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File 142864058032.jpg - (247.88KB , 956x1400 , bigandkind.jpg )
17929 No. 17929 [Edit]
Do you often spend time relaxing with your waifu to help relief stress? What do the two of you like to do together, and do you find certain traits about her to be relaxing/comforting such as her smile?
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>> No. 17930 [Edit]
File 142864290975.jpg - (453.59KB , 578x818 , probably not tea.jpg )
Just imagining her by my side is enough to relax me.
>> No. 17931 [Edit]
File 142866745390.jpg - (347.53KB , 565x800 , 40767676_p5.jpg )
If anything, just feeling her presence with me is enough. Just focusing on that, and letting that warm, comfy feeling envelop me is more than enough to make me forget even the worst of troubles. Especially if we're cuddling in bed together.

She naturally has a very kind, calm and peaceful aura, but her love makes it a million times better.
>> No. 17934 [Edit]
File 142871111992.png - (398.61KB , 600x747 , jp__raptor_shadow_by_jivra-d2itnmm.png )
I can't tell you "yes" enough. I have a lot of severe anxiety problems and tend to freak out **a lot** but I just spend one minute with him and everything's okay again. He's just got this calming presence about him and he keeps me grounded in reality. He just makes one witty little joke and I can laugh and feel totally normal. God, I love him so much.
>> No. 17939 [Edit]
Yep! Whenever I'm feeling down for any reason, even just a minute or two with Mayu will make me feel good again.
>> No. 18006 [Edit]
File 142924261153.jpg - (68.35KB , 1000x1000 , 41731343.jpg )
Not to relieve stress, I spend time with her because I love her and love to spend time with her. Stress relief is just a happy side effect.
>> No. 18010 [Edit]
Yes, just last night I layed down in bed with her and marathoned a season of Stargate SG-1
>> No. 18016 [Edit]
File 142939067819.png - (273.51KB , 1000x1000 , 1420919099186.png )
Pretty much this.

Also just sitting around my house with the daki or watching a movie with her feels nice too.
>> No. 18048 [Edit]
>> No. 18049 [Edit]
Sex, huh?

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