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File 142936908988.png - (58.89KB , 1000x1000 , parents1.png )
19947 No. 19947 [Edit]
Adults should have to apply for parental licenses. Seriously. Bad parents almost guarantees a messed up kid.

Long story short, my parents are REALLY fucked up, and they are really the last people who should ever have kids. I used to think they were normal, and that everyone's lives were equally messed up, but after telling other people about my situation, I've learned that's not the case. I probably could have gotten them arrested for their abuse, negligence, drug use, etc. but I'm not that kind of person.

Who else has shitty parents?
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>> No. 19948 [Edit]
>parental licenses
This isn't a bad idea. If we implemented this into society, then all future children would be ubermenschen.
>> No. 19949 [Edit]
I have mixed feelings bitching about my parents. On one hand they were never druggies or (outright) abusive but I can't shake the feeling they fucked me hard by failing to do anything. Felt like I was raised like a potted plant. I'd ask for them to take me to do things like camping and they'd just give me "maybe". Then proceed to bitch about how all I do is play games.

I don't think parent licenses would change too much. You can have all the knowledge in the world and do nothing and still fuck up. Then there's the problem most of what parents teach their kids (that sticks with them anyways) is entirely unintentional.
>> No. 19950 [Edit]
At the very best it wouldn't change anything.
You have to be crazy to think such a law will be enforced properly, too many parents and babbies to check. If some trash parents are found without the license at most they will be forced to watch the 2-3 videos about parenting and then be left alone doing whatever they want again.
All the untermenschen will not care about it and keep making a load of kids. Third world shitholes that wouldn't even have the law will keep making millions of subhumans that will then come shit up the relatively civilized places. Driving licenses don't do anything to stop stupid fucking kids driving drunk and causing hundreds of millions of fatal incidents every year in the US alone.
>> No. 19951 [Edit]
I had loving parents and I still grew up to be a fuck up.
>> No. 19952 [Edit]
>> No. 19953 [Edit]
Is submitting a post containing nothing but a postnumber the imageboard equivalent of 'upvote'?
>> No. 19954 [Edit]
There's virtually nothing I could have said to add to the concept. The process of human psychological development is more complex than bad parents = bad life.
>> No. 19955 [Edit]
Schizophrenic single mother, my mind is completely fucked up and I have mental disorders too. My father just impregnated and disappeared, I never saw his face and don't want talk to him, never.

I just hate begin alive.
>> No. 19956 [Edit]
Id go so far to disallow parenting at all and introduce a eugenics program to have artificially generated children be bred in special facilites and silently mass sterilize the population.
It could be done with todays methods.
Anyway enough dreamery, a license for parenting seems like a good idea in theory, but lets face its not gonna work. I mean what you do when people violate it? Stick the kids in the home and shove parents to jail? Seems like a shit solution.
Besides state doesnt care, i mean just look at how bad schools are so its not like they really give a rats ass about people.

And to answer OP, my parents arent shitty, but they arent good either.
They just sort of let me NEET away, which is both a blessing and a curse really.
>> No. 19957 [Edit]
>Id go so far to disallow parenting at all and introduce a eugenics program to have artificially generated children be bred in special facilites and silently mass sterilize the population.
Sounds like the worst of both worlds. Violating the "rights" (generally reproduction is considered a right, make of that what you will) of people already here and also bringing more people into existence. I would prefer if we could come to a place where no more people were born, but in a civilised way. With discussion instead of sterilisation. I'm not confident though.
>> No. 19958 [Edit]
I agree with you but it's not a realistic idea.

If I had to chose something that is realistic and improves things a little it would be this:

A parental control when the child gives birth. It would just check if the parents are drug addicts, bankrupt, or have a mental illness that would be a serious problem to the child.
>> No. 19960 [Edit]
I think I had good parents.

My mom had had bipolar disorder and was an alcoholic before I was born but she was a good mother. She died when I was 11 so that could be a a factor in my problems but I don't like blame others or my 'genes' on faults of my own. Yeah, sure depression could run in my family, but it doesn't justify how much I've fucked up.

My dad is really good. I've grown up with him since my mother died. He is the hardest working person I've known. I wish I could be half the person he is.

I guess I was lucky.
>> No. 19967 [Edit]
Parents shouldn't raise their children, children should be raised on farms, as the animals, but with some flexibility and different types of farms.

My mom is good mom, somethings in my life were unconventional, but what really messed me up was doing what I was told to do by society, there doesn't exist one normal kid who didn't drink in high school, I wish I never listened and got drunk all the time. Also stoned.
>> No. 20010 [Edit]
My parents are okay. The things I heard about other people's parents make mine seem really good from an outsider's perspective. I think the abuse I went through was much more subtle but over time led to some destructive results, as evidenced by the person I am now.
>> No. 20074 [Edit]
Drug and alcohol use as a teenager literally ruined my life. The grass ain't always greener pal.
>> No. 20075 [Edit]
Thats why I don't support drug use and drug legalisation. It just ruins too many lives.
>> No. 20077 [Edit]
I dont respect prohibition proposition, it creates more problems than it solves.
For me alcohol and drugs are the only way to be somewhat happy, i know its not a good thing, but thats what it is to me.
I understand and acknowledge that drugs ruined more lifes than they saved.
I also understand that most people are incapable of responsible drug use(yes there is such a thing).
But prohibition only encourages a unregulated market with next to no rules creating i milieu where immoral scum can thrive.
And people will always find a way to work around restrictions and the more tightly restricted the more ruthless such an environement becomes.
A better solution is to encourage safe usage and create environments where individuals who chose intoxication can live out their exctacy freely without causing trouble for people who would like to distance themselfs from this.
And in the very end everyone, irrelevant of the environment, knowing or not know had chosen to take drugs and all the problems associated so the blame should be placed on those individuals, not drugs themselfs.

Post edited on 12th May 2015, 7:33am
>> No. 20078 [Edit]

I agree. The worst I've ever gotten from drugs wasn't from the drugs themselves (with the exception of DPH), but from the hysterical reaction of my family.

My brother freaked out six months ago when he saw empty boxes of Nitrous chargers in my bedroom; he thought it was going to kill me (unless if you wear a mask, or fall on your head while standing up, it is almost impossible to kill yourself with Nitrous). I felt horrible about it, but he should have been more educated about it. Instead, he just bitched about "what I was putting the family through". He eventually got over it, though.

I haven't done drugs in almost two months. Not the right time right now; too much stress. I love DXM, but you know, time and place.
>> No. 20082 [Edit]
To beat the high score you have to have some kind of strategy. What have you thought of?
>> No. 20083 [Edit]
I can see right through you, officer.
>> No. 20084 [Edit]
What did they do and where is that? I hope we aren't neighbours.
>> No. 20085 [Edit]
Just kill yourself, or your parents if you must. That will be achievement enough for you.
>> No. 20086 [Edit]
Please don't advocate suicide.
>> No. 20087 [Edit]
I completely agree OP. People treat Parenthood like some game, a game they're entitled to play even if they don't know how to. I see far too many children having children, parents who are piss poor and have no way in hell of supporting children, idiots who don't even -try- to teach their kids anything and let them grow up into assholes, uncaring parents who let TV or schools raise kids for them, and mothers who use children as tools to farm welfare or to force child support payments out of poor saps.

We NEED parental license. The US is going to shit and this would go a long way towards fixing it, and this is coming from someone who advocates freedom and thinks this country is turning into a police state. Fact is far too many parents out there today shouldn't be parents. Just as most careers require training before you can enter them so too should parenting. You're playing with people's lives here after all.

The US has this idiotic policy of dealing with problems after the problem has been created and refuses to try and prevent the problems from coming about in the first place. In other words trimming the tips of weeds instead of pulling them out at the root. see the war on drugs for example, or the insane numbers of incarcerated citizens with no attempt to address the source cause. When it comes to bad parenting the state loves to punish parents with CPS and other institutions. These institutions often get abused by children in order to control their parents with threats. They'll gladly take children from "bad" parents but wont do anything to check and make sure weather or not anyone should even be having children in the first place.
Jack and jill crack addicts from down the block can have all the kids they want, but as soon as they do the government will take them and stick them in foster homes and grow up to be fine young criminals. Murders, drug addicts, rapists, and pedophiles can have all the kids they want and there's nothing to stop them. Some people just don't deserve to breed, period.
>> No. 20088 [Edit]
Did you read his post? I'm telling him to off himself instead of committing mass murder, should he get to that point.
>> No. 20089 [Edit]
I'm not advocating murder either.
>> No. 20091 [Edit]
If I was you I'd get in a firefight with some spic drug dealers instead of going after random people
It might be best if you don't do that EMDEEMA thing though, unless you really just want to die.
I'd say you will perform better if you just try to stay the fuck calm instead of taking that stuff.

Post edited on 13th May 2015, 2:15pm
>> No. 20092 [Edit]
I'm from a southern shithole country but I think I'll live.
>> No. 20096 [Edit]
I'm fucked thanks to my parents. I would support this.
>> No. 20337 [Edit]
As if state interference will improve the quality of parenting...
>> No. 20352 [Edit]
I proposed this concept in a presentation I had to give in college once and got laughed out of the room by the whole class and even the teacher. It is one of my most hated memories. Apparently people feel procreation is a universal human right, and don't even think of the consequences of having children when they're not prepared. I don't understand society.
>> No. 20550 [Edit]
I bet there would a bunch of people in the audience who would support your idea if proposed in another way.

That is, the state funded by taxpayers shouldn't help raise YOUR kid with all those handouts and subsidies. If you can't feed them, don't breed them. This will at least stop poor families (which includes lots of mentally screwed up people) from having kids or kids who survive into adulthood.

There's enough raving and wealthy conservatives towing this line that you won't be completely dismissed by everyone - just branded a conservative hardliner. Not surprisingly, it's not just rich people who support slashing social benefits for others regardless of the suffering it may cause. In this capitalist society, people do a lot of thinking with their wallets. No one wants to help foot the bill for a neighbor and their dozen bastard spawn if they can get away with it.
>> No. 20564 [Edit]
File 144196926121.png - (88.96KB , 455x831 , Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 6_46_15 AM.png )
I did this too. I rehashed the concept from another paper because I hate writing. I got really nervous because I felt like they might think I sounded like a nazi for targeting people of poor economic status and taking newborn babies away. The teacher said my paper made a really good argument, though. Nothing compared to your awful time, but it's a minor neurotic memory for me now.
I can't find the final draft of the paper, but here was my outline.
>> No. 20604 [Edit]
You are right.
I must have a drivers licence to drive a car. I must have a hunters licence to kill some animals. I must have a licence so that I can teach children shit legally. But if I want to create a life and raise it, I can do that at a fucking whim as much and often as I want too. I can have 10 fucking children and raise them to defect human beings and afterwards I can have an eleventh child just like that.

Doesn't that sound insane? Why is everyone okay with that? Why was everyone against Chinas "One Child Politic"? I don't get the world...
>> No. 20607 [Edit]
File 144224841765.webm - (852.31KB , treasurejohnsilver.webm )

>World hunger

>Accepting immigrants

>We need to raise the population!

Plebs, there isn't enough room for everyone to be happy and if things like unemployment are really such an issue why the fudge would you encourage a population increase?
>> No. 20608 [Edit]
A lot of people blame their parents and family for their trouble and while they are generally correct about that there are factors at play that likely put the possibility of "good parenting" outside the realm of possibility. Most likely the factors at play are the fact that they themselves are fucked in the head from a less than perfect parenting by your grandparents who are also the victims the their preceding generation.
Some people in the sciences go so far to make a connection between psychology and evolution regarding this consistent generational psychofucking the next generation.
Testing for "good parenting" abilities would require likely months of psychiatric investigation of each potential parent and the rate of human breeding would slow to such pace due to the shortage of psychiatrists that the human population would be less than a few thousand after two generations. subsequently humanity would die out due to inbreeding.
>> No. 20609 [Edit]
a software/robotics based solution could work though
>> No. 20678 [Edit]
Have you seen movie propaganda based on this? LOOOOOOOOOVEEE SOLVES EVERYTHING (^:
>> No. 20681 [Edit]
>Why was everyone against Chinas "One Child Politic"?
Chinese parents were abandoning their children if they were girls because they wanted male heirs.
>> No. 20688 [Edit]
To add on, it also creates an enormous burden on the younger generations to support the older. Similar to Japan, but self-imposed state-wise.
>> No. 20690 [Edit]
Another problem that would be solved by euthanasia.
>> No. 20691 [Edit]
year the youth in asia better paid for those old motherfuckers cause i sure ain't gonna
>> No. 20695 [Edit]
That's because China is still a back water nation outside of the city, where the parants of the girl pay for everything and boys can be used for heavy manual labour. Both are things that don't really happen that much in first world nations.

please see >>20690
Since natural selection is dead, we need to take care of it.
>> No. 20698 [Edit]
Turboedging in here.
>> No. 21233 [Edit]
My sister always tries watch those dumb vines when my sister comes to visit me. I do not get what is so funny about encouraging your kids to swear on camera, or act all slutty with your mom, or all the other vines parents in there 20's post, featuring there kids. Yet people laugh because they just assume they don't know good from bad. What a horrible time to live.

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