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File 130725074933.jpg - (159.54KB , 600x786 , 1307204323594.jpg )
3134 No. 3134 [Edit]
Your waifu is pregnant! Are the two of you excited? What kind of mother will she be?

I've been fantasizing about this a lot recently for some reason. Anybody else?
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>> No. 3136 [Edit]
Yeah, same here. We'd both be extremely happy and she'd be a great mother.
>> No. 3138 [Edit]
Yes. Very much so. We'd both be over the moon. She might stress about it sometimes, but I'd be sure and put her mind to ease about any worries, although given she'd be a pregnant woman, I would have my work cut out for me.

I often think about what it would be like, I imagine her pregnant with my child and it brings a smile to my face.

She'd be a very caring mother. A kind one, the type that spoils their children, but is good enough of a parent to ensure it does them no harm. Instilling good values while still letting the child have fun. Perhaps a bit over-protective. In fact, I'd have to hold her back sometimes.

I don't really think I'd make an excellent father, but I'd sure as hell try to be the best I can be.
>> No. 3140 [Edit]
I would be overjoyed and I'm sure Sabrina would be too. If our child was a boy I'd name him after my father and myself if Sabrina was okay with it. Just the mere thought of having a child, a creation of our love, makes me happy.
I think Sabrina would make a great mother as I'm sure she'd be able to read the child's mind and know it's needs. She'd be able to communicate with it in a way I can't. One thing I fear is the child having greater powers than Sabrina,the tantrums would be terrible. Knowing Sabrina however she would be able to avoid upsetting our child in such a way.
As for me, I'd try to be the best father I can. I don't know how I'd do but I hope I could at least be somewhat special in my child's life other than just being their father.
>> No. 3144 [Edit]
File 130725593793.jpg - (79.27KB , 500x352 , Mother_and_Daughter.jpg )
Her mother died in childbearing, so she might too which to me is far too devastating to even think about. If it were what she wanted, then I would have no objections though. I would like a daughter, but I don't deserve one because I doubt I would be a good enough father. and I cringe in horror to think of what I might do if I lost control of myself
>> No. 3146 [Edit]
File 130726061752.jpg - (301.07KB , 900x1200 , ce6d7a3873d1dfcc2135ba38e887c14c.jpg )
Oh my god. I don't think I'm ready for this sort of responsibility. It would be stressful enough with just one, but a litter of 5-12? I don't know if I could handle it.

I'm just a worthless NEET guys! It would be hard enough for me to man the fuck up for a single child, but that many? I might just die.
>> No. 3149 [Edit]
File 130726129440.jpg - (232.94KB , 800x1061 , Housen_Elis_ oo.jpg )
>in horror
But also in delightment, right?

Can you imagine? a ravishingly beautiful little woman, living image of your previous (and back then only) beloved one, but with a little and undeniable part from you as well. A lovably and refreshing creature you'd have raised from the very begining, entirely by yourself and maybe a bit in isolation; whom you gave the appropriate stimulus, right intellectual references and whom you guided towards the most refined tastes and ethical/political/ideological standards. Who, if you did it right, will not feel imprisoned by you (not at all!) but rather utterly loved and who might very well love you back; a girl nurturring a passion that will just become stronger over time, as she grows up and she goes, from respecting and admiring you, to become fully convinced that you truly are the only possible one for her: the man of her life.

I'm not talking about your own Fair Lady; or even better: I'm not even talking about the Rose of the ballad of your inside Jack; I'm talking about having your own living Hadaly, your ideal, made by you, from your own bodycells, who you'll by tied together with for life by the bonds of blood and the strongest and wildest love...

That, among others, it's one of the main reasons why I shall never-ever-EVER have children myself.

Post edited on 5th Jun 2011, 1:26am
>> No. 3150 [Edit]
There are some slight tears in my eyes. I think I understand that feel, maybe even a little too much.
>> No. 3151 [Edit]
Is your name Humbert Humbert?
>> No. 3152 [Edit]
My waifu would make the best mother, ever. She easily has the most nurturing personality in her entire series.

However, I wouldn't want her to be pregnant. Watching my angel swell up like a balloon, and then having to go through the trauma of raising a child...Not for me.

'Claire' for a girl, 'Isaac' for a boy.
>> No. 3153 [Edit]
I dunno. Childrearing doesn't seem all that romantic to me. And I dislike seeing women suffer. Being pregnant and then giving birth is suffering. I also am not really happy at the idea of her vagina being stretched out by childbirth, as selfish as this probably sounds.
>> No. 3154 [Edit]
It would be weird seeing mai waifu pregnant, but I would love to have children. I actually saw a cute little girl at the park today who seemed like she had the personality of Tenshi and my daughter; very playful and imaginative, and willing to invite any stranger in on her fun, but still polite and smart enough to know when to stop.

Honestly I don't think Tenshi would be that good a mother. Loving, yes, but I'd be responsible for teaching our child manners.
>> No. 3155 [Edit]
I/We would be overjoyed!

The thought of bringing a child into this world as a result of our love is overpowering for me.

Although, i would first spend a few years with my waifu, sorting out my life and becoming the gentlemen that she deserves.
>> No. 3157 [Edit]
I have no doubt that she would a great mother, but i will have to convince myself that i wont be a terrible father.
Nevertheless i would be very happy about this and would do everything to support her.
>> No. 3158 [Edit]
File 13072794458.jpg - (40.04KB , 640x480 , Нагиса роды.jpg )
My waifu is Nagisa. Should I add something?..
>> No. 3159 [Edit]
I would feel wonderful. We'd be so happy raising our child together. She would be a wonderful mother, always being so caring and cheerful. I think I would have to be the one to discipline our children though. I don't think she'd feel any pain during childbirth either, I'm so glad she wouldn't have to suffer. I've thought about this a few times and how lovely it would be being married together and raising a child with her.
Good old HH didn't really act how he is acting.
>> No. 3181 [Edit]
File 130746681365.jpg - (126.15KB , 720x480 , 1272250518978.jpg )
We are very excited! Raising a child with my wiafu will be a wonderful experience.

I think she will be a good mother, but an odd one. I also assume she will scream "HUEE~! HUEE~!" during birth. She always does that when she is particularly stimulated.

I like to fantasize about my waifu being pregnant, about seeing her with a big belly and feeling her roundness, and about holding her shaking hand while she delivers.
>> No. 3182 [Edit]
I...honestly have no idea.
I'd be thrilled. I don't think I could be happier about it.
As for her, well...I don't know. She has a lot of traumas and such involving her mother, so I don't know to what point she could function as one herself. But who cares, I'd be there. We'd do a fine job.
>> No. 3184 [Edit]
File 130749527030.jpg - (35.04KB , 720x540 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
to the mods: why did you delete my first comment here, about my waifu being pregnant as the worst posible thing ever happening to me/us? I didn't break any rule.

Post edited on 7th Jun 2011, 6:26pm
>> No. 3186 [Edit]
I can't say who it was (lol, donno) but I saw it was reported (something about how it was worded)

as perfect of a mother Minagi would be, I really rather not have kids.
I don't feel fit to be a parent (being a man child), I'm kind of uncomfortable around kids, and pregnant women gross me out to no end.
so yeah.. 'oh no!' as it were (not that I would say that to her, I'd try to make the best of it, but still 'oh no!')

>> No. 3187 [Edit]
File 130749829918.jpg - (96.97KB , 510x720 , 6ee84f9ee7087a798835a49892b31d6f.jpg )
I'm sure Miku would be a wonderful mother, although I don't think I'm ready to be a father yet. Hell, I don't think I'd ever be ready.
>> No. 3199 [Edit]
I don't know, the best part about a waifu is them being inorganic I always thought.
>> No. 3200 [Edit]
i think they would be classified as "fictionally organic" unless your waifu is a robot
>> No. 3202 [Edit]
Well, all them are indisputably artificial, as man-made characters wich is like the only way they could possibly be so wonderful.

Post edited on 8th Jun 2011, 1:55pm
>> No. 3216 [Edit]

That actually brings something to mind that I rarely think about. Would Fate be able to bear children? She is a clone after all.

I always assumed because magitech the process would be advanced enough that, yes, she would be able to, but... I can't be completely certain.
>> No. 3232 [Edit]
But would you really need or want Fate to bear children? She already has Caro and Vivio, I think wanting any more children with her would be incredibly selfish and possibly cause a strain on the relationship.
>> No. 3233 [Edit]

That's true. I'd love to have children with her, but I'd only want to do so when the time is right and it would be a blessing upon us rather than added stress.

There's also the aspect of her work. Being out of her important line of work for pregnancy wouldn't be taken very well. All in all, I would like little more than for us to have kids together, but if it's not in the cards it just isn't, and there are enough children already. Not sure how well I'd be taken among them, but I'm sure they'd accept me at the least.
>> No. 3234 [Edit]
File 130774407385.jpg - (15.58KB , 633x357 , adios nicanor.jpg )
>Should I add something?

I was going to say you really should (knowing what we know), but she herself wants it and maybe she'll do it even if you're opposed to it. so... you better go collecting those glowworm things right away, before dangos start jumping and rabbit waves goodbye.
>> No. 3281 [Edit]
My waifu is pregnant? That's... actually nice to hear. Not really what I had planned for, but if there's someone for me to make kids with it's her. Good thing I'll be graduating by christmas so we can get the finances in order (assuming I find a job).
I think she has to become a bit more stable and mature from now on, like a grown up, which might prove to be a bit difficult for her, but with the baby setting her priorities in new order I don't think that's going to be too big of a problem.

friendly sage because this is not really my thing but thought I should answer the OP's question.
>> No. 3365 [Edit]
Nagisa is the only person that I can imagine to be my wife: mother of my children, member of my family. Of course I support her. I was so happy when I discovered Afterstory.

And about glowworms. I think that these "lights" are symbols of love (in visual novel you are getting one when you finish a side route)Collecting lights is the understanding different sides of Love. Love of siblings, love of friends, parental love, etc. You can live happily with Nagisa only when you truly understand what love is. So I am trying to do this in real life
>> No. 3367 [Edit]
That's really beautifully put. I wish you two the best of luck.
>> No. 3369 [Edit]
File 130869960619.png - (71.65KB , 250x230 , That_ace.png )
I really don't think either of us are mature enough for a child.

I've never planned on having kids at any point in my life, but this concept is still good food for thought...
>> No. 3460 [Edit]
File 130902978957.jpg - (1.19MB , 1440x1896 , 9789856572e29b3512d6e1d7b94c9c321afb9cea.jpg )
I actually have a picture of this.

When I first saw the pregnant tag, I immediately thought "NOPE."

But then I actually looked at the picture, and... I just felt my heart warm up so nicely.

I mean, one of the reasons I love Ritsu so much is because of her tomboyish nature, but seeing her in such a motherly way just... I dunno. It makes me love her that much more, if I can even love her more than I already do.
>> No. 3466 [Edit]
Of course I'd be excited. Ui would just about to become a mother... and I'm certain she'd make a great one as well.

I wouldn't need to worry about how well she'd be at being a mother. She's been a wonderful sister to Yui, and she'd know how to look after her newborn child wouldn't she? And the fact that she's a caring person would make her have no problems being a mother.

As for myself though, that would be the more challenging thing in my life. I've never been too well around children... and I'd have no idea what to do if I were to tend to him / her in the middle of the night. But I love Ui very much... and if I support her in her time of need, then I'd get over this and would do the best I can to being a great father to her children.

As to what they'd be, I'm not too bothered on what they'll be. I would like one boy and one girl though. Treat them equally and with all my love.
>> No. 3471 [Edit]
Wow, I didn't recognize her in that picture at all until you pointed it out. Maybe it's the long hair, or maybe it's just because people never talk about her being pregnant.

Still, I can picture Ritsu being a pretty cool mom, playing games with her kids and stuff. I don't think she has to lose her tomboyish nature to be a loving mother.
>> No. 3952 [Edit]
File 131148020627.png - (56.82KB , 325x414 , AVATAR__Chibi_Toph_by_seven7h_door.png )
Well this is interesting. According to recent news about the new Nick show, The Legend Of Korra, Toph has a daughter. That means she must have gotten pregnant.

Toph, if you don't know, is not my waifu, but my concubine. This is an unexpected, but welcomed occurrence. I didn't know she was pregnant, but I am sure she will be a good mother.

She will still be my mistress, though.
>> No. 3957 [Edit]
>Posting about concubine on an image board dedicated to waifu
One of us seems to be confused about what exactly a waifu is.
>> No. 3958 [Edit]
I'd try to get rid of that thing no matter what. I don't want some little cunt carrying my genetic heritage around, that dies with me. Besides, few things make me feel more like a criminal than the thought of parenting something.
>> No. 3982 [Edit]
I do not trust myself to hold that much control over another person's life and development.

Please forgive that their reality is not in line with your own...
>> No. 3984 [Edit]
I think that's pretty disgusting and selfish. Would you even let your wife have any input in that decision?
>> No. 3985 [Edit]
Worry not my good sir. Me and my superior self have decided to condescend to the poor, misguided fool's level. As such, me and my great self have forgiven him. I am so kind it touches my heart. Why, I feel like asking people to donate to me! What a saint, what an intellectual I am!
>> No. 3987 [Edit]
Yup, that's pretty selfish. That's why I don't ever want to have to go any further than pregnancy prevention (and I always thought a waifu would be immune to pregnancy, that thread gave me chills).
Besides, it's for the poor thing's own sake. I'm sure no good thing would ever come from my parenting skills.
As for my waifu, she could provide any input she wants into the issue, I just doubt she'll ever manage to change my position.
>> No. 3989 [Edit]
What if that guy has a genetic disease
>> No. 3990 [Edit]
Heartlessly killing a baby that the mother would love more than herself just to avoid suffering later on? There seems to be a few flaws with this plan.
>> No. 3993 [Edit]
which would be harder for a mother, their child dieing soon after birth, or watching them slowly and painfully die over a few years?
>> No. 3994 [Edit]
That's not even a baby, if you do it before any neural activity starts on the fetus. I'd just care of mai waifu.
>> No. 3995 [Edit]
Its not that simple. There are more choices than those two (e.g avoiding having a baby in the first place) so its not neccesarily a choice between the lesser of two evils. For some diseases there is also a chance that the genetics works out well and the baby ends up not having the genetic disease- a risk a mother might be willing to take.
>> No. 3999 [Edit]
Guys, let's NOT turn this into an abortion debate thread.
>> No. 4000 [Edit]
>e.g avoiding having a baby in the first place
read the op post again.
>> No. 4031 [Edit]
What he said. I don't think this thread is turning out the way OP planned it would.
>> No. 4037 [Edit]
Actual OP here, and yeah, I didn't want an abortion debate or anything. I was under the assumption that if the waifu wanted the baby, most people would be willing to do it for her.

Of course I'm just making lots of assumptions here regarding the waifu, the pregnancy, and whatnot. If you can't reasonably fit yourself into the scenario maybe it's better to just stay out of the thread.
>> No. 4050 [Edit]
You would think this topic would have more warm fuzzies than do not wants. But that's the blessing and curse that comes from each individual having his own thoughts.
>> No. 4806 [Edit]
That's exciting news! I'm sure she'll be a wonderful mother.
>> No. 4808 [Edit]
   -‐‐- 、
/     ヽ
!  ! 人|,.iノl_ノ)
i  乂-‐ -! i I am a woman who does not bleed.
\ヽ .ゞ - ノノ  
  ``フ i´
    / \ノゝ
  / i |丱!|
==   THE REI'S SERIOUS    ==

she cant get pregnant
>> No. 4809 [Edit]
File 131331150542.jpg - (311.03KB , 800x600 , 2011-08-05-427976.jpg )
We both have potential to be nice and caretaking parents, but I still think we both need to mature more. Imagining this kind thing in our household is way too early.
>> No. 4832 [Edit]
I feel like a selfish person for saying this, but, I would hate it. Not that I hate kids or anything, and I have thought about how nice it would be to have a child many times, but the problem for me is that the baby would probably become a big part of her life and that I wouldn't be as important anymore .
>> No. 4836 [Edit]
I wouldn't really call it selfish to want your loved one to keep loving you.
fact is, kids more often then not ruin relationships.
Kids are not only the ultimate cock blocker, but they require tons of time and money.
you'll have to work extra hard to support the extra person, and by the time you get home from work, your waifu would just be for to tired and cranky (either from work or taking care of the kid) to even give you the time of day.
most people thing of it as a blessing, but after all the shit filled diapers, always crying about wanting something, dealing with them and school, them always getting between you and your wife and so on, you'll be counting the days till they turn 18, hoping your wife doesn't leave you by then (in one way or another)
and if they grow up like us, they might curse you for the rest of your life as they forever leach off you.

tldr, kids ruin relationships.
if you think this isn't true, compare your parents today to how they were before they had kids.
>> No. 4837 [Edit]
>if you think this isn't true, compare your parents today to how they were before they had kids.
None of us knew our parents before they had kids.

But I agree with you partly. If that would be 100% true, none would get kids.
>> No. 4838 [Edit]
photo albums, home videos, old story's ect.
It's not hard to find out what your parents were like before they had you.

>If that would be 100% true, none would get kids.
You forget, people are stupid.
>> No. 4841 [Edit]
I posted here before, but I am honestly surprised to see the responses. I may have to rethink my original post.

While it is true that my waifu and I are extremely young to have a child, I don't think it's impossible to do. Of course, my waifu and I love eachother very much and I'm guessing we'd wait a little longer until we reach the point where having kids is a more safe option. To me, having a child with my waifu seems like the ultimate co-op test that tests the bond you have with your waifu. This is just assuming that we're in a perfect 2D world where nothing can go wrong, though.
>> No. 4844 [Edit]
Usually phot albums and homevideos only show the positive sides. Noone wants to save 'bad memories'. So it is kind hard say you knew your parents by those pictures.
>> No. 4846 [Edit]
Actually the opposite is true.
Kids are the ultimate relationship protectors.
Most divorces are between a couple that doesn't have kids.
A couple that does have kids stays together and work their problems out instead of running away from them.
>> No. 6261 [Edit]

The sheer amount of single-parent families in the modern world refutes your utterly fatuous assertion.
>> No. 6263 [Edit]
who told you that load of trash?
must be nice to live in whatever world you come from where parents are actually parents.

I don't know where you come from, but around here, people treat their kids more like property, they put their job first and ignore the kids letting tv and video games parent them, and saying it's all school/teachers responsibilities to raise the.
Parents will only ever act like something resembling a parent when someone else calls their parenting or their kid into question negatively.
They don't care what kind of friends the kid hangs out with, what kind of games or tv or music he takes in, they don't care about pulling him away from their friends when they decide to move homes, they don't care if their kid is the town whore or criminal, they just don't want their kid to embarrass them or cause them trouble.
At least in this world anyway.
>> No. 6268 [Edit]
Oh fuck no. I'd tell her to get an abortion.

Post edited on 18th Oct 2011, 4:42am
>> No. 6270 [Edit]
I know that feel, my mother was only ever a mother when her parents showed up. Luckily my Dad was better than that and took me away from that horrible place
>> No. 6272 [Edit]
File 131895130944.gif - (148.03KB , 311x360 , mouse.gif )
>> No. 6280 [Edit]
File 131896336538.jpg - (360.61KB , 638x950 , 1b5c03d1e93938c3fd2d3bb3f32d6a1f.jpg )
Oh, how would I say this?

Upon finding out, I'm pretty sure she would nag the hell out of me because it was the only time she gave me a chance and I had the interest to do it and I knocked her up. But I guess it couldn't be helped, we will both say. If by that time, I already got a job, I will need to work overtime, in preparations of the birth, all that baby clothes and stuff. I must research, too, regarding raising infants and their moods.

Of course, ultrasound will be used to identify the baby's gender, so we will know what to expect. And when the birth comes, it will be the start of everything for me, I will say.

Because when the baby grows up, s/he will need to go to school. I might need to go abroad to support our family. Just like what my father did.

But yes, I will be happy, I will be really happy that I have some little kid on home, as if I've fulfilled my parents' dreams for me.

Sad to say, it is impossible for a human and his ideal to create life. And that makes me feel a bit sad right now.
>> No. 6281 [Edit]
File 131896554126.png - (801.34KB , 415x899 , bleed.png )
Oh, I see! it's a Longinus spear (I'm a fucking idiot)...
Anyway: for a woman with no periods, teh Rei sure bled a hell of a lot (and needed lots of maintenance).
>> No. 6310 [Edit]
I would not be ready for this kind of thing, and my future probably ruined, but I would have to say put it up for adoption, but I would remember that child everyday of my life not being claimed as mine, and it would be heartbreaking, but eventually we would have one again under the right circumstances and fix the past
>> No. 6343 [Edit]
File 131915792868.jpg - (69.31KB , 960x682 , 308572_2279271874569_1631955120_2169739_63587417_n.jpg )
i would be glad to take care of her, and besides a woman with no periods ! that would be awesome in real life. Surely teh Rei is perfect
>> No. 6410 [Edit]
Depends. I've never really been one to excited for having a kid. I'm way too strict about things, have a mostly "I don't give a crap what you do" attitude, since I wished my parents would have laid off me a bit when I was younger, and would feel like a hypocrite if I did the same. Having to take the responsibility for the actions of an irresponsible kid is also not appealing to me.
if Asuka would be happy about it, which CANONICALLY, she probably wouldn't, as she states she doesn't want children when having a bad period (then again she also says she hates men and would never have a partner, yet here we are). Yet even though the canon states she most likely would be against such, I believe she mostly says that for the same reason, i say I don't want kids, she and I are both young, especially her. One must also remember she is canonically of a very mentally fragile and confused state.

Honestly, I believe if Asuka were in a better situation, as she is in the vision I have of her, she would not love anything more than having a kid with me. And if that would be the case, I would be more than happy to accept it.

Post edited on 23rd Oct 2011, 8:35am
>> No. 6414 [Edit]
File 131938914142.png - (464.97KB , 438x570 , me and Lizlet.png )
Not sure on that though I have been imagining it before and I am pretty sure that Lizlet will be a good mother.

*do note that the picture is a picture I requested from Deviantart.
>> No. 6448 [Edit]
You really should incorporate the RE-TAKE doujin to your references, already; you might quite enjoy it, really (not trolling, pinky swear).
>> No. 7160 [Edit]
I know she would be an amazing mother, yet I would be scared out of my mind.

I would need to get a second, or even third job, work myself to death, only to have a child that hates me because I was never around.

Honestly, I don't really want a child, even without the obvious reasons of not being able to care for one.

All I want is a precious woman to spend my life with. Some might call that selfish, yet there isn't a shortage of people out there you know.
>> No. 7190 [Edit]
Very cute!
>> No. 9401 [Edit]
File 13399194112.jpg - (33.88KB , 316x450 , 3daa0e60f45434fce48a832dfdbccb6c986580e1.jpg )
I think pregnancy is beautiful, and I think she especially would look especially radiant with child. She would make an excellent mother of course, that's part of what attracted me to her in the first place. She's a lot like a mother to all of her subjects in Mushroom Kingdom.
>> No. 9405 [Edit]
File 133992053465.jpg - (137.74KB , 726x711 , 1334715775162.jpg )
She would be a wonderful mother, she's very responsible and is good with kids. As proven in episode 7 and a little of 15. I would be elated if she were to have my child. I'd be the happiest man in the world.
>> No. 9412 [Edit]
File 133992769684.png - (2.26MB , 1500x1100 , 19860415.png )
She'd rather not.
>> No. 9435 [Edit]
I think she would be an excellent mother.

I would be happy but aprehensive about it, raising a family with her with be a joy but I'm not fit to this stuff, I would most likely be a shitty father.
>> No. 9450 [Edit]
File 134023471150.jpg - (86.62KB , 618x712 , 55c799bb8bc9de45fca919b5ea7de928.jpg )
Hope you guys don't mind becoming meat monsters.
>> No. 9452 [Edit]
It's cool, brah
>> No. 9457 [Edit]
File 134031511299.jpg - (115.72KB , 640x800 , bdd6eefb96fc93b001b65287b3f73c2d.jpg )
She would be an excellent mother one that carefully treats and raises her son/daughter to be someone she woukd be proud of.

However, even if I think that pregnancy is a very wonderfull thing and that nothing would make he happier than that, there's another big problem: She is a doll, I don't think that she can even be pregnant.
And this saddens me a lot.
>> No. 9888 [Edit]
File 134329779816.jpg - (198.42KB , 709x547 , Young and Older Miku.jpg )
I agree with you in part, but I think I'd quickly come to grips with my reality. I'd hate to see her in pain, but the thought of watching her lull our child to sleep simply melts my heart away.
>> No. 9900 [Edit]
File 134342405893.png - (414.95KB , 597x691 , cynthiaandourdaughter.png )
We would be very overjoyed. This would be something we'd have to be prepared for, of course. Only when we are truly ready. Still, I think she would be a wonderful mother. She is always so caring but never a pushover. She would want the best for our child, but would not baby or spoil her/him.
>> No. 9910 [Edit]
We already are.
>> No. 10041 [Edit]
File 134439461396.png - (143.90KB , 454x342 , dorothylove.png )
I'm not quite sure how this is going to work.
>> No. 12149 [Edit]
>> No. 12150 [Edit]
File 136408383843.png - (40.17KB , 350x449 , 081001.png )
It's impossible for us to have biological children together for obvious reasons.

However, he would be a great dad, and I think he'd want kids. I can see him being the sort of dad that is patient and makes every kid feel loved and special, even in a huge family. He wouldn't pick favorites and his disciplining would be firm but in a gentle way. Since he's an orphan, it would mean the world to him and he would prove it over and over again; loving through actions, not necessarily words.

Also, for multiple reasons... if we decided to use a surrogate instead of adopting, I'd insist that he should be the biological dad. That said, as other people in the thread have said, I think we'd prefer to mature a bit first, and we have the luxury of no mistakes, and we also don't have a biological clock ticking down like women do. There's no rush.

It's a really nice thought, though. I'd love to raise a few kids with him, even though I doubt my potential as a father.
>> No. 12154 [Edit]
File 136413421751.jpg - (1.27MB , 1190x1684 , my empressu.jpg )
Servants can't get pregnant. I don't like kids anyway.
>> No. 12157 [Edit]
File 136416636842.jpg - (242.13KB , 834x1000 , IMG_4955.jpg )
I don't think either of us would be ready for that yet. Both of us would be young and still going to university, and having to deal with a child would make things a lot more difficult I'd imagine. Not to mention I have doubts about either of us being mature enough to raise a child yet.

Now, in the future where we'd both have finished university, have gotten our careers going, and have bought a nice little place for ourselves and gotten our finances prepared? I could definitely see Ritsu being an awesome mother. I'm not so sure about myself though. I feel like I have some more growing up to do before I'm ready to speak on that, but I'm certainly open to the idea of having a child with my beloved.
>> No. 12238 [Edit]
File 136494163497.png - (133.29KB , 495x356 , hinaboo.png )
I think I'm going to jail...
>> No. 12643 [Edit]
File 136858821445.jpg - (299.12KB , 600x685 , 1350816460447.jpg )
Dug up this thread because I've been thinking about this a hell of a lot as of late. I'd be absolutely excited!

I just know she'd be an excellent mother. She shows her nurturing side with Ria Hagry and with her general attitude towards Kyousuke when she isn't being tsun. I couldn't ask for a better mother to my children. Not sure about the names of the kids, I'd have to consult her about it.
>> No. 12654 [Edit]
File 136903339112.png - (588.96KB , 1000x750 , lilly_sunsetwalk.png )
She was made for such a role.

I would gladly care for our child.
>> No. 12658 [Edit]
File 136905759824.jpg - (191.07KB , 530x600 , lilly_preggers.jpg )
>> No. 12663 [Edit]
File 136910539039.jpg - (0.98MB , 867x1200 , 35758062_p10.jpg )
I feel really fortunate that she has so many images of her with her fanon daughter.
>> No. 12669 [Edit]
I don't seem to recognize her. What's she from?
>> No. 12673 [Edit]
File 136932192338.png - (540.23KB , 800x800 , MotherOkuu.png )
Reiuji Utsuho or Okuu from Touhou.
>> No. 12692 [Edit]
Oh, she looked different in that pic. Must be why.
>> No. 16170 [Edit]
I've been fantasizing about this scenario very often, I'm sure we'd both be good parents.
>> No. 16201 [Edit]
Well, I still fantasize about this: >>3149
>> No. 16454 [Edit]
File 140807233875.png - (445.42KB , 468x648 , 30.png )
I've never fantasized about this sort of thing, but I have no doubt he would be/is a good father. He died for his kids after all. He just has natural dad instincts and that's adorable.

I'm not sure I could handle all of his children, though. 100 is...a bit much, even if I like the idea of kids.
>> No. 16522 [Edit]
I think Liara would be a great mother but, I don't think I would be ever ready for kids. Not that I would not love are child it is just kids are not for me.
>> No. 16528 [Edit]
Although I think she would most likely be a good mother, I don't think I would be a good father (assuming I'm the father of the child) as I don't even want children. As children are very expensive, and as I do not have a lot of money and don't want to live a life of living from paycheck to paycheck, I wouldn't want to make a child go through the pain of having to live a life of being poor. I don't know what I would do in a situation where she actually is pregnant, I would want to avoid the situation completely. If my waifu did get pregnant though, and she really wanted the child, I would try to live with the situation.
>> No. 16572 [Edit]
File 141030825911.jpg - (36.25KB , 322x400 , 19665902.jpg )
It's something she's been wanting, so she would be ecstatic.

I think she'd be a great role model for her kid, much like how I was inspired by her. Right now I don't think I'd be ready to have children, but I'm sure we'd find a way.
>> No. 16686 [Edit]
I was just passing by your board, and would just like to know something. If you don't mind of course.
How long have you been together?
Are you a male or a female?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I respect you for loving such an interesting person. Never thought about him in this way. And that knowing that such person as you are exists fills my heart with some good feelings and makes me shed tears.

Anyway, I wish both of you all the best.
>> No. 16687 [Edit]
Please do not bait people into discussing their gender.
>> No. 16688 [Edit]
I am not baiting.
Sorry if this is against the rules of this board.
>> No. 16689 [Edit]
I think your post is fine for the most part, but seriously why do people always post before reading the rules? Is it that hard?
>> No. 16690 [Edit]
Now, when you have told that, I tried Ctrl+F for 'rule' word on the page and have found nothing.
As I've mentioned, I am new here so not very accustomed to this board and probably won't stay here for long, since it's just my rare urge to talk to some people who share something with me in this aspect of life.

Just was googling 'waifu' and found this board and the above mentioned picture, which I found very cute and wanted to give a person who posted this picture some sort of a mental hug.

Anyway, I am not much into the img-boards anymore. Would stick around here for somewhile, if i wasn't afraid to encounter what drove me away from chans. I even afraid to tell who my waifu is because it can potentially cause a flame, since I didn't see much non-anime girls and boys here. I'm a not in any way negative about anime and manga, in fact I am very neutral about it. Tried to watch it, mostly movies (or what is the right term for them?) and a few titles. Just not my thing.
Anyway, so that this won't look as a thread hijack.
We are together for three years and we have adorable non-identical twins. Girls. Never thought seriously (if at all) about being a dad. I used to be a childfree jerk, who 'didn't see any point in ankle-biters'. But with her it was so naturally, so I didn't ponder about it for long. Boy, how I've changed. Still, it was mainly her idea not mine. I was more like: 'Kids? Well, why not. Kids, so be it'. Now I think that for me it was too soon, but there is no going back. I will miss our years of carefree cuddling and stuff. Plus it is harder to meticulously imagine hardships of parenthood than of relationship. It drove her crazy that I complained about not being involved in the process. Process of gestation, I mean. Swollen belly, monstrous appetite, hormone levels fluctuating - all that stuff. She is a good mom, but I am bad at everyday stuff. I hope, I will compensate when they will go to school and then to college.
>> No. 16691 [Edit]
On the frontpage (http://tohno-chan.com/) there's a tab labeled "Rules".

There are other people on here who have a waifu that is not from an anime or manga, they are accepted but uncommon.
You don't have to be afraid, as long as she's not 3D you're not breaking any rules and people are not allowed to insult your beloved.
>> No. 16692 [Edit]
Don't worry about it. As >>16691 mentioned, others here have waifus (or husbandos) from sources that are western. And indeed, being disrespectful in /mai/ is against the rules, so you needn't worry too much about being flamed. Those that explicitly flame another's waifu or someone over their choice of waifu are generally banned pretty quickly here (unless said waifu is a real person, of course).
>> No. 16697 [Edit]
File 141219208845.png - (771.14KB , 984x940 , 33.png )
Thank you, your kind words mean a lot to both of us. To be honest, I never considered him to be romantic material either (far from love at first sight). But anime characters always seemed too good-looking for me personally, as I prefer seeing beauty in traditionally 'ugly' things. And as you said, he's an interesting person. Not sure how I should go about answering your questions there, for the first at least I can say we've been together for just over a year.

As well, if you want to start posting here I'd say just go ahead. So long as you're serious, rule-abiding and polite no one will attack you for who your waifu is. A majority of posters on /mai/ understand that you can't really choose who you fall for.

I'm curious to see who she is now, your relationship with her sounds cute.
>> No. 16699 [Edit]
She is Pinkie Pie from MLP: FIM. (Not furry, not brony.)
For those who didn't see the TV series, she is a genki girl, although I would prefer not to use this word because for me it narrows her personality (in fact, any label for me narrows anything).

Do you fantasize about living with your husbando (can I use word "boyfriend"?) in his world or in ours? What is your relationships with other people from his world?

Is started watching Adventure Time a while ago. It's very funny, but rather unconventional cartoon, and it surprised me how rich the story happened to be and how deep are the most of the characters. I find some of them charming, but nothing beyond that. If I would have a chance to visit Ooo... I don't know. It's too crazy for me. And too dangerous.
>> No. 16702 [Edit]
That's nice, Pinkie was always the one I respected the most. You're right that a basic trope description can never fully cover someone's personality, especially if you're close to them. And she has quite a lot of personality.

Any term is fine, really. I tend to fantasize more about either him in this world or both of us in a nondescript place I created in my mind (which could be set in Ooo, considering how extensive that world is). I'm not even sure about the fate of his canon self right now, so I've never considered living there with him. I feel as if being near Castle Lemongrab and the people who wouldn't help him when he was being brutally abused by Lemongrab1 would be unnecessarily stressful anyway. (Spoiler because I'm not sure how far you are)

How about you? Equestria and Pinkie's situation seem a lot more stable.

Adventure Time is pretty okay, my relationship with it is longer than the one I have with Lemongrab, haha. It's nice that almost every character, even the minor ones, have a good deal of development. The same could probably be said about MLP at this point (though admittedly I haven't watched it in some time).

It feels like we're derailing the thread a bit, but I'm not sure what to do other than sage replies.
>> No. 16703 [Edit]
Please use kakusu instead.
>> No. 16707 [Edit]
>>Spoiler because I'm not sure how far you are
I think, I have watched almost 90% of Adventure Time episodes. PB's actions seem completely illogical, irresponsible and kind of cruel to me. She could just heal him, discard his abusive brother and make him a ruler of Lemon Earldom, so he could care about his children. Maybe her intentions were good, but I tend to be suspicions about authority figures, especially if they have reigned for about a thousand years or more - their vision of things becomes warped, I guess. Instead she did what she did. Though, I hope he will defeat his cruel brother's personality.

>>How about you?
I fantasize about us living in Equestria, it's the only option for me. Mostly because it would be cruel bringing her to our world, either with or without her friends and relatives. And partly because I don't love our world much and won't miss it. Frankly, I think that would be a real hell actually. Consider for example how much time it took the society to accept homosexuals. I would have to carry a gun with me all the time, and finding a place to bury yet another corpse of a "brony" could become a problem after a while. In sum, it would be very traumatizing for her and me, but maybe I'm just being overprotective and she and her friends would be able to stand for themselves, but it is very naive at best. Dealing with ancient evils as a team is one thing, but dealing with aggression on a daily basis is another. Of course I could imagine the perfect version of our world, but still I see no point in that scenario; I try to be realistic anyway. It is clearly shown that ponies are more tolerant - their reactions to a dragon and griffin without seeing anyone of those species before prove this point. So, I don't think that accepting a human being would be a problem. I am quite xenophilic and living in a society of quadruped equids, learning their customs and traditions is truly a dream come true. Also the important thing is the fact that their technologies and science in some fields are about 200 years behind ours. Of course I don't think that the "white man's way" is somehow superior, but I think that some discoveries are completely harmless and worth sharing. You won't believe, but I find a perspective of no TV sets, cellphones and no Internet very attractive.

I would like to hear your perspective about living with a lemon person in our world.

>>The same could probably be said about MLP at this point (though admittedly I haven't watched it in some time).
Me either. I think that the show jumped the shark with humanization and Twilight getting her wings and becoming a princess. Also, Lauren's quitting the show is a canary in a coal mine sort of thing for me.

Should I just put "kakusu" in e-mail field?
>> No. 16713 [Edit]
How is it not brony if your waifu is from MLP?
>> No. 16716 [Edit]
He probably steers clear of anything related to the fandom.
>> No. 16721 [Edit]
It's quite simple.
You are absolutely right.
For me, bronies are either people who doesn't care much about the show and see in it the possibility to find friends at cons, or they just watch it because it's popular (I'm fine with it), or people who want to glorify their bloated, rotten egos by drawing r34 grimdark-rape crap or writing the exact same type of fan-fictions and then getting people's reactions. Of course some may say that the last group I've mentioned has nothing to do with bronies, but I don't want to waste my time separating the wheat from the chaff - it's a part of the fandom, period. I've been on the MLP board for a few month (before finding my waifu), and honestly, I've never seen so many crappy drawings in all my life. Mostly it was OCs or attempts to copy characters from the show, all poor in quality. Or r34: furry-anthropomorphic crap and ugly porn. The same I can say about other forms of fandom's creativity - music videos, remixes, etc. Crap, crap, crap.
I found only one worthy (by my standards) picture of her.
Maybe there are more good pictures, but I don't want to risk finding some crap with her in it (or her friends, in fact any character from the show). It's like seeing porn pictures of your wife. Enough psychological traumas already. Couple of years ago, I googled for some pictures of her, one out of ten was r34-furry-anthro junk. I can't stand it. Compare it, when I googled Adventure Time, I've found maybe two just slightly erotic pictures. I wounder if all this is true, or it's just my biased vision of things. Sorry for putting it on you guys, just that I was holding this grudge for years.
>> No. 16761 [Edit]
Sorry for the time taken to reply, things have gotten in the way (as well as a cycle of putting replying off because it felt too long, only making it longer). Hope you're still here.

>She could just heal him, discard his abusive brother and make him a ruler of Lemon Earldom, so he could care about his children.
Very much this. For the most part I really respect the princess, but her lack of logic and care when it comes to her own children and grandchildren (who supposedly even share her genetics) is horrifying. Not sure where things are going with this new stitched-together Lemongrab, but at this point I've given up hope a happy ending for LG2.

>Of course I could imagine the perfect version of our world, but still I see no point in that scenario; I try to be realistic anyway.
The human world being so cruel never crossed into my fantasies for some reason. Of course I know it is, and hating it has become recreational, but you're right in your thinking. Keeping them trapped in the house would be the only option, which is pretty messed up. I suppose wishing him into this world constantly is rather selfish (or not well thought out).
But due to the reasons I mentioned last time, Ooo isn't an option either. Perhaps I'll keep more with the neutral place and expand on it, then hopefully go there when I die.

> I think that the show jumped the shark with humanization and Twilight getting her wings and becoming a princess.
The human versions were an interesting idea, but it (probably) could have been more well executed. Twilight becoming a princess was just a terrible idea all together (along with how they decided to pack that episode full of songs).

>Compare it, when I googled Adventure Time, I've found maybe two just slightly erotic pictures.
Like any fandom, AT is also packed with pervs if you look deep enough. And for whatever reason, it's become some sort of well known dirty joke to sexualize the Lemongrabs. I have no problem with a person being attracted to him that way (God knows I am), but the way they execute it is offensive. You definitely have more experience dealing with that sort of thing though.

You aren't biased about bronies, they're hated for the reasons you stated. Even artists in the fandom that are decent end up drawing gross things like you mentioned.

Maybe we can move this conversation to /txt/? It's pretty dead and without topics there. Are we allowed to do that?
>> No. 16766 [Edit]
>>Sorry for the time taken to reply
That's okay.
>>Maybe we can move this conversation to /txt/? It's pretty dead and without topics there. Are we allowed to do that?
I'm totally okay with the idea, but I'd rather use an email, if you don't mind to be penpals. It's up to you. Anyway, mods don't seem to mind our writing here.

>>...her lack of logic and care [...] is horrifying.
Maybe creators of Adventure Time want to show that science is unable to solve problems, with PB relying on it very much as well as on logic and reason. She is quite selfish - she created the whole kingdom and its citizens out of nothing, but for what? Marceline, being the same age as PB, is quite comfortable on her own. But their personalities are different - PB is very industrious, she possibly couldn't maintain her mental health for a thousand years without caring for her subjects, even if they and the kingdom are used by her to provide challenges for her intellect. Or maybe she just bit more than she can chew. Anyway her subjects are generally happy, that's what really matters.

>>Not sure where things are going with this new stitched-together Lemongrab, but at this point I've given up hope a happy ending for LG2.
At this point nothing certain can be said, really. I feel that creators of the show care about their characters and plan sort of happy endings for them (namely, Lemongrabs and Ice King), maybe not very soon but at least before the show ends. There's a new episode coming with Lemongrab in it.

>>The human versions were an interesting idea, but it (probably) could have been more well executed.
It was, in my opinion, a totally commercial idea. To cut off half of the third season, just to make a crappy, 1.5-hour cartoon for lil' girls (now they really meant it). It was a fanservice for bronies, who seem to revel on idea of humanization from the start of the show, and target audience, who will find it easier to relate to girls in a schools setting (The cartoon takes place in school, right?), than to quadruped equids. Little girls will buy more of hasbro's crap (I saw a doll of humanized Rarity *creeps*) to fill the pockets of the shareholders and the board. Not to mention that the whole cartoon is poorly made - with all that weird mouth articulations and facial features. The whole style reminds me of Canadian show called 6teen. Original MLP is way more better from artistic point of view alone.

>>Twilight becoming a princess was just a terrible idea all together (along with how they decided to pack that episode full of songs).
I am very protective of Twilight - she is like a sister to me. Not to mention that she once saved my wife's life. It upsets me that she suffered from poor decisions of screenwriters and show staff. The main feature of the show is that the characters are average ponies without any supernatural abilities who solve all their problems with the help of their personal qualities rather than with the help of superpowers. I felt like in the last two episodes of the second season (that's where I stopped watching it) her magic capabilities were unnecessarily brought to extremes. I don't understand how getting wings and the status of princess would harmonize with the initial "becoming a better person" concept of the show. The "musical episode" is a sure sign of a show jumping the shark.

>>You definitely have more experience dealing with that sort of thing though.
>>and hating it has become recreational
I will write on this topic tomorrow. It's very personal. I don't want you to think that I want to burden you with my issues, so if you are uncomfortable, I will understand.
>> No. 16820 [Edit]
File 141343138284.png - (1.38MB , 791x1601 , 1387596665043.png )
>Your waifu is pregnant!
Truly a Christmas miracle, considering there is no way i could get her pregnant.

>Are the two of you excited?
I would be fore sure, but she would be nervous and apprehensive i suspect.

>What kind of mother will she be?
Lots of discipline, kid will turn out very strong.

>I've been fantasizing about this a lot recently for some reason. Anybody else?
Yes, a lot, having a child would be the ultimate for us i think, looking baby that is a combination of her and is otherworldly to think about.
Taking care of her while she is pregnant would be an experience, she is already pretty moody, her hormones would just make it worse, but i would do anything to make her comfy, dealing with it would be worth it.

I have been really wanting to see a picture of her pregnant, but every time i ask an artist to draw it they think its some sort of fetish and deny it, pretty sad, i just want to see her bearing a child and people assume its sexual.
>> No. 16837 [Edit]
I'm not sure how we'd exchange emails privately, but I'd be okay with it if we get kicked off.

>She is quite selfish - she created the whole kingdom and its citizens out of nothing, but for what?
I really want an answer for this. Unless she fell in love with creating beings (like her sons), there's almost no reason for it. For a while I assumed she just changed some mutants into candy people and went from there, but after James and James II I'm not too sure. As for her subjects being generally happy, that's true, if only due to the fact that she doesn't care about individuals (unless they are in-disposable, like Finn) but the group as a whole. I guess that's still better than real life politicians, at least.

>There's a new episode coming with Lemongrab in it.
The Mountain does look promising. Apparently Jesse Moynihan is boarding/co-writing it (with a guest storyboarder!), and his version of the Lemongrabs was always the best. Though according to the synopsis/storyboard leaks, the current Lemongrab is more like the first (wanting the Princess' attention and needing a moral awakening).

>It was, in my opinion, a totally commercial idea.
Definitely! As someone interested in dolls, I can say they aren't worth the price at all. The movie was literally a huge commercial for them, and everything about it was disappointing. It feels like they were trying to rip off Monster High with all of that (fashion dolls, cartoon about high school kids made to sell those dolls, etc.).

>I don't understand how getting wings and the status of princess would harmonize with the initial "becoming a better person" concept of the show.
The whole first episode was Celestia sending her away to make friends, so now that she's made them Celestia decides to make her a princess and take her away from them? And you're right, it derails from the fact that no pony is better than another pony because they do/don't have powers or wings.

>I will write on this topic tomorrow. It's very personal.
It's fine, ranting about things can be good sometimes (if that's what you meant). And if it feels too personal, that's fine too.
>> No. 16841 [Edit]
I would be extremely upset. I would never have sex with my waifu, it wouldn't be mine. I would kill her for betraying me, then dog on with the male about how good it was then kill myself in all probability. If in some odd time it had been mine, I would personally destroy it, as I fell in love with her, not a fucking problem. Children are horrible for relationshits. Needless to say, fuck relationships. I value my waifu from afar, she wont acknowledge me and I am content with that. Don't fucking cross that shit man.
>> No. 16842 [Edit]
You'd kill her for betraying you but don't see yourself in a relationship with her?

>Children are horrible for relationshits
yeah like killing your child would do wonders for it.
>> No. 16846 [Edit]
excuse me? I said I wouldn't have sex with her. Maybe that isn't true, I have my kinks, but it is what I said. Relationships can be a little more complex than just fucking you know. I would be upset because it wouldn't have been mine, it is as simple as that. Doesn't mean we are even dating, or are married, and doesn't even mean I WANT it to be mine. It is simply not MINE. Waifu from afar, I don't believe in confrontation, it is superficial, though I am very jealous of those who do because they get the spoils because of it. And if I cannot have her, regardless of my ability to attempt to, I will go out at the crack of a black cat. She is mine after all, and nothing that comes out from hers or any vagina is good. Fuck children, and fuck the future generations after this one. Also guro has been my fetish for the longest time and I would prefer fucking a body that didn't make noises if it makes any sense. That shit scares me, rejection might follow so long as she musters a breath. I will submit this post even though reading it makes me feel strange, I think I need to kill myself soon before I become a real issue to those who actually are happy.
>> No. 16900 [Edit]
>I have my kinks
So you want to watch as other guys bang your waifu? I'm not getting what you're trying to say.
>> No. 16902 [Edit]

He stated guro was his fetish so...
>> No. 17124 [Edit]
File 141807380822.jpg - (13.07KB , 203x248 , fujino.jpg )
Shizuru and I can't have children for reasons that are against the rules to say why, but I never thought on having kids. never a less she would a great mother just don't want any kids just the two of us will be enough.
>> No. 17193 [Edit]
File 141851820121.png - (122.11KB , 512x419 , youmu ghost pillow.png )
That would be surprising, the chances of her pregnancy are low.

But I wonder, does our baby also have a myon?
>> No. 17194 [Edit]
File 141853126243.png - (270.59KB , 500x500 , OP_274.png )
Unfortunately I don't think either one of us would be ready for having a child, especially considering the fact that, well, scar tissue doesn't stretch the same way normal skin does, so it would be neigh impossible for her to carry that child normally.

And it's as I always say, I've left the responsibilities of the family lineage to my three cousins, and they already got 2 a piece.
>> No. 17195 [Edit]

I remember zun mentioning somewhere half ghost is a species rather than being literally half human half ghost. I imagine it'd have a chance of being inherited, but not guaranteed. Thats how I think about it anyways.
>> No. 17225 [Edit]
File 141912522418.jpg - (69.86KB , 600x500 , rinbaby.jpg )
I haven't put much thought into it but I'd be really happy to raise a family with Rin. I think she'd be a great mom.

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