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File 142187257312.jpg - (27.66KB , 326x395 , 2.jpg )
17478 No. 17478 [Edit]
How do you go on dates with your waifu/husbando? Do you actively go places with her, or is it mostly a stay at home thing? Or do you two simply don't go on dates?
>> No. 17479 [Edit]
Mostly just go in my mind. although sometimes when out and about I like to imagine what it'd be like if she was there with me.
>> No. 17480 [Edit]
I work on projects dedicated to her, listen to music that reminds me of her, and just generally imagine her presence.
>> No. 17482 [Edit]
I plan dates with him out and at home. Sometimes I take along a small pocket-size plush of him in my purse when we have an outside date. I usually go places with him that he likes, such as an ice cream parlor or a garden. If we go out somewhere where there are a lot of people then I won't take him out, but I feel comfort knowing he's there and like we're sharing this tiny secret. If no one is around, I feel more comfortable taking him out and maybe talking to him a little. At home our dates mostly consist of cooking meals he enjoys, baking together, or drawing pictures of him.
>> No. 17483 [Edit]
That sounds really cute. I wish Hanako had a plush, though I suppose I could get a wallet photo.
>> No. 17484 [Edit]
We actively go places, though it's never really anywhere proper (usually just the mall or for a walk or something). Of course we stay at home a lot too, usually just watching some show or movie and relaxing.

I've been toying with the idea of starting a weekly ritual with him at some point. Maybe picking and reading a horror manga each week since that's something I enjoy and I can see him liking it too. In general our interests are pretty different, so it would be cool to like something in common.
>> No. 17489 [Edit]
What counts as going with her? I have 4 pictures of my waifu on my phone, including one on my chrome browser which I look at many, many times a day. I take my phone with me everywhere I go, I feel like this way I'm closer to her. Does that count?
>> No. 17490 [Edit]
Erica and I used to occasionally, but now we rarely go anywhere. It did concern us for a moment that in over 4 years together, the number of dates we've had probably hasn't hit double digits yet - and then we rolled over and dozed off again.

Post edited on 23rd Jan 2015, 6:12pm
>> No. 17491 [Edit]
I walk around with a plush of her a lot, either in a bag with her head sticking out or with her in a coat pocket. She goes along with me to a lot of places. We watch a lot of movies and play video games together a lot as well. But I've never done anything like go to the movies with her, or go to a decent resturaunt to have dinner with her.
>> No. 17521 [Edit]
I'm pretty shy, but I tend to have breakfast before anybody is awake so we've had breakfast together. I found a lot of cute fanart of him laying in bed to look at as I eat.
>> No. 17548 [Edit]
For a long time I've been wanting to drive around town and go to beach with Yukiho strapped in the passenger seat. Now that I finally got my daki, this will hopefully become a reality.

Other than that, I spend most of my time with her just snuggling in bed. Although now with my daki I'm getting in the habit of having her under my arm while I'm at the computer. I should probably start doing more things with her.

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