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No. 18965 [Edit]
What do you do if your waifu pases for a MAJOR canon change? do you consider this a test? have you found something about your waifu that changes your whole perception of her?
>> No. 18966 [Edit]
It was pretty obvious the limbs were fake
>> No. 18967 [Edit]
Her size is conciderably shorter now though.
>> No. 18969 [Edit]
Her canon material had long since finished when I fell for her, so I didn't have any issues like that.

I do feel for people who have waifus from an ongoing series. It must get nerve-wracking for them at times, especially if they're under any sort of peril.
>> No. 18971 [Edit]
My waifu hasn't changed much in the two or so years since I fell for her, so no. I don't think I'd handle it very well if it did happen.
My waifu is from an ongoing series, and pretty much every time I think about it I start getting nervous. The idea that at any point, something about her could change completely, or she could get hurt, or she could be removed as a character because she's not popular, is pretty scary honestly.

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