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File 135801161744.jpg - (958.03KB , 3840x2160 , Ogura Yui.jpg )
13343 No. 13343 [Edit]
Finally we succeeded /tc/. After years of more (i.e. Iguchi Yuka, Saitou Chiwa) or less (HanaKana, Itou Kanae) failed experiments we managed to create the ultimate meoblob voice that never gets old. We might've come pretty close to it in the past (Matsuki Miyu, Tamura Yukari) and it seemed like this is as good as it gets, that we'll never top this, that the ideal is simply unattainable. But this time, completely unexpectedly, wihout even meaning to do it we created one voice to end them all, one that'll make your brain melt if you'll keep listening to it for more than 30 minutes and at the same time one that makes it impossible NOT to listen to it.

Ladies Gentlemen and gentlemen, I present to you: Ogura Yui.
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>> No. 13351 [Edit]
I am not familiar with any of these characters.
>> No. 13365 [Edit]
You, suck.
>> No. 13366 [Edit]
Oreimo, Hyouka, Ro-Kyo-Bu... that's all I can see.

Honestly, I've never cared about seiyuu.
>> No. 13394 [Edit]
The black box was my favorite role by her.
>> No. 13398 [Edit]
File 135815317030.jpg - (907.08KB , 1280x1024 , tokistrong.jpg )
You forgot the most popular one
>> No. 13402 [Edit]

Didn't make the collage myself, found it somewhere, was pretty surprised Toki wasn't there in the first place.
>> No. 13434 [Edit]
Why does she have 15 tiles in her hand?
>> No. 13440 [Edit]

You could also ask why Toki is calling tiles in the first place, it doesn't really make much sense to do so since that way she loses her free ippatsumo.

But yeah having 15 tiles is probably more of an issue.

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