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File 143053143749.jpg - (88.75KB , 800x1105 , tits.jpg )
26907 No. 26907 [Edit]
an acquaintance of mine, who is an avid manga reader, has asked me for help in acquiring a slightly difficult to get anime. yesterday i told this person that i had gotten him what he wanted and i asked him if he wanted to pick it up, but he said that he couldn't that night because he was going out dancing with his 3dpd.
does such a person deserve to watch anime? should i rescind my offer and delete the files?
i'm going to let /ot/ decide for me, so please tell me what my options are and which i should execute
>> No. 26908 [Edit]
Why couldn't you send them to him?
>> No. 26910 [Edit]
Just send it to him. You said you would. You being salty doesn't help anyone. I don't get why you are so upset, does he treat you well or like shit?
>> No. 26911 [Edit]
i think i should add, as OP (and this is what trip codes really are for because some people might not believe that i am OP and am instead some kind of troll or some such, but if i had tripped i could have proved that i am the real OP) that i actually use a somewhat older state-of-the-art laptop that has only a small SSD for data storage and as an anime enthusiast, data storage is always at a premium. on the other hand i ended up rewatching the first 6 eps and enjoyed doing so.
>> No. 26913 [Edit]
If you allow the mundane to watch anime, then it will enter the mainstream and it will be ruined for everyone.
>> No. 26915 [Edit]
I'm gonna have to agree with this person, I don't see any reason for you not give it to him just because he was busy one day.
>> No. 26985 [Edit]
people who pirate anime don't deserve to watch it
>> No. 26986 [Edit]
You already have them so you might as well send them. Learn to not hate!
>> No. 26996 [Edit]
I'm gonna pirate some anime right now that bakabt finally whitelisted qbittorrent 3.2.0

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