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File 143185084738.webm - (4.77MB , Baccano ED.webm )
23159 No. 23159 [Edit]
Can we have a thread to talk about OP and EDs?
Post your favorites.
I recently started making webms of the ones I like but in a lot of cases it's a bit hard to keep it under 7MB, which is the filesize limit on tohno. I guess we can just post youtube links.
I was a bit surprised to see there was no thread about openings and endings already, unless I'm blind and missed it on the catalog 2 times
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>> No. 23160 [Edit]
File 143185446516.jpg - (140.51KB , 800x600 , autism.jpg )
>> No. 23162 [Edit]
How is posting some openings and endings a circlejerk? What the fuck are you talking about?
>> No. 23163 [Edit]
I thought this was cute.
Talking about youtube, how do I make it actually load 720p? In this video it autos on 480p, but when I click 720 from the settings it doesn't change anything. It was fine before google started modifying everything.
>> No. 23164 [Edit]
It's been like that for a while.
When this started happening I used a userscript called yousabletube fix to force the videos to always load at 720p, but I think it's not maintained anymore.
You can probably find something that will do the same job.

I usually don't pay much attention to them so I don't have many openings or endings to contribute but off the top of my head I remember liking gunslinger girls' OP

In most cases I seem to prefer endings over openings though
>> No. 23168 [Edit]
We've had a very large op/ed thread in the past but I think it's been so long that it went off the deep end.

Chill the fuck out bro.
>> No. 23169 [Edit]
Are you the same guy ranting about how everybody here had shit taste on /fb/?

Also I don't see how posting an OP/ED you like is circlejerking.
>> No. 23174 [Edit]
someone post mp3 of the yurikuma OP
>> No. 23175 [Edit]
File 143191183449.webm - (6.43MB , penguindrumop.webm )
I really love Etsuko OPs. Also, whenever I think of favorite ED, my mind always jumps straight to the first School Rumble ED without fail.

My mind generally jumps to shows around that time whenever OPs/EDs are mentioned too. Early 00's. Probably just nostalgia from when I really started getting into anime, but I still feel like the most catchy ones came from then. Especially the harem shows from what I remember.
>> No. 23203 [Edit]

Love songs about robots are always cute.
>> No. 23223 [Edit]
Ninja Slayer OP
Back to Black

The engrish is amusing.
>> No. 23225 [Edit]
This. Though I like most Boom Boom Satellites songs.
>> No. 23247 [Edit]
File 143330801510.webm - (5.40MB , Cardcaptor Sakura 2nd ED.webm )
I just made this
Seems like you can't convert with subs at %100 accuracy but it's only off by like half a second
>> No. 25854 [Edit]
>> No. 25883 [Edit]
File 146018160785.gif - (180.10KB , 150x150 , purple.gif )

Purple is love, but so is everyone else.

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