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File 133013264453.jpg - (3.20MB , 1870x5601 , iIrw2JgoAX24G.jpg )
8652 No. 8652 [Edit]
Its probably about time to start looking over the spring chart
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>> No. 8653 [Edit]
OP of the thread used a fake image, but still >>8506

in any event, interesting to see more Saint Seiya, but I don't see how it's "the first saint Seiya tv series in 25 years"
Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, aired in 2010
but that was technically an ova I guess...
>> No. 8684 [Edit]
Wh-why aren't you guys talking about this?

Anyway, first thing that comes to mind upon perusing this chart is the lack of Kyosougiga. That doesn't exactly blow my mind, but it makes me a little sad - I mean, shit, bro, I wanted to see more of that world. Thought it would be beautiful if they'd only flesh it out a bit. Ah, well.

Upotte!! looks great. But it's an ONA, too, I notice. Hopefully someone will sub it. I'm not even really a "gun guy", I just like cute girls and interesting ideas. Might be pretty good.

Fate/zero part 2, of course. That cliffhanger. What the hell? God damn you and your great productions, ufotable.

Sakamichi no Apollon is what I'm really looking forward to, though.
>> No. 8685 [Edit]
Will definitely try Ozuma, Space bros., F/Z, Sakamichi, and E7 sequel. I really hope the E7 lives somewhat up to the expectations of those who enjoyed the original series and if not, maybe the ost alone then. Other than those, K-on with guns might be surprisingly amusing.

Overall, it looks to be a pretty strong season with a wide variety of shows.

Post edited on 26th Feb 2012, 1:58pm
>> No. 8686 [Edit]
Nice to see Yurumates on there.
>> No. 8687 [Edit]
I can't wait to see most of these shows. There appears to be some nice science fiction shows that will be more serious than what usually comes out.
>> No. 8710 [Edit]
Spring 2012 - It's fucking nothing S2. Damn, the year sure started poorly.

Will definitely watch Saki 1.5 (even though I'm following the manga and I pretty much never watch adaptations in such cases); oh how I've been waiting for you to come back, Saki. Also Natsuiro looks fun - original anime about seiyuu, count me in. Aside from that might watch Yurumates and Acchi Kocchi if those won't get the standard 5 min episodes treatment (on top of that AK is in serious danger of getting flash-butchered). I'm kinda interested in how Koi-ken will turn out, the voice cast looks absolutely ridiculous.
>> No. 8716 [Edit]
I think Natsuiro sounds fun, too, if only because it's about seiyuu.

I'm definitely most interested in Tsuritama. "An adolescent sci-fi fishing story"? " alien that visited the Earth for fishing"? Yeah, that sounds pretty weird, and potentially awesome. However, the other two A-1 original series that I've seen (Sora no Woto and Fractale) had really intriguing premises and ended up being rather disappointing, so I'm going to try not to expect too much.
>> No. 8757 [Edit]

>Anyway, first thing that comes to mind upon perusing this chart is the lack of Kyosougiga. That doesn't exactly blow my mind, but it makes me a little sad - I mean, shit, bro, I wanted to see more of that world. Thought it would be beautiful if they'd only flesh it out a bit. Ah, well.

They announced a sequel to KSGG already.
>> No. 9205 [Edit]
File 13335526467.jpg - (3.23MB , 1870x6222 , i70RqqpyS5WHh.jpg )
Most likely the final version of the chart.

Definitely watching:

‣ Saki

‣ Tsuritama
>An adolesence sci-fi fishing story.
But I'm afraid it'll be underwhelming. When was the last time I've seen good noitaminA anime?

‣ Natsuiro Kiseki
Seiyuu girls doing seiyuu things. Can't say I care for the cast (sans Tomatsu Haruka maybe) but whatever.

‣ Nadia
Amazingly enough I have yet to watch it, it's been on my backlog for years. Remasters are always nice.

Will probably watch (70% chance):

‣ Shining Hearts
Sounds generic as hell but I dig the cast (the only show with Horie Yui I care about and that's gotta be worth something).

‣ Sankarea
Sounds decent eneough but since it's an adaptation of an ongoing manga one has to ask himself 'why not read the manga instead?'.

‣ Sakamichi no Apollon
Again, adaptation of an ongoing manga I don't follow. Not a fan of those.

‣ Hiiro no Kakera
Oh look, reverse harem. Haven't seen one of those in a while so I might check this one out.

Might watch (30%):

‣ Tasogare OtomexAmnesia
Might check out how well they adapted it. The source material is good.

‣ Yurumates/Acchi Kocchi/Shiba Iunko-san
Will probably watch at least one of those provided they will do proper 24 minutes long eps and that they'll be any good.

‣ Kuroko no Basuke
I'm a sucker for all things basketball but I smell a series duplicating all the worst sports manga cliches. Not only that, it's based on an ongoing manga I never heard about.

Still, basketball.

‣ Accel World
Heard some praise for the novels but people who read the novels are usually completely unreliable in terms of judging source material (they basically follow the 'I read it so it's good' formula). Plot summary makes it sound rather generic in all honesty.

‣ Zombie S2
S1 was so-so. Still thinking about this one.

‣ Ozuma
Sounds okay but since it's been over two weeks since the first ep aired and I have yet to hear anything about it...

‣ Koiken
I have no idea what's that supposed to be and if anyone is even subbin g it but the voice cast is pretty ridiculous.
>> No. 9209 [Edit]
Medaka Box and F/Z are only intresting ones but well I will watch almost all of them anyway.
>> No. 9210 [Edit]
Yurumates def
fate zero def
saki def
AKB0048 prob
fushiji no umi no nadia prob
Kuromajyo-san ga touru maybe
sengoku colllection maybe
Natsuiro kiseki maybe
upotte!! maybe
sakamichi no apollon maybe
acchi kocci dunno
kore wa zombie dunno
Hyouka meh

That's my list...

Post edited on 4th Apr 2012, 12:12pm
>> No. 9211 [Edit]
I'm watching everything since I'm TRUNEET.
>> No. 9213 [Edit]
Forcing yourself to watch anime you don't want to is a prerequisite to being a TRUNEET?

well, hope you enjoy Gon, Arashi, furusato, zumomo, Naruto SD, Kikansha and Himitsu Mr. TRUNEET sir.
I look forward to reading your future posts about each of them!
>> No. 9214 [Edit]
Gon having a stupid childish-looking CG artstyle instead of the badass detailed-realism of the original manga is a travesty.
>> No. 9217 [Edit]

Gon is fun, though.


Yeah, the CG kinda ruins it for me, too.
>> No. 9223 [Edit]

B- but I do want to watch these shows..
>> No. 9235 [Edit]
My original point still stands.
>> No. 9237 [Edit]
Why is there no GARR this season? Speaking of which, why wasn't there any quality GARR for the few past years?

Fuck this shit.
>> No. 9239 [Edit]
Well, what do you mean by 'GARR'?
>> No. 9240 [Edit]
Well there are Berserk movies coming "soon"
>> No. 9271 [Edit]
Manly anime where protag overcomes many hardships through determination and power of will.
>> No. 9281 [Edit]
oooooh, if you meant 'shit', why didn't you just say so?

kidding aside, you've got a few sports titles on there, 'Kuroko no basuke' and 'Ginga e Kickoff!!' Sports are manly/gar right?
there's also 'saint saya', guys in armor beating the living shit out of each other dragon ball style is manly right?
I think fate/zero could be considered 'badass' at least.
Zetman looks like it might be 'gar' and I doubt Unchuu Kyoudai is gonna have much of anything moe or cute about it, from the looks of it they seem a bit more serious and possibly action oriented.

If you can't find one single show you like in a season with 44 different series airing, you should probably give up on anime already.

Post edited on 7th Apr 2012, 6:17pm
>> No. 9282 [Edit]
>Sports are manly/gar right?

Now go back to 4chan or wherever the fuck you came from.
>> No. 9283 [Edit]
Hey, I'm just trying to be helpful and answer the guy's question best I can.
You don't have to be so mean about it...
>> No. 9291 [Edit]

Good to know you never browsed 4chan.
>> No. 9658 [Edit]
I enjoyed Another

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