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File 136075319460.png - (125.80KB , 640x253 , bd0c201dfbb2ae28070511c6b9bef6251360658705_full.png )
20623 No. 20623 [Edit]
what is the appeal of /bun/? they're always talking about how this site sucks, but their site is utter crap. they have two boards and they're both pretty much /random/ and the site is slow as mole asses compared to tohno-chan.
do they have a hidden board thats good or am i missing something?
>> No. 20625 [Edit]
In a word: elitism.
>> No. 20628 [Edit]
It's /jp/ without shitposting. But like tohno-chan as small board it has turned into small circlejerk club.
>> No. 20630 [Edit]
This basically. A few years ago we shared much of our userbase.
>> No. 20631 [Edit]
Why is it that every few months someone makes a thread like this, followed by a thread on bun going "LOOK AT THIS GUYS!!!!". Are you trying to egg two tiny imageboards into fighting each other or something? Can you find a different hobby?
>> No. 20632 [Edit]
He wouldn't be the first.
>> No. 20638 [Edit]
you know its funny
I discovered /bun/ before I even knew it was associated with /jp/
>> No. 20639 [Edit]
I know, why do image boards always need to have some stupid war with each other? Not like any of us have any high reputation to hold up.
>> No. 20685 [Edit]
I frequent /bun/ and here. I don't see anyone talking trash about each other. Though I don't go to their circlejerks so maybe I'm missing out on that.
>> No. 20686 [Edit]
I think most people who try to start shit between the sites are people who don't visit either one.
>> No. 20688 [Edit]
I'd say it's the work of irc fags, sounds right up their alley
>> No. 20705 [Edit]

Doesn't make much sense, a large protion of people who visit /tc/'s IRC also hang out at /bun/'s IRC.
>> No. 20717 [Edit]
Most people just idle in both of those channels.
>> No. 20734 [Edit]
No, there really isn't any drama between /bun/ and tc on the IRC channels at all.

I think some people just realize that we share a portion of the userbase and serve a very similar purpose, but with slightly different execution and interpret that as something which needs to be competitive.

That, or some of them just think we suck. I don't know.
>> No. 20762 [Edit]
I don't know. I just went there a couple times but I couldn't stand their lack of boards: it's a hell of a mess. /tc/ is the opposite extreme of categorization and I love that.
>> No. 20939 [Edit]
I don't know really

I went to their imageboard once and it was okay
I went to their IRC and all the people there seemed like random/shitposters

But then tohno IRC isn't anything to talk about, so.

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