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File 144265618418.jpg - (113.13KB , 800x700 , 0897.jpg )
20657 No. 20657 [Edit]
So the other day I was running a search on my drives for a rather vague term (sd) and among the results was some 3dpd porn. At first I thought I unknowingly downloaded some nasty virus that dumped the stuff on my drive, or some old temp files from a site I mistakenly visited once. But no it was stuff I saved years ago and completely forgot about. The interesting thing is I looked over some of the stuff out of morbid curiosity, and while it was clearly stuff that should have appealed to my personal tastes I found it all rather repulsive and made me feel dirty.

I've been a long time 2d lover 3d hater, but I guess I never truly grasped how disgusting and disturbing I found 3dpd pornography to be before this. I haven't pursued the stuff in ages or had any urge to and always thought 3dpd was gross, but I didn't realized how truly far I had gone. I almost want to say it was horrifying to look at and I was having trouble understanding how people could fap to this stuff. Objectively speaking there wasn't anything abnormal about the images or those in them, most guys would probably call it "hot" but I found it so... alien. I guess what I'm trying to say is I went from being uninterested in 3dpd, to being physically incapable of being interested in 3dpd. It's not a preference for me anymore but an absolute. I honestly think at this point if I saw a real naked woman in person I'd probably puke, even if she was some sort of model.
>> No. 20658 [Edit]
I bet you hate mirrors.
>> No. 20659 [Edit]
How'd you guess?
>> No. 20665 [Edit]
Hey man we all feel you. I never fapped to 3D at all ever (cuz asexual), but I still know what you mean about 3D being literally puke-your-guts-out disgusting.
>> No. 20666 [Edit]
I feel disgusted of pretty much all porn nowadays. It's probably good, though.
>> No. 20667 [Edit]
Thanks for the info.
>> No. 20677 [Edit]
I've never fapped to 3DPD porn myself. I've never even given it a fair chance. From what I've seen, it's usually just... gross. People are so dirty, greasy, and imperfect.
>> No. 20697 [Edit]
I fap to rule34, I bet you would find it even more repulsive than real life porn, I guess I have a fetish door poorly drawn geometric figures that are supposed to be little girls.
>> No. 20702 [Edit]
>I have a fetish door poorly drawn geometric figures
i was going to make a joke about trapezoid on hexagon porn, but you really just gave me this idea for nonrepresentational porn which is really fantastically erotic if you think about it long enough.
>> No. 20727 [Edit]
Are there specific reasons for why 3DPD is disgusting in your eyes in addition to aesthetics?

For me, it's digestion, glands, mucous membrane and shit like that.
Beside that I really find knees repulsing. I don't know why, it's just something I really can't stand seeing. I'm glad that most 2D qts have no knees (patellae). I prefer 2D girls in idealized form, so obviously I really can't fap to scat or guro (I respect those fetishes though), sweat is okay for me as long as it isn't overemphasized like the focus being on the smell or snuffing or something like that.
>> No. 20731 [Edit]
I don't know, I feel like I'm one of the few people who isn't that critical of 3DPD when it comes to looks. If it's porn or something I might be disgusted, but if it's just some person I'm talking to or someone I see walking down the street I won't judge them for being 3DPD or compare them to 2D because it just seems wrong to me. It's mostly personality that turns me off, girls who are overly promiscuous or extremely selfish and self-centered are people I feel genuinely disgusted by.
>> No. 20821 [Edit]
I can't stand the sight of anything even remotely human-looking, so that includes drawn humans. They always look so awkward and unnatural.

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