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File 143308434124.gif - (51.33KB , 549x549 , TAKATAKTAKA.gif )
20183 No. 20183 [Edit]
Does anyone else here find himself makign stupid errors despite totally knowing better than doing them? Like doing things impulsively on a whim or not doing certain things despite being aware that you should do them or simply not paying enough attention to the moment and then forgot to do things. Not out of lazyness but just out of lack of carefulness.

For example i tend to take too much to drink, despite knowing i could just add more later.

And also is there a easy way to train yourself of acting in a more concious manner, i think most things i do i not really think about properly before doing, despite or even because i know i should do better.
>> No. 20184 [Edit]
I eat when im not hungry. Just weird compulsive eating. I know i shouldn't but i know it doesn't really matter anyway.
>> No. 20185 [Edit]
>a easy way to train yourself of acting in a more concious manner
sounds like you're talking about Mindfulness

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