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No. 8204 [Edit]
>> No. 8205 [Edit]
I'm not gonna watch a 33 minute youtube about video games but I will say that I hope the thumbnail is correct.
>> No. 8207 [Edit]
I watched the whole thing only because it was posted on tohno-chan...
>> No. 8209 [Edit]

I'm too lazy to sit through all of that. But the industry seems to be in a way better shape than ever before. Tons of games sell millions of units, the amount of potential customers must be like 10 times higher than it used to be, the marketers and PR specialists managed to change the image of gamers (i.e. it's no longer an uncool thing to be one, not like it's exactly cool either but it's deemed acceptable), new ways to counter piracy are introduced, now they're even trying to destroy 2nd hand market. I see absolutely no reason to predict anyting bad could possibly happen to it.

Nintendo might've dug it's own grave but I've been saying that for ages. They decided to cater to userbase that is willing to buy a very limited amount of prdoucts. One they had their fill they'll be unlikely to spend any more. They scared away their 'normal' customers, too. Can't say I feel sorry for them, though, they sacrificed long term success for short term profit. I expcet them to continue to dominate the handheld market, though (although that might be a tad endangered with all the 1$ apps but in the end it'll probably be fine).
>> No. 8241 [Edit]
I think a third crash is wishful thinking. AAA games are frustrating. Developers and publishers spend tens of millions of dollars on marketing their semi functional video game that loses all support within one year. The most popular games of the past several years have been heavily rehashed and casualized. The games these developers release are frequently broken. The worst part is that developers and publishers simply do not seem to understand why people like us are upset. It feels like developers don't play their own games anymore. Maybe a crash feels likely because mainstream game developers have sold their souls and put profit first in an artistic endeavor.

That aside, I still have just as many games to play as I did ten years ago. I look to independent sources much more frequently, but the games are still there. I don't mean the indie stereotype, just independently owned development studios. I find myself buying almost 50 brand new games every year. Additionally, I am discovering a boatload of games that I missed out on from the 80s and 90s. I was born in 1993 so you can imagine just how little I know about gaming before the mid 2000s.

I concede that total hardware and software sales are in decline and have been for quite a long time now. I wouldn't mind if almost all of the mainstream developers and publishers disappeared, but I have a very hard time believing that it will actually happen.

Post edited on 21st Apr 2013, 1:34am
>> No. 8242 [Edit]
ITT: ADD and people commenting on something without watching it first. It's almost exactly like reading the comments on a youtube video.
>> No. 8391 [Edit]
people make the assumption that an industry crash will fix things and everyone will start making quality games. what makes you think that will happen? are they going to start making games like they did in the 80s? 90s? before 2002?

Take a look at popular mobile games, most of them are addictive mini games and people enjoy them! after the ouya I should expect a flood of shitty android consoles.
>> No. 8392 [Edit]
That's if the Ouya is successful, which it probably won't be.

It seems as if "AAA" type games are being used to ensure that those minigames won't ever be at the top, but at the same time they're also ruining games by forcing unnecessary shit into them and requiring games to focus on stupid things like cinematics and story and all of that flashy stuff with little or no substance that normals like.

Eventually things will get worse, but not because of shitty iphone games, but because of this "AAA" shit.
>> No. 8394 [Edit]

>Eventually things will get worse, but not because of shitty iphone games, but because of this "AAA" shit.

Well said. Actually, it's been happening for a long while by now. Instead of focusing on gameplay and trying to come up with something innovative devs focus on useless shit like graphics, story etc. to pander to people who would (or actually did if they are old enough, most of them aren't) have said 'games are for nerds' some 2 decades ago. They focus on creating 'cinematic experience' with 'deep, engaging narrative' and thus deliver 'mature games for mature audience such as myself'; games which looks good and are supposed to have interesting stories (personally I think 'go save the princess' is more than good enough for a video game so I couldn't care less either way) but as games they are absolute, utter failures. 'Press X to win.'

The market growing big to the point where you can sell games to people who would normally not give a shit about games period is what ruined it.

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