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File 142751541994.jpg - (45.24KB , 300x220 , image.jpg )
26650 No. 26650 [Edit]
What do you define as a Ford Driver? Say you're the admin here, what's the most amount of normalfaggotry a user can display before you ban him?
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>> No. 26651 [Edit]
>> No. 26655 [Edit]
Anyone who is not us or does not subscribe to the same unique set of values as us.
>> No. 26657 [Edit]
Op here, thanks, I guess that means thread over.
>> No. 26713 [Edit]
we can still discuss how you pretty much posted 3d in OP pic and should be killed for it
>> No. 26715 [Edit]
That looks like a painting.
>> No. 26720 [Edit]
looks rotoscoped
>> No. 26722 [Edit]
These questions tend to be bad because people tend to ask it and then behave so they're just barely not-banworthy. You should be smart enough to figure out how this place is not like facebook or 4chan.
>> No. 26723 [Edit]
Op here, it's a painting. It's an image for ants so I can understand where you're coming from.
>> No. 26740 [Edit]
its questionable so why don't you just delete it?
>> No. 26742 [Edit]
The topic was about Ford Drivers, so using what you call "questionable" is not incorrect. Looking through the other threads you'd realize that. One thing is getting worked up over 3D, another is getting worked up over something that imitates 3D, you know, 2D.
>> No. 26746 [Edit]
File 142846892314.jpg - (60.27KB , 1280x720 , gg_Aku_no_Hana_-_01_88C4AA88_mkv_snapshot_17_29_20.jpg )
seconding this >>26720

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