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File 138930353191.png - (883.34KB , 1280x720 , itunes-2014-01-09-13h34m36s253.png )
18394 No. 18394 [Edit]
This show is pretty great.
Anyone else watch it yet?
Also I think its not a proper anime season if tohno-chan doesn't have a thread where the show is not properly identified and since nobody else is stepping up to the plate I thought I'd have to take responsibility.
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>> No. 18593 [Edit]
Yes, OP, I loved Mikakunin. I personally thought this week's episode dropped the quality of the previous ones but I still quite love the voices and how the plot is actually developing with time despite it initially seeming to be a bland romance anime. I can only hope the events of this week's episode do not end up introducing extraordinary circumstances to the nature of the main male character.
>> No. 18734 [Edit]
This anime is bizarrely well animated. I really wouldn't have thought an anime of this sort would have any kind of decent budget to it. The animation quality alone kinda makes this worth watching.
>> No. 18735 [Edit]
File 139277755061.gif - (2.83MB , 370x208 , 1391506915819.gif )

Where does the TV remote go?
>> No. 18736 [Edit]
she put it in her pocket?
>> No. 18737 [Edit]
File 13927856989.png - (56.49KB , 160x90 , 139157927839s.png )
she is doing the dance from the KnJ ed
>> No. 18955 [Edit]
File 139598083532.png - (1.88MB , 1328x748 , 198657643256747.png )
This anime sure took an odd turn. bit behind on this show, but I gotta say. That was hella unexpected.
>> No. 19200 [Edit]
File 139880742270.gif - (793.45KB , 666x375 , 2y39igqc.gif )
Her kawaiiness knows no bounds.

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