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File 136768028056.jpg - (67.51KB , 640x493 , 1525_p-20001218-00MKLG_0JUQQ0GX.jpg )
14602 No. 14602 [Edit]
I just found out at that as much as 17% of people between 15 and 29 years old in my country are NEET.
How does this make you feel ?
>> No. 14605 [Edit]
I feel like you are from Greece or Spain or something. Still, it's a very high proportion and shows the extent of the problem.
A more interesting statistic (to me) would be what percentage of those are NEET by choice.
I've always found it funny that unemployment even where it isn't detrimental (financially) is seen as such a negative thing. I think it's the "meaning in life"/"doing something with your life" mentality that is beaten into people incessantly, especially as children. But what does that even mean? 99.9% of jobs aren't even remotely meaningful in my opinion.
>> No. 14606 [Edit]
13% here. In any case, almost none of them are shut-ins, so I don't have any strong feelings towards this statistic...
>> No. 14613 [Edit]
I may be speaking from personal experience but being a wage slave can be almost be as 'bad' as being unemployed.
So take into consideration that a good 10%+ of the employed people are working for joke wages and joke hours that only serve to push them deeper into financial disrepair.
>> No. 14618 [Edit]
Not all of it is due to the economy being so bad that one cannot find a job - any job. All countries have a natural rate of unemployment. Three factors contributing to this unrelated to the economy are having overly generous social safety nets which decrease the incentive to work, people who are severely disabled and really can't work and of course NEETs by choice - stay at home moms/dads, full-time caretakers for old parents and even counterculture rebels. Another morbid one is that criminal 'employment' is usually not measured in real detail and they get lumped with NEETs. Quite a few disadvantaged young people turn to crime if they can't get a legitimate foothold in society.
>> No. 14619 [Edit]
What a silly notion that people who work are 'more specialaler' than those who do not. Watch any undercover camera footage of jobbers. You will see laziness, disrespect, negligence, incompetence, unprofessionalism and all manner of inappropriate, unproductive behaviour. They throw packages marked fragile like they were articles of dirty laundry. They will not observe a minimal of basic hygiene practices. They will passive-aggressively be rude, unhelpful and obstructive to customers. You would be better of hiring chimps. And of course, let's not forget the fact that most jobs could easily be replaced by simple machinery and computer programmes.

Most people who work are the kind of fat, red faced, loud mouthed, obnoxious dullards who are overall a hindrance to society, spending their wages on cheap booze and cigarettes, spawning autistic little apes whose minds are frazzled by television and videogames.
>> No. 14621 [Edit]
I think the rise in NEETs can partially be contributed to automated manufacturing. The idea of working to contribute to society is a outdated concept in a time when people don't really need to work anymore. Most jobs these days can be done by machines quicker and more efficiently than a human for longer hours and less expense. As the days go on more and more fields are being taken over by machines. Working is pointless and people who don't want to work a pointless job are well in their right.
Some say the problem with kids today is they have no work ethic, but why should they? times have changed. Money isn't even that necessary, you can live off very little if you don't let yourself get brainwashed into materialism.
>> No. 14622 [Edit]
>Most people who work are the kind of fat, red faced, loud mouthed, obnoxious dullards who are overall a hindrance to society

really dude? "red faced"? the stereotypes about NEETs are a lot worse.
>> No. 14623 [Edit]
Edgy and one heck of a projection there. Maybe you should look beyond teenagers and burnouts working a McJob? Or move to a less backwater area?
>> No. 14625 [Edit]
Capital is fairly expensive. Even for the low and semi-skilled jobs that they are starting to replace. One thing globalization and this economy has shown is that the downward pressure on human wages can easily reach a point where employing a human is indeed cheaper than leaving it entirely to a fancy shmancy machine and associated resources to maintain it. The marginal cost of higher levels of automation - to the point of removing humans entirely - grows at a sharp rate. There are still plenty of low-end jobs (customer service, farm labour) where it's currently still more cost effective for a poorly paid human aided by equipment to do. Mechanical Turk is a good online example. Perhaps there will be full automation one day of many fields but that day is not today or the near-future.
>> No. 14626 [Edit]
>Money isn't even that necessary, you can live off very little if you don't let yourself get brainwashed into materialism.

Say What!?
Dont get me wrong because I agree with a lot of what you said but that part struck me a little off.
Do you buy food? Rent housing? or pay utilities?
>> No. 14627 [Edit]
>Do you buy food? Rent housing? or pay utilities?
In first world nations, plenty of good quality food gets tossed out all the time, there's also plenty of homeless shelters and churches which hand out food to the homeless. There's plenty of other sources of food for the resourceful, such as free samples at grocery stores or attending events that give out free food.

But yeah that came out a bit wrong, what I meant was you don't need a regular job, you can work things here and there if you want for a little money to get you by. a little can go a long way if you don't piss it away frivolously. A lot of people get into a lifestyle of blowing money like it's nothing and they're the ones who suffer the most when the money runs low.
But even then a job isn't necessary when beggars earn a lot more than you'd think. I knew one who was making up to $200 a day from asking for money in front of the mall I worked at. He was getting more than enough to pay for a motel room and his meals.

My dad had money but he has always been a penny pincher. While most people feel it's not worth the effort to bend down and pick up a penny he's the type that scans the ground for them and runs to em. Why buy things like salt, prepper, ketchup, hot sauce, straws or napkins when fast food places will hand them out for free? Most places will give you a cup of water for free if you ask for it, and even if they don't there's plenty of drinking fountains or tap water from public restrooms. You can get free internet access by visiting a library or leaching off wifi if you have your own computer. If you're resourceful you can have everything you need and more while spending very little.

Most pay utilities are a luxury and it wont kill you to live without most of them. I spent some time living in a place without running water gas or electricity. It's where I learned to ride a horse becuase that's the only way people got around. The only light in a place like that came from the flames of candles. Dare I say, a Vagrant in a first world nation have it better than the someone who is employed with a home in a third world nation.
>> No. 14630 [Edit]
The value of a person isn't neccesarily to have a job and contribute to society. Merely by competing for a job he drives the wages down.
>> No. 14636 [Edit]
>I feel like you are from Greece or Spain or something.
I'm from France, you see, not the poorest country of Europe. That's why it worries me.
>> No. 14638 [Edit]

There are stereotypes worse than being an alcoholic zombie? "Haha! Look at that guy! He doesn't do what I like to do! Hahaha what a loser!" Yeah, whatever.


Nothinng you said has any verifiable basis in reality and it contributes nothing whatsoever. You'd be perfect for work.
>> No. 14639 [Edit]
Hey, slow down there.

I believe >>14623 was just trying to point out how 'one sided' the posted statement looked like.
>> No. 14644 [Edit]
I envy your social safety net which is much more generous than the one here. Although it seems it's catching up to you in terms of the bill for it. What's your view on the labour situation in France? Your militant unionism has gotten previous generations quite cushy jobs. I kinda wish we could be as aggressive here to push for better terms but at the same time think that opportunities may be stifled by rigid labour standards with workers holding you hostage and threatening your family the minute things don't go their way.
>> No. 14663 [Edit]
I'm not integrated enough to comment on society. My personal universe is limited to my parents house.
>> No. 14665 [Edit]
I appreciate your honesty and respect your desire to be objective. Truly. It's embarassing when asshats try to pass off their limited personal experiences/observations and subsequent opinions as a definitive fact which applies to the vast majority or universally in subjects that are hard to quantify and analyze.
>> No. 14847 [Edit]
From articles and actual testimony, I found out quite a few panhandlers downtown make more than twice the min. hourly wage. Tax free of course. 10/10. Unbelievable.
>> No. 14852 [Edit]
But you guys have that whole social utopia thing going on I thought.

Like, having two years maid service when you have a kid or taking a month's vacation if you get sick.

And if your hair gets out of place everyone stages a strike (so much so that it's all tourists ever talk about).

I thought you guys made some sort of money reverse black hole in the part of Cern that's on your territory.
>> No. 14859 [Edit]
that's why I never give money to any homeless people I encounter
only food
>> No. 14862 [Edit]
Chances are they'll just toss it after you leave.
>> No. 14954 [Edit]
The main problem homeless people have is not food, but shelter. Food is cheap and relatively easy to get: people throw it out all the time and theres soup kitchens and shit like that. But getting a shitty flat to sleep in is almost impossible if you have no income.
>> No. 15005 [Edit]
I think the main problem they have are their addiction (drugs, gambling) and mental issues. Otherwise alot of them wouldn't be on the street.
>> No. 15234 [Edit]
>I thought you guys made some sort of money reverse black hole in the part of Cern that's on your territory.

The Eurozone definitely could use that just about now. It was an awful idea in the first place. Sticking countries with different levels of development and political/social values together under the same currency and domineering technocrats.
>> No. 15254 [Edit]
>domineering technocrats.
It only works with noble people, like the opus dei.

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