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File 13588841235.jpg - (2.26MB , 1871x4800 , Spring2013prelirninary.jpg )
13594 No. 13594 [Edit]
this seems to be the latest version of the spring chart.
i thought i remembered seeing koe de oshigoto on an earlier version, but i don't see it any more.
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>> No. 13597 [Edit]
Oreimo second season finally!
>> No. 13598 [Edit]
Oh boy.
>> No. 13602 [Edit]
Damn it, Madhouse! The world doesn't need another harem anime, just give us Ippo!

New original mech series from Sunrise should be fun, though. There's also another romcom by Brains Base, that might be a nice watch.

Aku no Hana's director was the director for Mushishi and Detroit Metal City, so we can probably safely expect good things from him.

That's all I see that really seems to stand out, since I don't give two shits about Higurashi and the movies won't be out of the theaters for another year, or something.

Also, I think Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 belongs in the OVA section.
>> No. 13603 [Edit]
>code geass: boukoku no Akito 2

wait a second, does that 2 mean I completely missed the shouta lulu geass sequel, or did they just take their sweet fucking time to make this?

otherwise, looking forward to more gundam UNICORN and the loliball ova.

there's only three shows I'm really looking forward to, Attack on Titan, Higurashi and then the fishing show.

Since there's so many space mecha with the same fucking premise in sping, I'll probably wait to see which ones tank before picking the rest of them up mid-series.
>> No. 13604 [Edit]
There is no shota lulu. Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 1 has been out for a while now, though, if you missed it.
>> No. 13644 [Edit]
I will watch:

Suisei no Galgantia
Kakumeki Valvrave
Higurashi Kaku
>> No. 13667 [Edit]

Photo Kano kinda sounds like a pervy knock-off of Tamayura, whose second season, incidentally, I'm more excited about than anything on this chart.


No relation to "Working!!", I presume.
>> No. 13700 [Edit]
File 135922761359.jpg - (123.91KB , 471x750 , atlus meme.jpg )
>Atlus: Neon Genesis Autism Survivor
>> No. 14187 [Edit]
Looking forward to Aiura, Yahari, and Aku no Hana.

RDG also looks cute.

Post edited on 27th Feb 2013, 5:21pm
>> No. 14188 [Edit]
File 136203448191.jpg - (3.87MB , 1870x5528 , 136201252410.jpg )
Yellow = I'll give it a few episodes to see if I want to keep watching it.

Red = Definitely interested in these.

I've got quite the backlog from missing the past few seasons so I'm only picking up a few shows for sure.
>> No. 14195 [Edit]
Watching 100%:

Absolutely nothing.


• cute girls doing cute things show number 1 (Yuyushiki)
• cute girls doing cute things show number 2 (Aiura)
• Sunrise ripping off their own franchises show number 76 (Valvrave)
• that Brain's Base show with a ridiculously long title
• Otona Joshi no Anime Taimu


• Red Data Girl
• reverse harem show of the season number 7 (Karneval)
• Suisei no Gargantia
• Muromi-san
• Devil Survivor 2 (kinda interested how they plan to adapt a non linear jRPG)
• boring J.C. Staff show number 2293 (because this one has Ogura Yui)
>> No. 14212 [Edit]
>Watching 100%:

>Absolutely nothing.

Same here.
And is it me, or are there a higher number of sci-fi series than we've gotten used to?
>> No. 14221 [Edit]

The industry always adapts to whatever is popular nowadays and tries to capitalize on that success. Uchuu Senkan Yamato sold like hotcakes, I haven't seen Horizion but from what I gather it's sci-fi, too, Mouretsu Pirates was pretty popular, there were some other popular sci fi shows that I already forgot about and the chart is result of those sales.

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