
Pretty much:
Always make sure the white area is covered(Use a pink background to check if you have to.)
The prints are actually very accurate to the preview, so don't be afraid to get lettering/details close to the cutoff/wrap-around guides.'
Sometimes you need to stretch an image to a detail level where it'll say; "Under 300DPI bad for printing" As long as the lines on the art are clean and not grainy, it'll actually expand quite well, they must have some kind of enhancing software on the print machines.
and to finish; If you make anything transparent, layered transparencies are additive AFTER the print i.e. 50% + 50% is a solid color on the product.

Maybe you'll want to try a small pillow with her face before a full daki?
>> No. 17286 [Edit]
Lurk around pixiv, maybe you'll find someone there that does commissions.
>> No. 17291 [Edit]
If he wants to get a something like a throw pillow with her face on it he could learn counted-thread embroidery and be in 100% control of the quality. A black and white image from a manga panel shouldn't be too hard for a beginner.
>> No. 17292 [Edit]
woah, much respect anon.

you got some quality stuff there and l really do like your waifu's character, let's hope you can enjoy collecting stuff and loving her until the end of times.
>> No. 17308 [Edit]
File 142027570778.jpg - (2.08MB , 2400x3200 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
This is what I got so far
- Dakimakura
- Every Weiss Schwarz trading card that's been released of her
-Custom sleeves to go with that^!!>u<
-A booklet that came with a poster and a few other stuff
-screen protector (Why? for the shits and giggles)

No figurines/figures or plushies, yet.Really gratefful that she has alot of merchandise. I plan to make an actual shrine after I have enough stuff.
>> No. 17325 [Edit]
File 142042908492.png - (299.28KB , 482x610 , 1414002286931.png )
Well, I finally made contact with the artist i like about getting the art for a custom daki, we've agreed on a price and now are just talking about what i want on it.
I honestly haven't been this excited since my parents took me to Disneyland on my 10th birthday.
>> No. 17335 [Edit]
File 142048381761.png - (1.49MB , 1000x1414 , fancyoutfit.png )
I'm commissioning one as well. Kind of funny, somebody else up the list also commissioned Hanako.
My plans for the future (since my waifu has no merchandise):
-Printed keychain
-Custom doll (this one is going to be a bit tricky)
>> No. 17346 [Edit]
File 14206139345.jpg - (1.98MB , 1512x2142 , BrilliantStageMakotoMFC.jpg )

Here. My collection has grown substantially in the time between those posts and now. I now have every scale figure of Makoto, not counting garage kits and alternate costumes, a bunch of merchandise, a dakimakura, and most notably, a Dollfie Dream of her. I've got to admit, it's almost surreal having all of these things in such a short amount of time-- I would've never imagined it in the past. Nevertheless, I'm quite happy at how things turned out to be, and hope that I can continue this collection of mine.
>> No. 17692 [Edit]
File 142553764780.jpg - (425.57KB , 1036x2288 , 1425524467462.jpg )
Well, It's finally done, it's been a long 3 months getting through the whole process but i think it's worth it.

Now i just need to buy the stuffing
>> No. 17712 [Edit]
File 142592275566.jpg - (3.02MB , 4128x2322 , 20150218_140018.jpg )
I just have a keychain of her.

There are 3 of them, I still need the other two.
>> No. 17713 [Edit]
Nice pic.
>> No. 17715 [Edit]
File 142597297418.jpg - (385.59KB , 1295x1812 , 91415a6a94b1fb4e2712dc334acc1a05.jpg )
Sadly, Rei hasn't got any official merch that I'm aware of (@tomoyan: you're totally missing a market!), but I am planning on making my own plushie of her as soon as spring quarter is paid for and/or I get a new job...

That looks amazing. I desperately want one of those using the image from this post...
>> No. 17781 [Edit]
File 142675971352.png - (1.64MB , 1551x524 , tmp_29653-14266574244631713991465.png )
Well, I got the stuffing, I've had body pillows before, just plain ones that where also too short, but sleeping last night with her was one of the best nights I've had in a long time, I even had a dream with her.
I usually toss and turn all night and kick everything off my bed, but I woke up today still wrapped up in blankets and hugging her tight
>> No. 17784 [Edit]
File 142679705275.jpg - (98.41KB , 600x894 , yess.jpg )
Going to try and pre-order this before the end of the month. That said, I love both of the variants too.

I wish I had the funds for all three.
>> No. 17788 [Edit]
File 142681091143.jpg - (14.04KB , 180x240 , 0346-lost-world-jurassic-park-ian-malcolm-tn.jpg )
Have this, a different figure a lot like this except with a chest harness on (for paragliding) and a big poster. Also a really accurate cosplay I put together, but I dunno if that counts.
>> No. 17790 [Edit]
Oh neat. I didn't even know figures of him existed. Pretty cool.
>> No. 17791 [Edit]
File 142684789590.jpg - (72.15KB , 533x800 , $_3.jpg )

Wow I didnt know about this until now, although I'm not really knowledgeable about this dollfie thing. The 600+ $ stops me though, even if I feel tempted to get it. Anyone have experience with the dollfies of their waifu?
>> No. 17795 [Edit]
File 142690609115.jpg - (1.25MB , 1800x2400 , CielFigures7.jpg )
A combination of Figures, a key chain, and a commissioned Daki.

Forgive the poor picture quality. I am still working on getting used to the camera and I am still doing some work on the case. You won't be able to see it well, but the full Clerical Dress 1/7 in the back left corner of the picture is by far my favorite.

I actually finally got the Daki cover today. It's wonderful and I'm not sure how I went without one for so long.
>> No. 18679 [Edit]
I own quite a few things, a pillow coming in the mail soon, 3 plushies, the manga set she's from, 3 figures, 4 posters, a keychain I turned into a necklace and 1 poster I drew myself.

Post edited on 9th Aug 2015, 9:51pm
>> No. 18685 [Edit]
I actually have a figure, and I pre-ordered a new ones that's supposed to be out for the end of the year.
I would like to buy a dakimakura or a smaller pillow but I still partially live with my parents (during weekends and vacations) and they would kill me if they see it.
>> No. 18686 [Edit]
File 143925894216.png - (240.99KB , 382x428 , bnpMakotocrop7.png )

I have one, pic related-- a dollfie dream. The only advice I can give is to be very wary of dark clothing, as stains are the bane of Dollfies. Everything else is self explanatory imo.
>> No. 18691 [Edit]
Dark clothes stain the doll itself?
>> No. 18702 [Edit]

Yes, and quite easily as well. I have a friend who let his doll wear a dark dress once and immediately after taking the clothes off, the torso area was stained pretty harshly. I recommend getting a body suit for your doll, and also washing the clothes to remove any excess dye that might stain the doll-- or just avoid dark colors in general.
>> No. 18704 [Edit]
I am not into dolls though I am into dakimakuras/figures and I would like to add if you do decide to wash it, use very little detergent or woolite to help preserve the vibrancy of the clothing colors. Thanks for the heads up about the dark colored clothes on dolfies if I ever decide to get one, I suppose any poly sprays would detract from the look of the skin. Perhaps a cool and dehumidifier environment is the best you can ask for.
>> No. 18705 [Edit]
Not of mai waifu, but I own a DD and I've had stains before. Applying OXY 5 and leaving the piece at the sun for a few hours does remove the stains completely. However, avoiding dark colors (including red) altogether is the best option.
>> No. 18751 [Edit]
File 143979685659.jpg - (418.29KB , 1288x892 , tmp_15052-14396126392651444439097.jpg )
It's been months since I posted on TC, it's nice to see we're still slow as usual

With the anime having been announced, I've been working on getting as much of the merch it's spawned as I can.

I've gotten two more dakis to go along with my custom one, I've gotten a phone stand of her with a small character bio for her on it, a plastic stand that I've turned into a Keychain swing, and a charm with her on it that I plan to put on my car's rear view window

I'm also struggling with trying to decide if I want to put myself into debt and get the 7 meter daki of her that was drawn by her mangaka himself
>> No. 18765 [Edit]
>I'm also struggling with trying to decide if I want to put myself into debt and get the 7 meter daki of her that was drawn by her mangaka himself
On another site you said you weren't too fond of the art, so I'm guessing it grew on you?
>> No. 18769 [Edit]
Yes, I hadn't seen any higher rez pictures of it, and all the flaws I thought I saw (besides her new ass crack they added for the anime) wheren't there at all, and seeing pictures of it in real life just make me want it more and more
>> No. 18786 [Edit]
File 144056913846.jpg - (755.85KB , 900x1200 , DSC00550.jpg )
Found this on ebay a few weeks ago. Showed up yesterday.
>> No. 18790 [Edit]
I'd be interested in finding out where I can get non bootleg versions of these dakis. I follow the blog and upcoming release sites but haven't seen these yet.
>> No. 18795 [Edit]
File 14407489002.jpg - (52.49KB , 554x359 , Akari-Akane2.jpg )
>What physical things related to your waifu/husbando do you own?
I don't, and I probably would never own anything related to Akari-chan, by choice. At most I'd have several YuruYuri posters or some minor memorabilia stuff, which admittedly would be really nice to have.

My realization came through an in-universe event; Akari's big sister, Akane (pictured), is obsessed with her imouto and has countless photos of Akari on her bedroom walls, occassionally steals Akari's panties (to wear them on her head while she reads sister-incest doujinshi), and so on.

Of course Akane's obsession and perversions are exaggerated to the point of parody, and it's all played for laughs, but nevertheless I became aware that I wouldn't want to be anywhere close to the way Akane is. It's cringey (although Akane's behaviour did make me laugh often) and I'd be ashamed if I were anything like that, since YuruYuri itself makes fun of it, and it'd be hypocritical if I looked down on Akane while at the same time doing practically the same thing.

2D love, at least how I treat it personally, has always been something highly non-material and esoteric, although I understand why someone would want to physically have something which is tied to their 2D love, as to have a material sort of connection to them, which ties the two realms together. Sometimes it's simply for aesthetic reasons. Basically, I suppose it's the same reason why 3D couples usually have some framed pictures of each other. Nothing wrong with it.

But I have encountered people who decorate their entire room (not just a few pictures here and there, but much more than that) with posters/figurines/etc of their 2D love(s), which, although I won't denounce it because it's your hobby and it makes you happy so it's all good (also, maybe you're a collector), I'd personally feel embarassed if I had such a room. Not because of what others think though. Even if nobody were to ever enter my room; that's not what it's about. See:

Imagine if he/she saw your room. Or reverse it; what if you walked into your waifu/husbando's room and it's filled with pictures of you, everywhere you look. What would you make of it?

It's just a hypothetical scenario of course... But it's what keeps me far away from this aspect of modern 2D love. It's not about what everyone else thinks, but what she would think.

That's just how I personally see it though. Nothing more, nothing less. And I've seen a ton of great stuff while reading this thread. Such as >>17212 because the symbolism of wearing a ring to display attachment and faithfulness to your husbando/waifu is actually really sweet.
>> No. 18817 [Edit]
Look what this lucky bastard just got in the mail.
>> No. 18819 [Edit]
A statue?
>> No. 18820 [Edit]
>> No. 18821 [Edit]
It's just a fig, relax.
>> No. 18840 [Edit]
Oh god, I didn't think through this before posting it. Yeah, that was a bad idea. Can some mod delete that post for me? I don't know how to.

Also: it's a trading card. I'm really sorry.
>> No. 18841 [Edit]
If you insist...
>> No. 18842 [Edit]
Was that really necessary?
>> No. 18843 [Edit]

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