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File 137513603511.png - (359.99KB , 1067x1600 , img000026[1].png )
1890 No. 1890 [Edit]
What the hell is Thorfinn thinking? Is he going to become as absurd as Kira Jesus Yamato or Batman?

What the hell?
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>> No. 1891 [Edit]
I had no idea that there were new chapters available. Damn, this is a pretty bad situation.
>> No. 1894 [Edit]
File 137523173668.png - (184.31KB , 500x500 , I can feel the very essence of my soul burning.png )
I seriously don't like where the manga is going now. I mean I did want Thorfinn to grow as a man and stop being a murderous brat, I really did. But this, this is a switch from one annoying extreme, to another. Yes killing for glory, king and country is retarded, but being an absolute pacifist moron like his father is just as retarded.
>> No. 1895 [Edit]
The thing is that Thorfinn isn't being entirely like his father, he's going even further to an unnecessary extreme. Thors still fought to protect the ones he knew he had to protect, something Thorfinn hasn't yet been met with, which may be where this is going to go to teach him that he can't just let people do what they want, but I agree that this could've been done better. Staying on the farm any longer is a bad idea and seeing Canute could possibly lead to an undesirable direction.

The problem here is that Thorfinn is a little too full of himself and believes that he has to do everything himself. Thorfinn still has some growing and learning to do.
>> No. 1896 [Edit]
>> Thors still fought to protect the ones he knew he had to protect

Now that I remember Thors actually broke the bones of many when Askeladd's mercenary group attacked him. One could say he is going even more full retard indeed.

>>which may be where this is going to go to teach him that he can't just let people do what they want

Hopefully, because "The Diplomacy/Shounen Conversion/WOLOLOLO Saga" sounds pretty fucking retarded to me.

>>and seeing Canute could possibly lead to an undesirable direction.

I think it's going to go there if the negotiations don't go Thorfin's way. Which is guaranteed to happen due to Canute's insanity. That's if, of course the mangaka doesn't go full "The WOLOLOLO Saga" on us of course.

Anyhow do you think Thorkell will deliver on his promise of kicking Canute's ass if he becomes an asshole and doesn't give him battles to win? Or do you think Thorkell ended up a washed up bum of some sorts? It's been so long since we've seen him now.
>> No. 1900 [Edit]
that faggot einar is just unbearable. Im glad for askeladd that he doesnt have to put up with this crap anymore, and neither will I.
>> No. 1901 [Edit]
I don't recall Einar meeting up with Askeladd, but yeah Einar is pretty annoying. He's like, he's just annoying god dammit.

Aaaah Thorkell, we haven't seen his ass how long now? Anyhow the manga doesn't look like it will go Shounen Conversion Speech on us AKA Naruto Speech. It just wouldn't fit in the universe.
>> No. 1903 [Edit]
Are you forgetting about Canute's speech when Thorkell's army was going to rape Askeladd's rag tag group of mercenaries?
>> No. 1909 [Edit]
I don't remember it being that cringe worthy...
>> No. 1924 [Edit]
File 137749596424.png - (374.42KB , 986x1400 , img000016.png )
The pacing seems really slow. I wonder how this is going to end. Hopefully the pacing doesn't get as bad as Gantz.
>> No. 1925 [Edit]
Slow pacing is only a problem if you're not reading it all in one go.
>> No. 1939 [Edit]
Just caught up with the new chapter, fuck man, this is just as fucking absurd as I feared. Someone or something has to teach Thorfin that sometimes use of force is the only way. As anon pointed out to me, not even his dad was this fucking retarded.
>> No. 1940 [Edit]
It worked for Gandhi.
>> No. 1944 [Edit]
Ghandi didn't singlehandedly change jackshit, he had shitloads of protestors alongside him. He wasn't some sort of WOLOLO or Super Masochist Lad, not just that but his protests ignited interest at issues, it didn't directly solve them. This is just silly.

I know, I know, it's a manga but sheesh, this is just too much for me.
>> No. 1945 [Edit]
The point is that it started with somebody. Why not with Thorfinn?
>> No. 1948 [Edit]
Ghandi used non-violence because he believed it was the best way to deal with the British. He was not against violence itself.
>> No. 1955 [Edit]
One chapter a month is torture.
>> No. 1956 [Edit]
you mean for the author? depends on the pace of the story of course, but in general I agree. I can hardy believe they make it, it's insane.
>> No. 1959 [Edit]
Too true, the art in this manga is so fucking good I'm amazed he makes the datelines. I'm sure this guy doesn't even trace like other mango out there.
>> No. 1960 [Edit]
I don't mind crappier art in exchange for faster story progression. Nobody wants another cased of 'are they still on the boat' like in Berserk.
>> No. 1961 [Edit]
The guy who does Berserk hasn't released anything in eons though due to his obsession with the mediocre Idol M@ster.
>> No. 1968 [Edit]
There should be a new Vinland saga chapter in a few days. Im excited

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