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File 133819936784.jpg - (422.56KB , 586x834 , takemewithyou.jpg )
14970 No. 14970 [Edit]
Can anyone else on /tc/ identify people from their posting style?

I am absolutely convinced I can distinguish six posters other than myself. Once you spot certain quirks in how we talk, it really is not so hard to do.
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>> No. 14972 [Edit]
I did my best to do it back in the day. Nowadays I don't try anymore, I recognize 3-4 non-native speakers who use peculiar wording and/or sentence structure.
>> No. 14973 [Edit]
American IPs are already minority according to stats
>> No. 14974 [Edit]
There are 2 people who post on /tc/ that have distinct styles of speech, and I can tell when they are posting.
>> No. 14975 [Edit]
File 133821282544.jpg - (523.77KB , 854x1200 , maya with folio.jpg )
Asukasopher's style is kinda easy to recognize.
I cannot tell apart the rest.
>> No. 14977 [Edit]
Yeah I've often thought I recognised different people around here, though I've not exactly tried to pin it down.
Maybe I'll just start using a name to help people identify easier, but then things could turn into a circlejerk and I don't think anyone wants that.

Can either of you identify which posts I've done before? That would be fun...If I'm one of the people you recognise.
>> No. 14978 [Edit]
That image looks too 3DPD for my taste.
>> No. 14980 [Edit]
I certainly try, but unless it's within a specific thread or them identifying their waifu I never feel successful.
I feel shameful for admitting this (even here), but I often fantasize that people can recognize me with some of the longer posts that I make. It's a bit too narcissistic for comfort, but the habit persists.

It would be interesting to see those of you who believe you can recognize some posters link to their posts, although the likelihood of it becoming a circlejerk is perhaps too high.
>> No. 14981 [Edit]
I can usually tell who tohno is when he posts without his name on (one time someone I thought was him wasn't, though!). There's also another guy who I don't like very much and I can usually tell it's him because he talks about the same shit in the same way.
>> No. 14983 [Edit]
I have a bad posting style and it is probably very easy to recognize. I try to change my style every now and then, but I doubt that it does much.

This is why I try to change my style. I'm sorry, please don't hate me for being a shit poster
>> No. 14984 [Edit]
Yes, I can single out at least 3-4 people. Tobo and that Asuka guy included.
>> No. 14985 [Edit]
If there are any trip users that go anon I can sometimes recognize them by their posting style. But as for everyday other anons I probably have talked to for as long as I been here I can't tell them apart. I always wondered if anyone recognizes me since I think a lot of my posts have a similar style to them.
>> No. 14987 [Edit]
I'm a moderator so I just differentiate people by their IP addresses and metadata
>> No. 14988 [Edit]
that's cheating!
>> No. 14989 [Edit]
I wouldn't do this even if I could. It would allow me to be a dick to someone for something they said in a completely different thread about a completely different topic. So even if I agreed with them in the new one, I would act like an ass because of what they said elsewhere.

I know I'm not the only person that would do this. I'd wager that few WOULDN'T do this.
>> No. 14990 [Edit]
It's true that that sort of thing can mess up things when it comes to separate threads. I try my utmost to be as objective as possible and focus on the subject at hand rather than worry about the feelings of others. Unless it's, like, really stupid or something.
>> No. 14998 [Edit]
I saw what you did there.
>> No. 15002 [Edit]

Doesn't mean every non-native speaker uses weird sentence structure.


Well yeah, that's the whole point of anonymous image boards. You can flame somebody in one thread and agree with him completely in another.


I'm not sure what I 'did there', though.
>> No. 15012 [Edit]
Or even flame him in one thread and agree with him later on in the same thread. In general though, shouldn't flaming be avoided? It's kind of childish and just makes people distracted.
>> No. 15014 [Edit]
Yes, but some of us are man-children at heart.
>> No. 15025 [Edit]

I didn't mean literal flaming. Just 'strong disagreement'.
>> No. 15026 [Edit]
Don't worry you are okay

Hell. Yes. Well peoplehave detected me based off posting style here nd on anothersmall anon forum. I detected one guy on the other forum due to his posting style.
>> No. 15027 [Edit]
The term shitposter is really so subjective. It's a blanket term used to describe anything someone doesn't like.
>> No. 15028 [Edit]
File 133841445224.jpg - (62.60KB , 688x549 , kuroko-komica-doodle.jpg )
Trying to look for patterns where none exist is bad for your health, desu yo~

i hate you.
>> No. 15030 [Edit]
This post is really cute.

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