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File 131799673831.png - (1.17MB , 1280x1440 , p41.png )
6448 No. 6448 [Edit]
Who else is watching Persona 4?

This is the straightest adaptation I've ever seen. It's practically scene-for-scene (except for the cuts of course) and they even left in the calendar and personality chart from the game, which I thought was a weird decision. But it's good so far. And Nanako is adorable.

Post edited on 7th Oct 2011, 2:29pm
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>> No. 6449 [Edit]
It's pretty cool, although I can't get over the voices because I like the dub voices.

But I guess that is just being used to them, the only thing that really sucks is Teddie's voice.
>> No. 6451 [Edit]
File 131806228138.jpg - (410.37KB , 600x800 , 1317951212795.jpg )
I wonder what the people watching this who haven't played the game yet think. I imagine it'd being going to fast for them.

As for myself, I'm enjoying it. Hell, the badass smirk and unbuttoning by Protag at the end made it for me.
>> No. 6452 [Edit]
They feel like different characters without the English voices. I'm still looking forward to seeing Ayane (the school band girl) animated. She was very cute, it'd be nice if she got some screentime.
>> No. 6453 [Edit]
>I wonder what the people watching this who haven't played the game yet think.

I thought it was really mediocre.
>> No. 6454 [Edit]
the silent protagonist really makes the whole thing wierd
>> No. 6457 [Edit]
File 131808492471.jpg - (159.27KB , 1280x720 , [Zero-Raws] Persona 4 - 01 (MBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).jpg )
Yeah, I played the game and even I thought it was quite a mediocre start. Even if the protagonist is a transfer student who might feel awkward in a new town, having him be both expressionless and almost mute is incredibly boring. It might work in a video game because you get to "be" that character, but there's no way it can work in an anime. The downside of being too faithful, I'd consider. Hopefully as the guy's "stats" improve, he'll begin to show more emotions.

Also, the animation for the fight scene at the end was really quite mediocre. I hope that improves too.
>> No. 6463 [Edit]
File 131811831046.jpg - (104.61KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Persona 4 - 01 [14684F67]_mkv_snapshot_21.jpg )
entertaining show
>> No. 6468 [Edit]
The pacing was terrible. I'll only watch it because I liked the game.
>> No. 6574 [Edit]
I dislike the whole silent and mystirios protagonist thing it's annoying and cookie cutter, hopefully this isn't going to stay the same great show though
It's really nice

>> No. 6576 [Edit]
He's only mysterious because he literally has no personality. I don't know why; they gave him some characterization in the manga.
>> No. 6585 [Edit]
I kind of hope they make him bland and boring and then have him get better as the series progresses.

Doubt that will happen though.
>> No. 6640 [Edit]
bblllll. Episode 2 was pretty bland. But the plot hasn't really picked up yet. Things only really get going with BAD BAD BATHHOUSE. So it gets a grace period until then.
>> No. 6651 [Edit]
Seen episode 2, and I don't really find anything to keep myself through the show. The characters seem uninteresting and stereotypical, I'll check out the next episode to see if anything interesting happens.
>> No. 6681 [Edit]

Wait for Kanji
>> No. 6683 [Edit]
Yeah, persona 4 has a really slow start. I doubt next episode will really offer much for you.
>> No. 7148 [Edit]
I watched until Episode 3, but dropped it afterwards. I thought it was alright, but somehow I noticed that I had stopped downloading it, and now it feels like a bother to watch until episode 7 or 6. It was really mediocre, and compared with other things that are airing this season, it only makes it look more mediocre. I may play the game one day though.
>> No. 7150 [Edit]
Yeah, that sounds like a good decision. I'm following the show but I'm still scratching my head at why an anime adaptation was neccessary in the first place when it pretty much adds nothing, and in fact, subtracts from the experience you would've had from playing the video game.

Post edited on 12th Nov 2011, 11:50am
>> No. 7151 [Edit]
I thought they create the anime to introduce more people to the franchise. It would most likely appeal to little kids, and it's usually them that play videogames. I don't really know how good is doing right now in terms of sales.
>> No. 7152 [Edit]

It's doing very well.
>> No. 7153 [Edit]
>why an anime adaptation was neccessary.
You shouldn't just assume everyone interested in one medium is interested in another.
>> No. 7158 [Edit]
It airs at 1:30am. Though not impossible, I highly doubt the target audience is little kids.

True, but I just assumed there would be a large overlap between Japanese people who play JRPGs and watch anime.

Post edited on 12th Nov 2011, 3:59pm
>> No. 7315 [Edit]
File 132159432173.jpg - (285.64KB , 850x1164 , 1302311763758.jpg )
Narukami is much better now than he was at the start, if he keeps this up he may be my favorite MC of all time.
>> No. 7316 [Edit]
This adaption is AMAZING.
There can't be anything else said.
>> No. 8254 [Edit]
File 132719566891.jpg - (176.68KB , 1243x1007 , 4586345.jpg )
Episode 15 took a while but it was worth it. They actually began to develop the plot again.

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