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File 138604060024.jpg - (216.64KB , 880x518 , 34790559.jpg )
16372 No. 16372 [Edit]
I used to spend hours on this part of tc, now it's like, a minute or two daily and it's done. Is it because our old denizens have moved on to better days? Or have they sunk so deep that they don't even bother to read/post anymore?
Misery likes company, so let's chat more often, alright?
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>> No. 16373 [Edit]
I think it's just the rate at which new posters land and old ones leave for the real world. This goes for any board, really. I know that when I was on the frequency of a societal being, I had absolutely no motivation to come to places like these. That could be one possibility.

Ever since the expansion and change in general atmosphere of *chan culture, I've felt less and less like home on online. I feel like the state of the internet is going to force me off the internet into the real world, as weird as that sounds.

Also, just a reminder to everyone to let go and not be afraid to post your ideas. It's easy to tell that lots of you lurk but never say anything. You can see how quickly posts pile up when someone makes a new thread compared to when nobody says anything for days.
>> No. 16374 [Edit]
I post on other boards but I dislike talking about my personal life, partially because it's better than a lot of people's here and partially because I'm embarrassed talking about myself and am afraid I'm taking up too much space talking about problems that don't matter. When my life is worse or equitable to other people's, I'll try to post more I guess.
>> No. 16375 [Edit]
>have they sunk so deep that they don't even bother to read/post anymore?
This would be my guess.

Lately I've been feeling kind of anxious about posting. I'm finding that as the board gets slower it's almost like there's more pressure on the post since it sticks out more and stays around longer.
>> No. 16376 [Edit]
>> No. 16377 [Edit]
>Or have they sunk so deep that they don't even bother to read/post anymore?

It's a mixture of this and running out of topics. I feel like I said all I had to say years ago and that I read most of what I wanted to read, too.
>> No. 16378 [Edit]
I guess people are tired of meta shit?

I like to think not all of us leave for the "real world" so much. Maybe we should also accept freeters?
>> No. 16379 [Edit]
There are many factors. Running out of topics, people getting sick and leaving, the fact that the site is hard to find, its hostileness and learning curve associated with posting, etc
>> No. 16381 [Edit]
I just feel like I have less and less in common with others as I get older. Therefore, I rarely post, let alone make friends.
>> No. 16423 [Edit]
Ive been increasingly out of touch with chan culture. Like that 'doge' meme. is it supposed to be funny or do people just laugh at it ironically, sort of like the word 'swag'?
>> No. 16426 [Edit]
I actually find that may may pretty funny.
>> No. 16432 [Edit]
I don't understand how that meme is supposed to work, maybe it's because I'm autistic and have difficulties interpreting facial gestures. What feelings is the dog's expression meant to convey?
>> No. 16433 [Edit]
File 13865579582.jpg - (9.56KB , 264x264 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>What feelings is the dog's expression meant to convey?
so amaze
>> No. 16440 [Edit]
What's left to say? I often want to say something, anything, but I just have nothing left. There are only so many ways to say "I'm miserable".
>> No. 16464 [Edit]
I'm someone who hasn't been here in about a year but I'm back now. Pc just broke on me. My depression is as bad as ever since I have seasonal depression and I can't function well as it is. I'm pretty fucked right now. Life does nothing but shit on me over and over again and this was the straw that broke the camels back. I'm helpless, almost as good as dead now. Life is shit. Freezing to death in my own house and I don't know if I'll be kicked out soon as it is at 21 years old here. Body can't handle much more than this, I am fucked. Life is almost over if that pc can't be fixed or replaced.
>> No. 16466 [Edit]
What did you do during this last year?

I know how shitty it is to have your pc break on you, especially when there's no way for you to fix it.
Where do you live, and what device are you using to browse here? Maybe I could help you in some way.
>> No. 16467 [Edit]
I just sat around on my pc feeling like shit. I live in Connecticut in the US. now I'm basically living on my porch. I knew bad things would happen at some point so I have 2 iPod touches, a stereo connection cable and something to charge them on. Also have headphones and a backup pair. If I get it back I know what I need to do and have most stuff backed up on an external. I can only wait now. I was prepared at least for the most part. have a mini heater to sitting around I think. Stuff powered my old ps3. Now all I can do is sit playing on that listening to some glitch or noise music because that's all that sounds natural on this old piece of shit system. You don't need to do anything
>> No. 16468 [Edit]
I hope everything works out.
We'll always be here for you
>> No. 16469 [Edit]
I'll be keeping in touch if I ever have anything to say. Least I still have something right. even though this minimal life is kinda interesting I can tell its gonna get old quick. and possibly extremely painful if I don't find a heater soon. To much cold for me results in lots of body tension and headaches. Also can't think well like that or sleep well and who knows if it's all actually causing brain damage.

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