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File 13411231109.jpg - (47.64KB , 720x645 , 311573_303709919724787_121899404_n.jpg )
9595 No. 9595 [Edit]
How do you feel about seeing your waifu in pairings (namely the opposite sex of you)?

Firstly, I like seeing Konata happy, and she seems to be happy and feel safe around Kagami. I don't want to impose on that, and I think it's sweet. But I am jealous of that relationship...
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>> No. 9596 [Edit]
I hate it. I don't save any pictures with that kind of pairing in it.
>> No. 9597 [Edit]
File 134112474655.png - (139.51KB , 500x600 , 22570221.png )
Doesn't bother me.
The Madotsuki in the image is not MY Madotsuki.
>> No. 9598 [Edit]
Depends on the partner and situation. If appealing, it turns me on.
>> No. 9599 [Edit]
That type of pairing doesn't bother me, or at least, I haven't run into one that has yet.
>> No. 9600 [Edit]
I am kind of bothered, not mainly because she is with someone else, what bothers me is that she is always pictured "wrong" from my point of view. She doesn´t really seem to be the Kanako i love and therefor i don´t care much about it.
>> No. 9601 [Edit]
File 134113273092.jpg - (69.98KB , 442x622 , mmair.jpg )
Don't really come across stuff like that very often.
There's a lot out there with her and Michiru, But can't say I mind at all, seems innocent enough to me.
>> No. 9604 [Edit]
File 134113671533.jpg - (2.04MB , 3000x4238 , [email protected] Visual Collection 035.jpg )
As long as she is very happy with the relationship, I am quite fine with it.
>> No. 9606 [Edit]
What pairing are you talking about?
>> No. 9611 [Edit]
Mostly like Kanako x Motoko, or any other Girl in the series. I can tolerate stuff about her and her brother, even though i really dislike him. I can´t picture her as a lesbian.
>> No. 9612 [Edit]
File 134117474161.jpg - (286.17KB , 450x576 , f2a9e829ab08ec2e97f0e915bbc0f210.jpg )
I don't particularly mind, just like I can't help but to feel a little bit jealous too.
>> No. 9615 [Edit]
File 134118945739.jpg - (167.05KB , 881x930 , 9de86582a54837212388aff6b1eb216d.jpg )
I think I covered this up in another thread, but oh well.
I am okay with that as long as she is paired with Megu.
The reason: Megu's pure love towards Suigintou.
I can tell that Megu really loves her, and since I think that love one of the most beautifull things on earth, I have to acknowledge her feeling. They are so pure that I can't deny them nor desdain it.
In short, since I like that I admit it, however I will also keep loving Suigintou.
Also, Megu is adorable.
>> No. 9616 [Edit]
What media dso you see these pairings in? Are these pairings in doujins or fanfiction or what?
>> No. 9617 [Edit]
File 134120061570.jpg - (158.58KB , 696x1002 , 38cfdc35a4fbf080e5cf67e808b78b52ee992276.jpg )
As I said in a previous post, I like it when Osaka is paired with other people, girls or guys. But I guess in the context of this thread Osaka's canon (or most canon) love-interest is the little loli Chiyo-Chan.

Osaka seems to spend more time with Chiyo than any other character, and their relationship seems to develop quite steadily, separated only when they graduate.

Perhaps had they stayed together for just a little longer, true love may have bloomed...
>> No. 9620 [Edit]
I don't particularly like it, but I don't hate it either. I guess I don't like it more than I don't hate it. It's usually some yuri pairing which doesn't affect me, but when it's something like Jupiter x 765 it kind of makes me uncomfortable.
>> No. 9622 [Edit]
File 134120533790.jpg - (215.74KB , 965x843 , f1de62ab43f3b605e7555e7467fbc644b435c17e.jpg )
I hate to admit that i´m a very jealous person and i don´t like seeing her in pairings , which most likely are yuri ones, and i hate how most of the fanart shows her being gay for kagami.
>> No. 9626 [Edit]

I´ve read the lesbian stuff only in fanfictions so far. In the Doujins i´ve found it was mostly her and her brother.
>> No. 9629 [Edit]
File 134125471571.jpg - (349.24KB , 430x608 , f674b831a07ab89e2844d00b9470a2de.jpg )
I don't mind at all. Miko is happy, I'm happy because she is happy, everyone wins. I figure since I can't do anything on my end I should appreciate those that can. Plus I like Futo, she's pretty cool. The opposite sex thing can't be helped in the first place. As the joke goes, everyone is gay in Gensokyo!
>> No. 9630 [Edit]
File 134128215512.jpg - (364.79KB , 700x700 , 5f4c53b91a862cbb2536e54a8d060c11.jpg )
I'm a total mark for anything yuri (minus tiresome drama) so it doesn't bother me that much.

Trude is her counterweight whereas I'm a catalyst. The roles are different, so I don't feel threatened by it (if that makes sense at all). I could have a lot of fun ribbing Trude too.
>> No. 9636 [Edit]
File 13413315685.jpg - (111.73KB , 540x572 , 5d0646186aa5a3edbb7aba44ea770dd8.jpg )
I don't like them at all and always ignore that kind of pictures. Especially when it's with Konata, because that relationship would actually make some sense. I guess it makes me jealous, even though I have many similarities with Konata.
>> No. 9640 [Edit]
File 134141198488.jpg - (35.34KB , 400x400 , 9c52e6d5d573f418838405476f7b60ac.jpg )
While there only seem to be a few such images of her with Rakka floating around, I actually like them. If a doujin existed, I'd read it too. What with their relationship in the series, the idea of them getting intimate seems natural, and it doesn't bother me or make me jealous

Post edited on 4th Jul 2012, 7:27am
>> No. 9681 [Edit]
Well, I'm not really a guy for homosexual stuff (no offense to anyone, it's just not my thing) so to see her paired with Rei or more likely Hikari seems weird. Especially when Asuka is not hinted to be attracted to the same sex at all in the series (unlike Kagami and Konata, for example.

Now, I hate Shinji, because of his personality. i found him very undesirable, and for me to see him paired with Asuka is a two way thing for me. First I don't like it because I don't believe he deserves her; yet at the same time, she's hinted to have feelings for Shinji in the series, and in teh pictures they're shown in, they can look very cute. It doesn't help Shinji looks just like me if I take off my glasses. I can't help but feel "I am Shinji" when I see them.(eww)
>> No. 9726 [Edit]
I do not like it, considering that it is always completely baseless and forced.
>> No. 9728 [Edit]
File 134189256032.jpg - (141.11KB , 400x533 , 22660867.jpg )
She's sometimes paired with her friends: Daisy or Rosalina mostly, or even Zelda or Samus. They can be quite sexy sometimes, but I don't really care for any of them.
>> No. 9729 [Edit]
File 134189278475.jpg - (112.54KB , 575x800 , let me tell you why that's not brilliant.jpg )
Due to the game's events, she's frequently paired up with Yukari, which I'm not the biggest fan of since she's kind of a massive bitch, but I'm not too upset about it, considering it's kind of a stretch anyway.
>> No. 9825 [Edit]
It's a little bothering, honestly. It isn't a HUGE deal, but it's still just a little reminder of my situation.

It's probably just me being jealous of whoever she's paired with, but I'm not a fan of the whole idea.

Post edited on 24th Jul 2012, 12:55am
>> No. 9845 [Edit]
File 13431089534.png - (68.27KB , 452x102 , lovu lovu star.png )
Oh, wow.
Speaking of this topic...

>this banner
>> No. 9855 [Edit]
File 134315189142.jpg - (778.97KB , 906x1200 , 1320081297260.jpg )
I'm not too happy about her canon love interest. I feel like he's not able to do enough for her...sort of like how useless I would be in the same situation. So that annoys me a little, like "you fool! You get to support her so do a better job!" I think she belongs with someone who can understand her situation better, like Seiya.
>> No. 10166 [Edit]
File 134600628282.png - (1.85MB , 1440x1440 , Kurisu Chihaya.png )
This is the first decent yuri pairing of Kurisu I've ever seen. I don't mind yuri pairing (or pairing in general either) at all. Actually I think this picture is extremely hot.
>> No. 10168 [Edit]

I bet that more so than being an actual pairing it was meant as a seiyuu joke of sorts.
>> No. 13692 [Edit]
File 138516676047.gif - (25.02KB , 400x350 , 00045.gif )
Thankfully I don't really have this problem - there are only a few fujoshi who make self-insert characters, and the only female characters in Togainu no Chi are a little girl that is only seen in flashbacks, and a woman who Keisuke never interacts with.

On the other hand, there are a lot of fujoshi who pair him up with male characters that would be really bad for him, and put him in demeaning situations. That makes me angry sometimes but I avoid it most of the time so it doesn't bother me too much in the long run.

I truly do not mind him being paired with Akira or Motomi, or selfcest, but other stuff bothers me because I know it'd be not a good relationship for him. I know it's not with my Keisuke to begin with too so that also helps in the not-really-caring factor.
>> No. 13790 [Edit]
File 138678342890.jpg - (177.78KB , 342x1080 , 3cd35ce102204cd30591f7da4394c5adc209099c.jpg )
It depends on the situation.

Mai waifu's usually paired with Sakaki, which is understandable. A lot of art and fanfiction I've come across is futanari, which is when I tend to "Nope" the hell out of there.

I have saved this one picture though, since I found it funny and sweet at the same time.
>> No. 13813 [Edit]
File 138691407711.jpg - (408.07KB , 1444x1398 , +Homura+will+never+be+your+waifu_+She+s+far+too+_7.jpg )
Madoka and Homura is pretty canon stuff but after Rebellion I don't know how well it'd actually work out. I enjoy reading the yuri stuff though even if they're cheesy and/or make me jealous though...
>> No. 15701 [Edit]
File 140188782944.png - (215.17KB , 500x523 , untitled.png )
shizuru is paired up with natsuki it's cute but, I have to admit I get jealous sometimes
>> No. 15708 [Edit]
File 140191229528.png - (735.55KB , 1000x1000 , Spoiler Picture.png )
I ship them together 100% of the time due to "feelings of unworthiness" as stated in the thread discussing that topic.
>> No. 15709 [Edit]
File 140192923937.jpg - (15.48KB , 245x206 , download.jpg )
I'm somewhere between "not a fan but accepting reality" and "I re-imagine them to suit my own preferences".

People ship him a lot with Ichigo, and I just interpret the pics as them being close friends (which I think they'll become later in the work). But on the more petty side, I also aggressively ship Ichigo so that I'm sure he's "Free". Even if it's childish, it's me being sure that Ichigo is romantically happy (because she's a great person and deserves love) while having my own romantic interest free.

Not very noble, I know...
>> No. 15734 [Edit]
File 140227468774.jpg - (55.24KB , 529x800 , figure-collection-update-febtober-saber-rin.jpg )
While it is always the original Saber that is being paired with Rin, it is possible that Saber Lily is likely to be paired with Rin.

For some reason, I like the idea of a girl-on-girl, as long as it is 2D though I am a bit of jealous if they get too intimate.
>> No. 15784 [Edit]
File 140291470850.png - (4.26MB , 1365x1799 , untitled.png )
Subaru is paired with Tsukasa, I have to say I get jealous cause in the world in the anime they are together. but I kind of also get jealous when the are together outside the world too. I don't know why I just do.
>> No. 15804 [Edit]
File 140303999058.jpg - (75.10KB , 500x500 , tumblr_n5gwsaX7Qj1qdj0jwo1_500.jpg )
He is often paired with Kotone, which I am okay with. She is very sweet and they would be happy together. However I often see pictures of him paired with Blue (from Pokespe) and this annoys me to no end. I hate it.
>> No. 15806 [Edit]
Well what can you do? It it's the one true pairing, you're the one imposing on fate. KonaKaga is meant to be.
>> No. 16455 [Edit]
Liara is with male shepherd in Mass Effect series. It does bother me a little bit cause I am a jealous person. but, then I think she is with me and him so it makes me feel a little better.
>> No. 16457 [Edit]
File 140814025589.png - (147.74KB , 406x750 , 35.png )
People often ship him with his brother, which wouldn't bother me much were it not a horribly abusive relationship. Sadly most fan material of him contains this pairing, so there's no avoiding it.

I can't bring myself to fully resent it though. It was what drew me to him in the first place and had it not become canonically abusive (and proven incestuous), I would have never discovered my feelings for him. Eh.
>> No. 16458 [Edit]
File 140816029111.jpg - (105.69KB , 511x585 , sara granberry doll.jpg )
To be honest, I`ve always hated it. I will admit jealousy is a part of it, however I also really disliked the character she could have been paired with in the first parts of her series, which did not help my opinion on the matter. I also really could never see her with anyone else than the main character. It always felt to me they were a perfect match and that anything else would be wrong. In fact, her ending up with her secret admirer at the end of the series had always been somewhat of a fear of mine.

As for the "pairing" in the final chapter of her series, it sickens me to no end.

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