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File 143639583266.jpg - (165.42KB , 503x781 , 1435560873314.jpg )
20321 No. 20321 [Edit]
How do you utilize the internet to fulfill your social needs?

I'd gotten into the habit of browsing a certain imageboard, and while its denizens would describe its fatal flaw as an overabundance of Ford Drivers, I found that its problems were two-fold. Not only had a kind of gravity well of negativity and bitterness developed that sucked you down into it the longer you remained, but the speed and style of posting had become such that trivial, thoughtless posts and interactions were the norm. Browsing the board became rather like eating potato chips for dinner: it was easier and more immediately-rewarding than cooking, but ultimately dissatisfying and a bad habit to have established.

Now I feel like I hardly know how to have more meaningful, personal interactions with others. I've gotten so used to not just anonymity, which can in fact facilitate such interactions, but to a sort of uninvested, careless slinging of comments. Worst of all is the lingering doubt that perhaps this is just me and that blaming the imageboard is only an excuse for retreating from social interaction. That thought has lurked in the back of my mind for some time now, and yet I've done nothing about it because I've always felt that there simply wasn't the right venue, or the right crowd of people therein, to make that change.

Apologies if this post is a bit bloggy; I hope it's at least relatable.
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>> No. 20324 [Edit]
File 143645984897.jpg - (713.95KB , 1032x1280 , 2015-03-26-721852.jpg )
I think groups are an easier way to meet people/socialize. Such as skype groups or an IRC. That way you can talk to people and get to know them a little before you speak one on one, yet don't have to actually say anything if you're not interested in the topic or unsure what to say. Definitely makes it easier to meet someone and not have the awkward conversation of trying to find out what your common interests are.

The main problem is finding one.
>> No. 20330 [Edit]
Group settings can definitely be more approachable, although all too often I've found that the particular sort of people who populate them are... a little bit aggressive, trying a little bit too hard. That's true with people going out of their way to chat one-on-one too, like if you talk to random robots on Omegle or something, come to think of it. It's just plain difficult to find easy going, compatible people. At least in a group you're exposed to more people at once so maybe your odds are better.
>> No. 20331 [Edit]
I can't seem to hold any sort of tangible friendships or identity long enough for it to develop into anything meaningful. I don't know how anyone really does it. Don't you feel confined committing to a name and an identity? Every time I think about opening up to someone or a group of people it just seems like too much work or a great way to hurt myself.
>> No. 20344 [Edit]
Over the years i met some really interesting characters on some games i played, these are some of the best friends you can ever have and i guess the best adventures one can have online. In review its sureal.
But well as things go on over the years people come and go and things change.
Still i doubt there is a better bunch of people than the ones i go to know.
>> No. 20345 [Edit]
Kind of off topic but the artist of OP's comic is kind of a bitch, it seems like her "oh so awkward and anxious!" stuff is all an act to get her notes on Tumblr.
>> No. 20346 [Edit]
>Don't you feel confined committing to a name and an identity?
I used to avoid it, yeah. It's gradually come to bother me less and less as life has made me disconnect from myself in order to deal with the world around me. Which is not any kind of solution, I have to admit, it's just something that's happened. Now instead of feeling averse to it I go through periods where it's hard to relate to people on any level but superficial.

>In review its sureal.
I feel that way too when I think back over all the e-friends I made through online games and forums and IRC. Like watching two little kids who are total strangers start playing together without a second thought or hesitation.

Well, that's tumblr for you I suppose. Bleh.
>> No. 20348 [Edit]
This place is really the only thing I use. Anytime I do one on one chats I eventually get bored of the other person and block them. And chat room just irritate me because everyone always acts stupid trying to be funny.

I don't really want a social life online or off, I guess.
>> No. 20350 [Edit]
I am too jaded these days for online friendships, but years ago I made friends in niche forums, irc, and an MMO. Took me months there to get to the point, and more than a year to call them friends, but you know what, in the end is pointless, they live thousands of miles aways, they can't help me in any meaningful way. I can't help them either, and our lives veered apart eventually due to rl stuff. So now, I much prefer anonymous boards.
>> No. 20351 [Edit]
I don't have much of a social life on the 'net. I have no e-friends or whatever you call them. I usually get ignored, anyway.
>> No. 20353 [Edit]
I make very stupid mistakes. At rare occasions, I connect and get along with a person over a period of time and when we have a chance to move our conversations to the next level I cut contact with them entirely and never attempt to reconnect. This is how I find myself perpetually alone. When I am forced to remember, there is bitter pain of regret as I imagine what could have been and how I hurt the person's feelings by my actions.

I've done this a lot and it has left me emotionally drained. I don't ever want to go through that again.
>> No. 20354 [Edit]
>How do you utilize the internet to fulfill your social needs?
I don't, I wouldn't even know how. Image-boards don't count since I only barely use tohnochan.
>> No. 20372 [Edit]
That doesn't sound like a mistake at all, that sounds like deliberate self-sabotage born of a fear of intimacy. I hope some day you're able to overcome it.
>> No. 20381 [Edit]
I have a twitter where I interact with people on a mostly superficial level. I am quite social on the site though. I'm your typical introvert, but online it's like I'm around friends so I feel free to talk about things and give my opinion even if I don't know the person very well.
I also have a small group of friends I play games with. Been together for near 10 years now. We sit on a teamspeak server to chat and play games.

Those 2 things + imageboard make me feel accepted enough to fulfill any social wants or needs. I used to think I didn't need any socialization but I've come to realize I'm still as addicted as anyone else.

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