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File 138109961037.jpg - (250.67KB , 797x923 , hiki-evolution.jpg )
16029 No. 16029 [Edit]
Lots of threads focused on personal stuff that have happened in the past or current times. What do you guys see in the future for yourselves? I find that I'm thinking about it more and more...

Post edited on 6th Oct 2013, 3:51pm
>> No. 16030 [Edit]
Somehow, I am completely capable of imaging my near future.

I believe this will be the last year of mine in which I'll try to get into university. If I don't enroll in any college or any of the likes of it, then I'll probably give up in superior education. I believe I would fight alot with my family because of this but I just can't take it anymore. I'd probably move to some other city if they announced that they wouldn't want to keep my at home and paying for my living expenses and I'd work on some low paying job that did not require a degree and having failed attempts at some large project that would change my life. I'm probably going to be killing myself before thirty years old because of pent up frustration and hatred for myself from years of failures and dissapointments.
>> No. 16032 [Edit]
This was exactly what I planned to do.
It'll probably still happen though.
>> No. 16033 [Edit]
In all honesty, I don't see myself anywhere but leeching off my mother until I can't do do so anymore and eventually kill myself. At least I hope that I'll be able to kill myself at the time. I really don't want to have to live and work.
>> No. 16035 [Edit]
Studying to become a biology high school teacher because my biology marks are too shit to do honours, and then being anal raped by the high school students
>> No. 16036 [Edit]

This has to be literally the worst job ever.
>> No. 16037 [Edit]
I'm almost completely sure that I'll end up killing myself, I just don't like this world and how it works, we all know that it's not a place for the like of us, so I'll try to spend my youth as best as I can and then taking the way out

>I'm probably going to be killing myself before thirty years old because of pent up frustration and hatred for myself from years of failures and dissapointments.

This sounds so much like me and other people I know in the same situation, it seems that the thirty years are the checkpoint
>> No. 16039 [Edit]
I'm going to be 30 next month.

That would be scary to some, but not to me. I sort of have the feeling that my 30s are going to be pretty interesting.
>> No. 16040 [Edit]
>I sort of have the feeling that my 30s are going to be pretty interesting.
Brace yourself to be dissapointed.
>> No. 16044 [Edit]
I honestly have no idea. I'm always amazed at the end of each day that I'm still alive.
>> No. 16047 [Edit]

I don't know. I mean sure, I could be wrong, but I am constantly mentally active. I read and write, and make computer games. I'm finally starting to go somewhere. If I continue, I could very well end up somewhere better.
>> No. 16080 [Edit]
Good luck hope you end up somewhere better. Not who you're responding to but I understand what he means. In your 30s you are past your physical and mental prime (development has ended mid to late 20s and it's all downhill from there). That and it's harder to break in as a new student or grad into a field. Awkward and advancement stifling when all your bosses and colleagues are many years younger than you. But if you break out on your own with your own thing whatever that may be and as your own boss, then those things don't matter of course.
>> No. 16090 [Edit]

I totally understand what you mean. I'm just a month away from being 30 and yet my body isn't what it used to be (can't drink very much anymore, developed GERD, etc.) and my episodic memory has kind of gone down the drain. I'm simply not a young kid anymore who can do anything to himself and get away scot-free, although I'm still not in bad shape. Oddly, while my memory is not as good as it used to be, I'm probably the sharpest I've ever been intellectually, probably because I've been reading voraciously for about half a year.

I actually already have a Master's degree, but that didn't really help me with anything besides becoming acquainted with scientific work and doing a little bit of it myself. I don't seek any more degrees despite trying to start a PhD program in Computational Neuroscience two years ago (not enough money and bad at maths, although getting in in the first place is an accomplishment in and of itself). I now just audit a class here and there and read books from the university library. I've learned a lot more from reading books than I have from taking classes, although some things do require formal instruction.

I plan on doing my own thing and going my own way. All of my projects and goals require only my own efforts so I don't have to worry about some younger uppity breathing down my neck.

So in short, you guys are right: it doesn't get easier as you get older. But just imagine all of the knowledge and talent you can acquire through age, and as a NEET you have all the time in the world to do it. Don't give up; things are far from lost. Older people make it big all the time.
>> No. 16097 [Edit]
I'll probably end up being a code monkey at some shit office job, but it could be worse.

>> No. 16109 [Edit]
A few things here and there may actually be easier to achieve when you're older. Some things get much, much harder... I'm with the latter group.
>> No. 17168 [Edit]
Multiple run-ins with the law, failing at education, fired from all 3 jobs I ever held, and I'm only 21.

Off to a good start I suppose.

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