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File 133009401180.jpg - (317.08KB , 1163x1171 , 1329857387773.jpg )
9055 No. 9055 [Edit]
How do you wish your life was right now, /so/? If anything was possible, how would you make your life?
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>> No. 9056 [Edit]
I wish I was living on a half-constructed skyscraper with some idols in their underwear eating sweets.
>> No. 9057 [Edit]
I wanna be a 2D loli living with a few other 2D lolis, and we would sit around all day drinking tea and criticizing the state of the video game industry
>> No. 9058 [Edit]
I wish I had enough money to be able to live alone for the rest of my life. No need for a job, or any socializing whatsoever. For groceries, maybe I could have a robot loli maid that would do the shopping for me.
>> No. 9059 [Edit]
I want to live on an isolated piece of land in the middle of nowhere, with enough money to at least have a shitty satellite internet connection.
>> No. 9060 [Edit]
I feel that I don't need anything else than lots of money. In the end money is the only thing that could make me even more happier because it would allow me to live as neet rest of my life.
>> No. 9061 [Edit]
If anything's possible? Then I want to live in a mansion on an island with self-sufficient power, water and food sources, as well as a full maid staff. Wait, a full cute robot maid staff. That's my ideal life.
>> No. 9062 [Edit]
I would live where I currently am forever with unlimited money and live the same way I do now with a little more comfort. I can't really see myself anywhere else. I would also want to keep my body where it is now so it never changes or ages.
>> No. 9063 [Edit]
I would be living a quite and simple peaceful life with my waifu in a small friendly town.
We'd have a modest home, and I'd be doing something I would enjoy for a living, probably carpentry.
Of course this would require that I be a different person, but 'if anything was possible', right?
>> No. 9064 [Edit]
I'd simply want a life where I'm happy. As happy as anyone could possibly be, every single day. I would want everyone I ever liked in my lifetime to find that happiness.

Oh, but what I'd really want is my waifu. She would come before anything.

Except all of that is impossible, even in a world where anything is possible. I mean, c'mon, that's heaven on Earth, essentially. So, I'd want pretty much want a life where I am left to my own devices, but still supported, and able to pretty much do whatever I want until the end of my days.
>> No. 9065 [Edit]
I want to be wanted and worth something to someone. Maybe a butler, with a house full of loli's who depend on me for everything to stay working and managing the household.
>> No. 9067 [Edit]
On a mountain, in nature, with a sturdy little wooden house with electricity and tools. Lifelong satellite internet.

I'd hunt for food, gather water and whatever.

A nearby lake would be cool.
>> No. 9070 [Edit]
I wish I could just live free from expectations, obligations, and requirements. More ideally, I wish to be set for life without any threat to my wellbeing or my lifestyle. More specifically, I wish to live in a small apartment room with a lifetime supply of food, water, and energy, with a guarantee that my life will always be that way forever until I die.
>> No. 9071 [Edit]
I'd just scrap my current existence and live in some world where my life is like a shounen/seinen action, adventure, and battle manga. I'd be alone and I'd go through a ton of fights until I make it to some boss or something and I'd die in a very bad ass way. I don't care if I were to be a nameless nobody, I just want to have as much fun as I can in that world. Super powers and/or amazing weapons would definitely make it more amazing.
>> No. 9072 [Edit]

Pic related.
>> No. 9076 [Edit]
ANYTHING is possible?

I'd be living in Gintama with Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi, and being part of the odd jobs gin. Don't care if we are poor as shit, living everyday and just talking to them is a happy life.
>> No. 9077 [Edit]
This post made me happy.
>> No. 9078 [Edit]
I would want to captain my own starship Enterprise 1701-E and just explore the universe with a loyal crew of wonderful people
>> No. 9080 [Edit]
I'd like to run a library together with my waifu in a nice and orderly city.

That's a really nice one too.
>> No. 9081 [Edit]
Like that image but with weed.
>> No. 9082 [Edit]
File 133036559999.jpg - (1.41MB , 1500x2055 , SlaaneshChampion.jpg )
I'd be leading a conquest across the Galaxy, slaughtering and desecrating all in my path.
>> No. 9083 [Edit]
>If anything was possible, how would you make your life?
I'd want to go adventuring in one of my favorite tabletop RPG settings together with my waifu.
Probably in Creation (Exalted) or the Dragonstar universe (d&d).
In Exalted my waifu and I would we'd be a solar and lunar duo, we'd go around punching Haruhis in the face and kicking mountains in half.
In Dragonstar we'd probably end up like >>9078 (except with more fantasy and less science) or >>9076. Exploring the galaxy or settling down in a port city and have adventures there both sound fun.
>> No. 9090 [Edit]
Doing something sufficiently nerdy in a large city with futuristic technology and shit, with the ability to travel all over the earth and to go into space/afford it. The tech of Gundam 00 or Seed/Seed Destiny at least. Maybe the POV of a black guy in a black republic's Atlanta capital joining an autistic commune in space, or something......
>> No. 9091 [Edit]
Fuck! In a way, doing wanderlust in a car with a waifu with money to go around towns and cities. Though that would be saddening meeting ppl and never seeing them again. Think traveling musicians can get sad about that sometimes....
>> No. 9096 [Edit]
Living with my waifu in a pretty city with good internet services where everyone is nice and I can live in peace with her forever.
>> No. 9098 [Edit]
I want an intellectual job I can take pride in, and a nice 3DPD and/or boyfriend. Both my work and my partner would leave me in peace, bothering me only rarely and on my terms, leaving me enough time to contemplate my beautiful and futuristic surroundings, and think about whatever.
>> No. 9099 [Edit]

I would love to have such a life.
>> No. 9102 [Edit]
File 133050471926.jpg - (121.73KB , 1024x1728 , 127456856342.jpg )
From most extreme to the mildest:

I'd like to be a CEO of some MegaCorp at a very young age. Eventually my scientific contributions would lead to the colonisation of Mars via space ships that look exactly like Åsgard motherships from SG-1. My company would be the first to take Mars over and banning all bullshit of USA and corrupt European governments and it would be awesome.


I'd like to live in Thailand in a mansion, being able to pay for it by being a software engineer and a database-guy over the internet.
I'd have a harem of the most astonishing ladyboys there playing in the pool, just having a good time and looking spectacular.
Obviously I'd have sex with them, all the time, without a condom, until I catch AIDS and die.


I'd like to have parents that are wealthy enough to have an apartment with a garage, so I could move back in with them and spend all my money on a car and really learning how an engine works. Build and tune an engine by myself is one of the things I'd like to do before I die, but thanks to greenie-hippies and other assholes, I couldn't ever afford that, even with a job, if I have to pay rent.

These are the three main fantasies I keep returning to.
>> No. 9161 [Edit]
I'd want a gun or some form of explosive capable of destroying me.
>> No. 9229 [Edit]
I'd just wish I hade made friends in my youth. (I had friends as a kid). But after that everything went downhill because I for some reason stopped caring about relationships. Now I feel really bad for this and I probably wouldn't have turned out as a pathetic loser....
>> No. 9230 [Edit]
I wish the whole world sucked my cock, of course.
>> No. 9231 [Edit]
are you sure? there's lots of people in the world i wouldn't want anywhere near my genitals
>> No. 9233 [Edit]
File 133151433453.jpg - (277.59KB , 1680x1050 , 2011-05-01_00001.jpg )
Conquering the galaxy seems like a lot of work, I'd rather explore it like >>9078 said.

Traveling the universe with my waifu would be perfect.
>> No. 9247 [Edit]
File 133152585695.jpg - (8.99KB , 179x281 , knight.jpg )
I want to be a claymore-wielding knight in heavy armour in a "you have to save the world with your friends" story, who falls in love with the healer of the party (who is in love with the main character) and sacrificing myself to save the main character, my love interest and the world.

Who then is forgotten by history.
>> No. 9259 [Edit]

I don't think I ever pondered it but if one were to look into it I'm prettty sure he'd discover some kind of direct relationship between people with low self esteem and hating the main character and/or rooting for the underdog.
>> No. 9290 [Edit]
That sounds amazing.
>> No. 9298 [Edit]
File 133179187271.png - (684.02KB , 840x516 , city.png )
In a large sprawling city, maybe NYC, several years after a world-wide zombie apocalypse. The landscape would be punctuated by blackened craters and gaping holes in buildings from desperate bombing raids years ago before society fell to the virus.

The infected would still be roaming the streets, but in much fewer numbers and far less capable of attack as a result of their starvation and tissue damage. Not too difficult to avoid, but a serious threat if you get cornered and aren't prepared.

I would live halfway up a hotel skyscraper in a small, nice room, spending my days getting high and playing video games, reading, learning to cook, watching movies, occasionally travelling by car and exploring new areas.

After an age, long after I'd lost track of the months and years, I would come across a cute little girl on her own as I scavenged for my food and supplies. She'd be scared, neurotic, anxious at every bump or sudden movement and I'd slowly convince her that she was safe with me and I wouldn't hurt her. She'd come home with me that night,I would cook her a special dinner and we'd get to know each other. I'd learn that she has a medical condition that prevents her from aging and she's stuck with the mind and body of a nine year old for the rest of her life. She would stay with me from then on and we'd slowly shuffle around a romantic relationship, precariously getting closer until we revealed our feelings to each other. We would be happy together at the end of the world

>> No. 9650 [Edit]
File 133489561320.jpg - (566.89KB , 1864x2224 , YaksiniSMT.jpg )
I've always imagined living in a Shin Megami Tensei-style world as some sort of traveling ranger. I'd adventure through the radically different world kicking all sorts of ass with my demon pals and doing quests to make everyone's life in the new world more tolerable. Would even have a cute demon lover, like a Yaksini or Amaterasu.

A slightly more realistic dream would probably be living somewhere nice, with a decent income doing something I don't mind. While having all that I'd also be kinda internet famous. Maybe for doing something like playing on a notable competitive team for LoL/Dota. Or perhaps I'd be a popular youtube Lets Player for RPGs, with thousands of subscribers. Of course, wouldn't be a pathetic fantasy without a romantic interest! I'd have a trap 3DPD along with me the whole way.

Post edited on 19th Apr 2012, 9:23pm
>> No. 9695 [Edit]
It would be nice to have some source of income.
I'd like to have a 3DPD, too.

That's really it...
>> No. 9719 [Edit]
File 133512956255.jpg - (923.35KB , 1680x1050 , Rainforest_Creek_Wallpaper_by_nxxos.jpg )
I'd really love to be the last/only person on Earth. I'd like to just wander about, without any real goal. Of course, I would have proper camping equipment and clothes with me (I already have decent skills to pull this off) and anything that I'd need to catch and gather whatever food I can find. Just walking through huge forests, ruined cities, watching sun set over an ocean... That'd be bliss.
>> No. 9806 [Edit]
File 133548594623.png - (48.84KB , 293x301 , 1301377808801.png )
I want to be the indisputable greatest genius (if such a concept still had validity) on Earth, in every single fucking area (art, morals, knowledge), at least as much as the boundaries of historical/interpretation horizons allow it; then, depending on the opening possibilities and the level of power that may entail, I'd choose between:

- Changing this current world for the better
- Putting an end to it
- Committing plain and lonely suicide

I'd like to be the equivalent of a Haruhi of this world, or absolutely nothing at all (not the current vulgar me, for sure); but much more importantly: to know it for sure.
>> No. 9809 [Edit]
File 133548675423.jpg - (28.79KB , 720x480 , layer 1.jpg )
I think I feel the same way.
>> No. 9810 [Edit]
Not sure if you watched Naoki Urasawa's Monster. But when you mentioned suicide along with being a genius. The first thing that popped into my head was,"Johann's perfect suicide". I also think that Johann is a similar personality you are reflecting on. He was probably the smartest character I have ever read/seen. The only difference is that he was like the Satan in our world instead of the Haruhi of our world.
>> No. 9811 [Edit]
File 133549954053.jpg - (94.78KB , 1100x872 , Johan Liebert.jpg )
>Not sure if you watched...
To be honest, I didn't. But great new reference; thank you very much.
>> No. 9813 [Edit]
At this point, all I'd want is a stable and pleasant future shared with my waifu.
>> No. 9819 [Edit]
Forcing cops to murder oneself isn't uncommon, and doesn't require a genius to come up with. In fact it was by pure chance that the said character "died", except he never did. In the end he was a failure, only capable of manipulating and tormenting his peers, in behavior typical of a psycopath. I'll be honest: glorifying suicide is disgusting to me. Ending the world for some obscure, "intellectual" reasons is also a cliché - as tends to be the nature of many a dream - but the given aspiration is far on the cheesy side

You can go ahead and tell me to get out of your /tc/ now.


I wish I could get by without selling my time - that would be my wish.
>> No. 9826 [Edit]
You mentioned that ending the world for an intellectual reason is cliched. The problem with that is that Johan did not want to end the world for an intellectual reason. He just liked watching people suffer. He also did not fall for the common cliche for wanting power either. Because if he did want power; he would have joined the Neo Nazis as opposed to killing them. And while I do admit that somethings may have been cliched in monster, the characters were most certainly not. Even the minor characters felt fully fleshed out to me. My fascination with Johan is that he is so inhuman, in the sense that he is so smart, manipulative, and cold hearted. However at the same time he still displays human qualities; such as his love for his sister, and killing because he enjoys treating people like inferiors. For example when he burned down the library he did that because he enjoyed seeing people run for their lives; not for any intellectual reason. But please tell me why you view him as cliched. Since he is one of the few characters in anime that actually seem kind of "real" to me. He was more then just a genius psychopath. He wanted to kill those that made him and his sister suffer when he was a child. He also was not purely evil as most villains; since he did love his sister and wanted the best for her. He also did not kill Doctor Tenma when they reunited for the first time; since he showed some gratitude for being saved.
>> No. 9830 [Edit]
You misunderstood about my comment on "ending the world", as I took the reference from your previous post (>>9806), but then I again I might've been the one misunderstanding your statements. Don't get me wrong, I loved Monster, and the character Johan must be one of the most brilliantly designed villians. My admiration still only goes to the author - not the character, because he was portrayed as a highly intelligent psycopath - there's no doubt about it - a mental illness in which words like "compassion" holds no meaning. Then again, the actual portrayal of this psycopathic character was very thorough and in fact surprisingly low on clichés, thus why I admire the author and his work. Monster is undeniably a classic in both manga and anime.

To be honest, in retrospect I don't know why I commented on the world ending stuff. It was inappropriate of me, and I apologize for it.
>> No. 9849 [Edit]
Away from here. Someplace in rural Wales, perhaps, or some isolated place in Japan. I would live there alone, comfortable, and write and create music and read all day. If it was a big enough place I wouldn't mind making it TH.
>> No. 10079 [Edit]
Intelligent. Living alone with a source of income to fuel my hobbies.

That's my baseline.
Anything at all possible? Willful immortality and mind control. I would just go where ever I wanted, stay where I wanted, take what I wanted... Pretty selfish I guess.
>> No. 10087 [Edit]
Out of this world, with her.
>> No. 10448 [Edit]
I want a pet dog girl Wanko to Kurasou style.
>> No. 11945 [Edit]
Anything you say? Well I would become a Haruhi.

Of course this is selfish.

I would solve the majority of problems mankind faces though, everyone else would technically be Haruhis too.
>> No. 11948 [Edit]
>If anything was possible
I want to be a tree and not a human. I will grow with the world and watch it change and develop. I would be nothing more than an observer of the world around me.

Slightly more realistically, I'd prefer to live as an actual hermit. You know, out in the wild, far from civilization.
>> No. 11963 [Edit]
> I will grow with the world and watch it change and develop. I would be nothing more than an observer of the world around me.
trees don't have eyes, yo
>> No. 11964 [Edit]
Enjoy being cut down.
>> No. 12029 [Edit]
I would want to be a hot girl and have a nice smooth slit between my legs.

If you were a girl, you probably wouldn't want for anything else. You would have free porn all day everyday.
>> No. 12034 [Edit]
To further elaborate on this point. I would want to be the girl in the bottom right of OPs pic. Can you imagine how cool it would be to be her? Oh to be a sexy 2d cartoon girl. Or even a real 3d girl. Either way, being a girl would be better than being a 20 something hideous male permavirgin.
>> No. 12035 [Edit]
You guys are crushing my dreams of being a worldly observer.
>> No. 12040 [Edit]
Well, to be honest trees are a bad choice as they have more enemies than humans and less of a chance of growing tall as they used to.

You're better off wishing that you were an overpowered character like Superman Prime or Rachel Alucard. At least Rachel is a loli, even if she is, like, 3700 years old or something.
>> No. 12043 [Edit]
>being a superpowered superhumanoid
That would defy the whole point of it. I'd rather get chopped down 4 years into my life.
>> No. 12052 [Edit]
NEET with no money problems at all, thus a rich NEET, a socalled Privatier.

I would have my own mobile home with a modern sailing boat. I would laze around doing nothing like always.
>> No. 12057 [Edit]

I believe rich NEET's are called 'the elite'.
>> No. 12058 [Edit]
>How do you wish your life was right now
I wish my life wasn't.
>> No. 12062 [Edit]
I want to have fun. I want to have more fun than I could possibly have. I want to have so much fun that there would be nothing that could possibly make things more fun than those moments, and as I reach the peak I want to die. I don't like endings and I don't want to get bored just for some stupid conclusions.

It's stupid and childish, but that is what I am. It's all that I am.

It'd be really cool if I could really die at the apex of my fun. Maybe I could do something cool and fun and finish it for myself.

It's likely that I'll just die bored in some room somewhere. I just hope that nobody finds or touches my corpse unless it's to loot it or throw it in the trash or something actually fitting of me.
>> No. 12063 [Edit]
I enjoy it as it is.
>> No. 12065 [Edit]
File 134897770058.jpg - (225.03KB , 1456x1085 , kgoodnight_punpun_v06_p116_117.jpg )
I used to have a really close online friend. I wish we could live together and just play video games and watch anime all day while eating sweets like the girls in OP's image. When I'm with that person, nothing bothers me. I can deal with anything. We haven't spoken in almost a year, after a big argument kind of killed things between us. I tried to repair things, but that person wouldn't have it, didn't want anything to do with me anymore.

At the end of it all, I really just miss my friend. If anything were possible, I'd make us cool again.
>> No. 12073 [Edit]
I really wish I could just live alone in peace with everything I have now plus easy replacements if those things fail. I also wish for complete virtual reality I can do anything I want in and feel as though I'm actually doing it IRL. I don't need anything else.
>> No. 12078 [Edit]
Realistically speaking, i would join the French Foreign Legion, if i were physically capable.

But i am not, not even with training.
>> No. 12170 [Edit]
I know how you feel, i had that with my really important online friend, but in the end i had to deal with it i guess, there was no use being depressed and lonely forever
>> No. 12706 [Edit]
>> No. 12734 [Edit]
I want a modest apartment in the city, a stable internet connection, and a relatively okay job that pays well enough to secure this and a few luxuries.

But, most of all, at the moment?

I want a flat chest. I've had to put up with fucking gyno since I can remember, and I'm about ready to be done with it. I tried self-surgery today and pussed out.
I just want to get rid of my chest. If I can't, I think I'm going to kill myself.
>> No. 12735 [Edit]
>I want a flat chest

>> No. 12736 [Edit]
Why self-surgery? Can't you afford actual, non-retarded surgery?
>> No. 12737 [Edit]
Can't you just wear loose clothing? Or is it really bad?
Though I can't say I've ever had it myself. I have a barrel-shaped ribcage but I'm too skeletal for mantits.
>> No. 12738 [Edit]
What's the point in worrying about genetics-induced problems? My genes rolled me autism and a chronic disease. It's just what I am, and it can't and shouldn't be helped. What's there to worry about? Your genes certainly aren't going to care either way.
>> No. 12739 [Edit]
Remember all that time before you were born?

That was nice.
>> No. 12740 [Edit]
Happiest time of my life!
>> No. 12750 [Edit]
Loose clothing has been working but I'm totally repulsed with myself and I literally cry every time I look in the mirror. So I can't shower too often because I'm afraid of physically seeing myself.

I'm kind of a minor, and my father is convinced that as I lose weight the problem will solve itself. He has absolutely no clue what he's talking about. As soon as I turn 18 I'm getting it done, but that still leaves a few years for me to be disgusted with myself even more than usual.

Not genetic. I was placed on medication when I was very young (guess what for, we ARE on /tc/, after all), which caused it as a side effect.
>> No. 12755 [Edit]
I do not have such self-image problems (i want to remove facial hair and armpit hair etc mainly....)

But I prefer loose fitting clothes, at least during summer. Baggy or not, it feels good and loose enough....even if i do not have to do that for size reasons.
>> No. 16145 [Edit]
I just want to be with my waifu, away from all the pains of this world where people suffer and go to a place where everyone is happy together.
>> No. 16159 [Edit]
I'm also attracted to that fantasy - being with your one and only who's too good to exist in this world. However, I can't help but feel like that kind of thing is a privilege that is earned after fighting one hell of a good fight. Not a right or divine handout.

That's actually given me some motivation though. Become more of the person she would be proud of even with everything against you in this world.
>> No. 16501 [Edit]
Realistically possible?

Make as much money as I can up until I am 40 years oldish? Then move to a small town or abandoned area in Scotland. Live the rest of my days locked in my house playing MMOs and h-games until I die. I'll need a very high income job pretty soon if I want to make this possible.
>> No. 16502 [Edit]
>abandoned area in Scotland
That sounds great. Bonus points for abandoned town (though I doubt many exist)
>> No. 16503 [Edit]
I'm in a small town in Scotland. Wales or northern England are better for NEETing since the fibre broadband coverage isn't as good here.
>> No. 16514 [Edit]
File 138837249491.png - (132.21KB , 297x317 , 1337204664152.png )
I want to have some Tzeentch-like powers, being the mastermind behind everything happening and control masses' minds.
>> No. 16518 [Edit]
You should look into being Jewish.

Ba dum tssss
>> No. 16583 [Edit]
>If anything was possible
I would be with my waifu, she would love me and only me, i would be the perfect version of myself, we explore the world together, be in each others life until the end, and i die with her embracing me.
>> No. 16614 [Edit]
File 139035672552.jpg - (7.60KB , 207x257 , a.jpg )
How original.
>> No. 16697 [Edit]
File 139129798217.jpg - (46.61KB , 370x499 , 13389534.jpg )
It definitely isn't very original but then again these self-centered fulfillment wishes never are. I want true love. I want money and power. Surprise surprise.

Unless you're one of those edgy teens who just wants the entire universe to die with you or some shit?
>> No. 16698 [Edit]
File 139130065170.jpg - (42.73KB , 837x627 , hell train.jpg )
>those edgy teens who just wants the entire universe to die with you or some shit
My ears are burning...
>> No. 16722 [Edit]
Well shit, you got me there, this is actually what I want the most. For everything to stop.
>> No. 16723 [Edit]
File 139168411272.png - (2.27MB , 1916x1076 , shot0001.png )
It'd be out in the country generally away from where agencies and government bother, with a 3DPD I like, maybe someone like Mahoro or Yuki Nagato. We could have kids. I wouldn't ever have to worry about money. Good internet connection. It would generally be peaceful.

Second choice would get to live in Hinamiza as Keeichi, except without the batshit crazy stuff.
>> No. 16728 [Edit]
File 139172023758.jpg - (113.31KB , 724x1023 , shion4.jpg )
You don't want to pat a gal on the head and have your very own yandere follow you home? Or are you after the men?
>> No. 16734 [Edit]
I'd want my own place, but I won't ever make enough money in my life to buy my own apartment.
>> No. 16736 [Edit]
How did you two find each other?

I really want a close friend, but all I have is sadness and solitude.

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