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File 137107999979.jpg - (58.10KB , 330x467 , RobinWilliamsQuote.jpg )
12756 No. 12756 [Edit]
ITT quotes, sayings that remind you of your waifu and/or waifuism.

This one's always stuck with me.
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>> No. 12757 [Edit]
File 13710950185.jpg - (92.18KB , 480x640 , hnoEfls.jpg )
In my opinion that quote doesn't have much to do with waifuism? But nice idea for the thread.

I saved this perhaps months ago. I meant to post it on daily waifu thread, but I kinda forgot.

Post edited on 13th Jun 2013, 1:27am
>> No. 12794 [Edit]
File 137151546377.jpg - (264.71KB , 1477x1425 , Append.jpg )
You said it yourself: the being that you love in the living one and who, for you, is the only REAL one, it's not the one that appears as a walking human but the one of your desire. The one that does not exist and, moreover, that you know as non-existent since you aren't fooled by that woman nor by yourself... It's only this shadow what you love: it's only her what you're now willing to die for... and which is nothing but your own soul unfolded on her. Yes, there you've got it, your love.
If our gods and hopes became scientific matters, why wouldn't our love as well? Instead of the forgotten Eve of the legend, I offer you a scientific Eve, the only one worth of those innards that --due to some persistent sentimentalism that you are the first one to find laughable--- you still dare to call "your hearts"... I come to offer you, men of these new and evolved times, instead of the liar, mediocre and fickle reality, a positive, prestigious and always faithful illusion; chimere by chimere, sin by sin.
Did the ideal deceive you? Did truth destroy your wishes? Did some woman freeze up your senses? Farewell then to that alleged reality, to that ancient impostor. I offer you to try instead the artificial and its new signs... I represent science with the omnipotence of its mirages; you, humanity and its Paradise Lost.
There's no more truth than the choice of a man among several options, each one just as doubtful as the others. So choose the one that turns you into a God... and believe that there'll always be solitude in the world for those worthy of it.
One being of ultrahumanity has been sugested in this work of art that centralizes, indefeasible, a mystery never known before... For I see now that, one next to the other, the ghost was the living one.

---Villiers De L'Isle-Adam

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