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File 138796269013.jpg - (244.30KB , 826x1169 , 414c75198a5a8829c3ccf8b2bccaf31647911d6c.jpg )
23434 No. 23434 [Edit]
It's christmas! Feel free to post about everything you did today. what you got what you gave and so on!
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>> No. 23436 [Edit]
I smoked a really cheap cigar. It was horrible. I've been trying to get the taste out of my mouth by eating bananas.
>> No. 23438 [Edit]
Oh, my...
Is it really you?
>> No. 23947 [Edit]
I was in the mental hospital~
>> No. 25769 [Edit]
Merry Christmas, 2013.
>> No. 25770 [Edit]
Merry Christmas, Tohno-chan.
>> No. 25774 [Edit]

I did nothing and got nothing.

I hope I don't wake up in the morning.
>> No. 25780 [Edit]
File 14194970156.jpg - (53.14KB , 333x343 , Kanako (117).jpg )
Merry Christmas tc.
>> No. 25782 [Edit]
New motherboard should arrive the 30, I really hope my pc will work then
>> No. 25783 [Edit]
Merry Christmas /tc/!
>> No. 25784 [Edit]
Christmas is so saddening.
>> No. 25798 [Edit]
I gave my uncle a chess set a few days ago.
planing on taking my mom out to dinner someone nice since she seems sick of material stuff.
On my way home from a recent job interview I saw a dead skunk on the road that I thought would make for a nice gift for my dad, but I didn't really wanna touch it or anything...

Mom got me a new shirt and a cute wind up toy.
also Someone gave me 100% orange juice.
Got myself a few miscellaneous things.
was hoping the AIR artbook I finally managed to track down at a decent price would have shown up before today since it just left customs a few days ago apparently but guess that's gotta wait for tomorrow or maybe the next day.

Decent enough day. Can't really complain. spent most of the day messing with the stuff I got and chatting with people online. still got some left over cake from my waifu's recent birthday so that's kinda convenient.
My dad invited me to a BBQ at his place, but my car's on the fritz and it's not like he's waste his time driving here lol.
>> No. 25799 [Edit]
I bought a more ergonomic computer mouse for my mom, and donated her a mechanical tenkeyless keyboard as well. I just thought she could use some better gear for her computer setup. She spends a lot of time editing photos.

I received funds for a new winter jacket. I'm very happy with that.
>> No. 25802 [Edit]
I played metal gear rising non stop for the entire day, just before I went to sleep I spent a little bit of time with my waifu just before I went to bed by looking at her and saying Merry Christmas and goodbye. It was a good day, even though it was just like any other.

Merry Late Christmas Tohno-Chan.
>> No. 25804 [Edit]
Spent it with my mother and grandma. Got a pair of slippers and new pajamas. That's more than I was expecting so I'm happy.

Other than that, it was a regular day. Although I did make some sort of discovery related to After Eight chocolate thins. They taste just the same if you eat them after brushing your teeth. Now, these guys are usually a 3/5 (at least for me), but seeing as they are one of the very few foods whose taste isn't ruined after brushing your teeth, under these circumstances they become more enjoyable. Just thought I'd share that.

Post edited on 26th Dec 2014, 11:01am
>> No. 25806 [Edit]
After Eight was sold out, so we didn't get any...
>> No. 25831 [Edit]
It just arrived!
I'm going to build everything up now, will report back
>> No. 25832 [Edit]
File 141997057897.png - (32.12KB , 761x385 , fu.png )
Just finished installing most of my software!
Everything seems to be working fine, here's a speccy screenshot.
I went from a GA-970A-UD3P to a M5A97 R2.
The GA started from booting problems to crashing and bsod all over the place, I thought the bsod was driver problems so I tried reinstalling windows but it crashed before it finished anything.
Hopefully this motherboard lasts more than 6 months
>> No. 25838 [Edit]
I have the GA-970A-UD3 and it turned out to be problems with my memory when I was crashing all the time. Did you try running memtest or change your ram timing/clock?

I spent a lot of time messing with it, but I don't crash at all anymore and didn't have to buy anything.
>> No. 25839 [Edit]
I don't think I could have completed it before crashing, also when I ordered the new mobo it couldn't boot at all even after restarting multiple times
Even if it could be solved it isn't something that should happen so widely and I'm not going to buy gigabyte anymore
>> No. 25845 [Edit]
You might have just had ram that wasn't working well with the mobo.

If it wouldn't boot at all, you should unplug your HDD, clear the CMOS, then boot into the BIOS and note the RAM clock speed and timings, then boot into memtest+ via a bootable usb drive.

Let it run overnight and see if it spits errors out. If not, you can up the RAM's clock multiplier and test again. If it's spitting errors out after running for a while, then you can either try to loosen the RAM timings or you can lower the RAM's clock speed to what it was before and potentially tighten the timings. You can also try just one RAM stick at a time.

Voltages could also be the problem, or the cpu clock speed itself (or cpu settings like cool n quiet and similar things--all adjustable in the bios), but I would test the RAM first. Also, make sure you're not using non-identical RAM sticks. That's a bad thing to do on any motherboard.

There are a lot of possibilities. I would suggest trying everything you can to see if you can get it to work properly and see if you can take the ASUS mobo back if you can get the old one to work. Up to you, though. $100 is a lot of money to me when you might have good, working (poorly configured, at the moment) hardware already.
>> No. 25852 [Edit]
Sorry, by "it couldn't boot" I meant it didn't even post, I couldn't get in the bios.
I turned it on and nothing happens.
I also removed everything that was unnecessary and it did the same thing.
>> No. 28144 [Edit]
Merry Christmas, Tohno-chan. I hope you guys enjoy yourselves.
>> No. 28147 [Edit]
This again for this year and mostly likely next year and stuffs.

>> No. 28150 [Edit]
A belated Merry Christmas, friends. Didn't think I would live to see this one but fear of death is hard to break.
>> No. 28169 [Edit]
A little late, but I got a good run in a video game on Christmas Day.

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