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File 131927147068.jpg - (375.67KB , 1000x1319 , 4a5586f43c28fc49904d416092a8ac7a.jpg )
6366 No. 6366 [Edit]
To be honest, this one thread inspired by another thread on /a/.

Okay, we all know how what will be our family's reaction to our waifus. What if they suddenly became real, what is your family's reaction, then?

On the other hand, what will be your waifu's reaction to your family?
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>> No. 6370 [Edit]
File 13192751294.jpg - (733.55KB , 700x990 , (ysy)s Enter Hinanawi Tenshi 6.jpg )
Everyone in my family knows of Tenshi, so they'd be incredibly surprised she turned out to be real; more than likely they'd think it was just some girl pretending to be her.

She would react to them as mere humans who aren't worth her time. The same way she'd react to me.
>> No. 6371 [Edit]
File 13192802408.jpg - (134.13KB , 550x778 , sankuri32-hyousi.jpg )
They would probably freak out about a Doll that moves on her own.
She wouldn't even consider them, thinking them as irrelevant.
>> No. 6372 [Edit]
File 131928107363.jpg - (21.03KB , 503x383 , Kanako 34.jpg )
She would probably try to make a good image, but after she would be sure that my family wouldn´t be any trouble she would probably stop thinking about them when its not necessary.
>> No. 6373 [Edit]
File 131928194240.png - (816.67KB , 1920x1087 , 1278302310304.png )
She wouldn't pay much attention to them
>> No. 6377 [Edit]
That depends. Would she still look 2D with an extra dimension (ie: large eyes, non-natural hair color, etc), or would she look a "normal 3D" while being as close as possible to her original appearance?
>> No. 6378 [Edit]

Well, let us say, closer to normal 3D.
>> No. 6379 [Edit]
File 131931596779.jpg - (46.06KB , 462x600 , 69afb2854b16b5be22517b09ccfc9138.jpg )
My family's reaction would probably be fairly mundane: be happy & nice, if a little boring, etc.

As for Erica, she'd be open and cheerful as always.
>> No. 6422 [Edit]
File 131939056175.jpg - (47.62KB , 222x350 , 197150-43409.jpg )
Don't know but I am pretty sure I will be "interrogated" by my family considering that if my waifu becomes real specially she looks "very Western" (i.e. fair skin, blonde hair, blue eyes)

As for my waifu, probably try present herself in a very well manner...
>> No. 6442 [Edit]
File 131941329426.jpg - (534.37KB , 718x1000 , 100000000079.jpg )
They'd still be surprised as hell even in that case. They're well aware of my resentment towards 3DPDs (although they don't know about my waifu), so they'd probably be very skeptical. If I told them that she was a 2D-turned-3D, they certainly wouldn't believe me either...so I wouldn't even try that.

As for my waifu, she would probably remain quiet around them, giving them polite but short answers if spoken to. She might find them a bit too noisy, actually.
>> No. 6445 [Edit]
My family would be happy for me, but they would question my choice in women. That is not even a hurdle as long as I have someone I love and someone who loves me back.

Her reaction however... will be sweet. My family is very simple. They're heavily into morals, but not into tradition, so as long as it sounds right, it is right.
>> No. 6449 [Edit]

Who's your waifu, eh?
>> No. 6451 [Edit]
File 131946944259.jpg - (166.99KB , 648x900 , makoto1025.jpg )

Makoto from [email protected]
>> No. 6456 [Edit]
File 131948926122.png - (198.15KB , 500x600 , 8cc1448407952a97583ba1160a8b90b4.png )
My family is pretty cool. They're understanding and intelligent. I think Miko would get these impressions as well, and would have quite an interesting conversation with my dad about topics such as politics and morality, or he could wow her with how far modern medicine has advanced. She probably wouldn't like my mom too much, because she would see that my mom didn't really like her.

My parents initial thoughts about her might be that she is some sort of eccentric due to her hairstyle. They would definitely approve of Miko after talking with her, though. She's a saint and some kind of genius, after all.
>> No. 6697 [Edit]
I don't think they would get along for some reason. Something just tells me there would be a lot of conflict between my parents and Miya. It's not that they're horrid people, or she has a naturally confrontational personality. Just how I see it.

She'd love to try and get along with them, but it'd probably hurt her when she didn't succeed. That doesn't matter, though, as we'd have bigger problems to deal with if she were real.
>> No. 7341 [Edit]
They call the cops because that would be child abuse.
>> No. 9403 [Edit]
File 133992026547.jpg - (505.96KB , 760x1465 , 1321579045009.jpg )
Well, my family would probably be really impressed that I married a princess.

As for the other way around, I've always said that my mom was like Peach and my dad was like Bowser. That said, she would probably find my dad a bit overbearing, and my mom relatable. She would of course be a total sweetheart to them, because that's just what she is: a total sweetheart. That's part of why I love her.
>> No. 9410 [Edit]
File 133992727762.jpg - (875.77KB , 2550x3501 , 26683472.jpg )
"Who is that girl and why is she living in your room?"

Madotsuki would be indifferent towards them. She would probably avoid talking to them.

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