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File 136784828059.jpg - (852.47KB , 1700x1000 , 1356180541134.jpg )
12555 No. 12555 [Edit]
Ok, here is the day I always was afraid of. Im more or less "2d single" again.
I put my dakimakura away and im thinking much less of my waifu. It was a hard decision and I would lie if I would say I don't love her anymore.

I'm not even sure if it stays that way forever now, but im really tired of it. The last couple of weeks I started to realize, that I just used my waifu to fill something. Im still not sure what it is, but I think it's just a meaning for my life. A goal. It doesn't always was like this and were I met my waifu she really was my beloved waifu, but since im a NEET again I began to just use her somehow. I get obsessed with her and even get jealous and angry if someone said he likes her too. The whole waifu thing devoured me more or less and my waifu slowly began to be just a "thing".
And thats the LAST thing I would want for her. That's why I decided to get some space between us for now. I dont want to hurt her but im afraid I already did.

Fun thing is, she was the reason I started to think about how I look. When I met her I really looked like a stereotype of a neckbeard or nerd. When I didn't had to work I barely took a shower, I let my neckbeard grew and even barely brushed my teeth and didnt care. It was her who let me realize how disgusting my old lifestyle was. Since I met her I began to care about my physical appearance and I would say I look at least average now.

So yeah, it's really sad what I did and what im doing now. And as I said, I would lie if I would say i don't love her anymore. I just want to get a hold of myself, get worthy for her again. I feel pretty bad right now and im still not sure if that was the right thing to do. But right now I just think about my selfish self I was the last couple of months for her when i think about her. I really managed to think about the bad times when I see her, not the good times and the love between us. And i BET that is not easy to manage. Something really get horrible wrong the last time with me. And im still not out of this hole. Much things happened and instead to get through it with my waifu i just fell in this hole. I didn't let her help me but instead used her, i feel horrible for that. I'm sure everyone here would like to punch me in the face now - for both, using her and just break up with her because I was an asshole instead of clearing things up now and not later. So sorry, but that just feels like the best to do right now. I really hope i'm able to be with her - without the selfishness i showed the last months. I want to live with her, not use her to live on.

Well, that was much text and I hope its readable and understandable, sadly english is not my native language. And i really hope i don't get to much hate for my method to solve this crisis.
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>> No. 12558 [Edit]
Damn dude, it's really hard to understand your point...

But I think I see how you feel. When I got into this waifu thing, I started to realise that I was using her as a consolation prize for being pitiful. When I understood this, it was quite a big shock so I decided to change the way I was seeing things: spending time with her should be without this feeling of uselessness.
It was time for me to become someone worthy to spend some time with. And I was going to do it for her. She didn't deserve the emotional and physical wreck that I was.

Take a piece of paper, see which point you want to improve, use the knowledge on the internet to set a clear path on how to achieve these goals and stay focused. She will wait for you, and you know it.
>> No. 12559 [Edit]
>Damn dude, it's really hard to understand your point...

Well, i lost myself while i was writing, guess all the stuff that was hidden in my mind get out at once. Sometimes it's nice to write this shit since i dont want to talk about this stuff with friends for obvious reasons. But you pretty much summed it up here:

>She didn't deserve the emotional and physical wreck that I was.

Just that i become this around the last summer/winter. And again i have to work to get worthy for her.
>> No. 12560 [Edit]
File 136785760814.png - (127.90KB , 431x600 , 2393955.png )
As someone who broke up with his waifu and doesn't love her anymore i can see your point.

But it looks like you didn't broke up with her, you just want to give yourself some time alone to be a better person, or at least try, if anything you are tryng to give yourself another chance so don't feel bad about it.

Don't worry, she will be there for you, best of luck.
>> No. 12562 [Edit]
>As someone who broke up with his waifu and doesn't love her anymore i can see your point.

What? How comes?
>> No. 12563 [Edit]
You said you are "2d single" right?
So i'm pretty much the same, but you still love her i see, and want to still try.

I don't understand what you are asking me.
>> No. 12564 [Edit]
i meant what happened, that you broke up Witz your waifu.
>> No. 12565 [Edit]
File 136786165443.jpg - (59.40KB , 476x800 , c108118118ae03b166cde2ac7e6342e2.jpg )
When nothing was like those first days and the relationship wasn't going anywhere, i was just forcing myself into her and just lying to myself because i always knew we are not made to be together, that's what made me break those 4 years of relationship with Misao. So i started to remove her from my life little by little, now i don't see her as my waifu anymore.
>> No. 12567 [Edit]
>I want to live with her, not use her to live on.
That's impossible; the 2nd it's the only option at hand, had her been 2D or not.

>I dont want to hurt her but im afraid I already did.
Since she doesn't exist, you hurt and degraded no one but yourself. But cheer up: you got to know yourself better without anyone having to pay for it.
>> No. 12646 [Edit]
How sad.

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