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File 129366923289.jpg - (677.83KB , 3520x1600 , Kill me Baby_01_000a.jpg )
209 No. 209 [Edit]
What are some of your favourite 4koma? I tend to not read a lot of 4koma since they're usually more or less the same with the cute deformed faces and typical Japanese humour but I'd be lying if I said I don't enjoy them.

Most recent one I read and liked was Kill Me Baby. Another one I quite enjoyed was Plica which is about the daily life of a lesbian in modern day Japan.
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>> No. 210 [Edit]
File 129367239747.jpg - (82.96KB , 400x1138 , 891107c556d4c0fced2cc61595dd838a.jpg )
Any of the bkub 4koma.
>> No. 211 [Edit]
File 129367294885.jpg - (89.32KB , 750x1075 , 1267400510389.jpg )
>> No. 217 [Edit]
Wa!, although the releases are so few and far between that it's killing me.
>> No. 258 [Edit]
File 129541318669.jpg - (464.16KB , 1109x1600 , 49.jpg )
>> No. 325 [Edit]
I actually really like the Seitokai Yakuindomo manga, the timing of the jokes feels a lot better than the anime, and I really like the art.
>> No. 326 [Edit]
I really liked the art, but the humour turned me off immeadiatly.
>> No. 620 [Edit]

Great. Finally a group that is able and willing to scanlate more than three chapters per year picked it up and it turn out vol 3 was the last one. ;_;
>> No. 621 [Edit]
The yonkoma OP mentioned (Kill me Baby) is getting an anime adaptation. Just thought I'll let everyone who picked it up know.
>> No. 624 [Edit]
Very worried on how it'll be handled. I get the feeling that it'll the comic timing will be ruined and I'll end up finding it unfunny as I unfortunately did with the Cromartie anime.
>> No. 764 [Edit]
I didn't know that other people read this as well...
>> No. 773 [Edit]
Cute girl 4koma have been done really well in anime before, so I think Kill me Baby should do well.
>> No. 810 [Edit]
Cute? Yes. Funny? In my opinion, no.

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