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18944 No. 18944 [Edit]
The rules for /mai/ had been amended to reflect recent issues.

• /mai/ is a safe zone. Insulting, talking down, or arguing with someone about their waifu is not cool. I don't care how much you hate the character or the where they're from or whatever, be respectful of people's waifus on /mai/ and take it to one of the other boards if you have to.
(note that furry and 3dpd are still not allowed, even on /mai/. waifus/husbandos from western media are allowed to be discussed only on the condition that the no 3dpd rule is respected and images of said characters are not posted, this includes images of realistic 3d models.)
>> No. 18945 [Edit]
So what about trolls or whatever?
>> No. 18946 [Edit]
It can be hard sometimes to tell who's serious, but when it's some serial or company mascot it becomes fairly obvious and they will be removed on sight.
>> No. 18947 [Edit]
That's good. To be honest, I was surprised when somebody actually posted Captain Crunch. I'm surprised that someone didn't follow it up with Count Chocula or have gone with the fast food route after having used a cereal mascot and said Colonel Sanders and posted a picture of Rika from Higurashi holding the Colonel Sanders model that she found and liked.
>> No. 18950 [Edit]
So OSfus are still cool?
>> No. 18953 [Edit]
Yeah, we didn't really touch on it. This was more an anti-trolling/site philosophy preservation measure.
>> No. 18954 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure there's been a few weird waifus in /mai/ past.
I'm actually curious what the weirdest one was (legit waifu, not captian crunch). Though I'm well aware how weird an OSfu is.
>> No. 18955 [Edit]
>> 18954

How could you tell who's "legit" and who's just trolling though? I mean. The majority have japaneseen anime waifus. But then there's uh... that zerg... thing. And etc. I mean you can assume - but who's the judge?

I don't argue in favor of one way or another but... would need to define what legit is. Although I thought some posts were p obvious trolls.
>> No. 18956 [Edit]
I dunno, how authentic their posts are I guess? Providing some sort of rational sounds reasonable (like if they sound really sincere about it/explain why they feel that way)
>> No. 18957 [Edit]
I think that just by reading /mai/, it would be easy to write a long post to explain how you feel without it being real.
>> No. 18959 [Edit]
I don't see a reason to question it until they post troll like stuff. Usually trolls are easy to see through and if someone isn't actually legit but still provide quality posts it doesn't mean we can really know. Just delete problem posts. Seems like what it has been and has no need to change.
>> No. 18988 [Edit]
So wait, just cause some one's waifu is a khajiit it's suddenly not allowed? That's kinda stupid. Why are waifus suddenly restricted to anime?

>> No. 18991 [Edit]
Learn to read, it was already not allowed.
>> No. 18992 [Edit]
Understand Ive only been on this part of the board. For the record khajiits are not even from the furry fandom, they are from 'The Elder Scrolls' but that's not the point.

Post edited on 8th Oct 2015, 12:46pm
>> No. 18993 [Edit]
There's nothing wrong about it, dude. You can talk about your love as much as you want, just don't post images.
It's a matter of taste/offense, I guess. I like guro but I'm not allowed to post any images here because most people here don't want to see them, I don't have a problem with that, I like to avoid looking at 3DPD images too.
>> No. 18994 [Edit]

Waifus aren't restricted to anime. I've lurked here for years, but /mai/ is in no way the board that defines the definition of waifuism.
Think about it this way: recent cases of concept extremism/nonconformism (as in that zerg guy and the handful of people who have very unusual concepts they are attached to) only show us we can't know if it's serious or not.

If someone came her and trolled us about having a 2d waifu, nobody would bat an eyelid because it's a common thing. But people might, and odds are do get a kick out of us leading us to believe they have feelings towards a furry or an alien species leader.
This rule allows us to get rid of potential trolls, who even if they're not trolling, have no place here. Not out of our intolerance for extreme concepts, but rather because the concepts they love are so different we cannot discuss it with them, nor can they with us.

Furry waifus/husbandos, looking at the current community for those are much likely to be simply trolls/people bullshitting online/roleplaying/whatever the hell they're into. The origins of waifuism is the love of an abstract 2d concept-- one that can never truly be reached. Furries originate from a very different mindset than waifuism and has very different origins. There are hundreds of conventions every year where furries go cosplay, have sex and socialize. Why should we have people who can "be" with their husbando/waifu in the same community where the large majority simply cannot? There is very little they can relate to in the first place.

Love towards concepts of furries is obviously more physical than anything, as one being a furry originates from physical attraction to anthropomorphic animals. I'm not saying we "waifuists" or whatever the hell you want to call us didn't originate from physical attraction towards our love... that being said, 2d love is much more abstract than furry love or 3dpd love.
There is a lot of interaction in the latter. I can see where Tohno is coming from-- even if his point of view were 100% irreasonable, which it isn't, it's not our place to tell him how to rule his board. If you don't like it, go make a board for furries or post on reddit, nobody's preventing you from expressing your love towards a furry concept.
This is not a board made for loving non-existing beings (in our material realm at the very least), this is a board made for the discussion of waifuism.
>> No. 18995 [Edit]
I see where you are coming from, but, the only problem I have is that you don't have any sort of exceptions. I wasn't even a furry until I fell in love with this character. You also can't assume that it's all physical attraction. I am not saying she isn't attractive, but it's more than just her appearance I am attracted too. Not everything is black and white when it comes to this sort of thing. I also wouldn't be the first person to post a waifu that has animal like features. I saw others in 'post your' thread.
>> No. 18996 [Edit]

I'm not assuming it's all physical attraction. Looking at the origins of furries, though, it's safe to assume a large part of it was based off physical attraction, as a furry is by definition someone attracted to those anthropomorphic beings.
Nobody's accusing you of being a false prophet here. With the amount of trolls and fakes out there, and looking at the huge culture gap between abstract 2d love (which was the origin of waifuism if you're disregarding the whole joke thing that popularized it) and the furry community, do you really believe this is the best of places to discuss your love towards a furry concept?
>> No. 18997 [Edit]
I didn't really come here to do that, I just saw a post your waifu thread, thinking people here would be open minded enough to accept it. I just wanted to meet more like minded people.
>> No. 18999 [Edit]
You came to the wrong site.
>> No. 19001 [Edit]
Yes, lets just drive people away, that's what we need to do! Makes perfect sense.
>> No. 19002 [Edit]
Yeah, think about all the pedophiles we drive away, only because we don't allow cheese pizza here. Same with ponyfags, narutards, normalfags etc. Really a shame that we can't discuss stuff with those guys.
>> No. 19003 [Edit]
Get that scarecrow out of here please, we don't like strawmen. I do how ever love playing the Devils Advocate.
For the sake of the the argument what if I said Fuurin Rei was my waifu.(She isn't.) She is from eastern media, but she is also a furry. So what then? Furry waifus are not allowed, but she is from eastern media, does that suddenly make it right? Now you have a fallacy there.

I understand that tohno is supposed to be for anime, and waifuism started from anime, but everything evolves in some form.

I never expected to have a waifu in the first place, it's just something that sort of happened to me, and it just happened to not be from anime, even though I watched a lot of it.

The fact that I've only ever found two places that you can openly talk about waifuism and I get rejected by one of them cause the character I love is not from eastern media is troubling.
I agree some peoples 'waifus' can be questionable, but you have to have a little leeway.

Post edited on 8th Oct 2015, 4:03pm
>> No. 19007 [Edit]
You don't compute sarcasm, do you?
>> No. 19008 [Edit]
I don't know what leeway you are talking about, and you are doing a great deal of it anyway. The rules basically didn't change, except that they explicitly allowed something that wasn't explicitly banned in the first place. The fact that in the last half-year this problem received the most feedback tells a lot about this board. Some people suggest that some fresh blood is needed, some change. Others don't want the change. And that is the only topic being discussed on a waifu board - scholastic discussion about what the waifuism really is.
>> No. 19010 [Edit]
Neither the board wasn't intended to be a soap-box arena fro quasi-political debates.

I understand why people don't want to
> openly spill out details of their personal relationship with their special person on a public website
But then this website is doomed to be left for flame, dramas and shit storm, with occasional posts about someone's waifu.

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