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No. 8372 [Edit]
Or just me?
>> No. 8379 [Edit]
It looks pretty similar to 2017 and the Fencer reminds me of the Battle class from Insect Armageddon. There's some sort of Jet/Palewing equivalent and I can't tell what the fourth class is. I feel like they're sort of running out of ideas for EDF games.

I hope they make heavy weapons more powerful. They were absolute garbage in 2017 because they slowed you down to the point of no return. They were completely unusable on Hardest and Inferno because you would always get swarmed. I also noticed that some of the ravagers have new attacks, like the ants scooping you up in their pincers and crushing you. The player character seems to be less durable, and reloads seem to have been extended significantly. I like the new EDF uniforms and the hectors seem to have new weapons (one of them looked like it had a shield). I also hope vehicles won't be made of paper mache in this one. The new support weapons look really cool though, especially the deployable energy shields. I hope they do dual audio in 2025 as well. Vehicles have limited ammo for all weapons now, so I guess they're going to be significantly more powerful to counterbalance this.

I guess I'm pretty excited.

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