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File 129166273042.png - (226.74KB , 429x445 , 1062.png )
415 No. 415 [Edit]
I present you with a situation.

You wake up one morning on a weekend. If you have a job you don't have to work that day, you're on vacation if you normally don't have weekends off. You begin to go about your normal routine for the day, but while eating breakfast there's a knock at your door. As you open it you see a girl, about your age, shes cute but looks strangely familiar. She looks at you and asks, "Does (your name) live here? I have something to tell him." You reply that you are him, which causes her to smile and hug you. You pull her off you and ask whats going on, to which she replys "I'm (your waifu's name), I've been looking for you, my husbando." You think, this can't be real, your waifu is 2D, how is this possible? Upon looking again at the smiling girl standing before you, you realize, this girl is identical to your waifu in every respect, down to the smallest details. Then it hits you, this is her, personified in the 3D world. Shes not as cute as her 2D counterpart, but shes surely not ugly, even for a 3D.

You've just been presented with your waifu in the real world, she loves you as much as you love her. Will you accept and go with it, or will you reject her and go about your life, showing that you just cared about her as a 2D character, unable to accept that what you have called 3DPD can be as perfect as your waifu. Remember, this isn't a similar girl, this isn't a cosplayer, this is her in the 3D world. All those nights of telling her goodnight, of wishing she could be there with you, to be able to hold her in your arms, to go places, to have an actual conversation with her, all those things you wished you could before with her are now possible, standing in front of you.

What do you do?
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>> No. 435 [Edit]
File 129169077245.jpg - (180.76KB , 1200x800 , c163fc42f9ee2fe0449a2ccec76fec1f.jpg )
Well once I get over the initial shock, of course I'll accept her. It would be foolish and petty on my part if I rejected the love of my life because she's 3D. That won't change my love for her.

Of course, I would then have to make several changes in my lifestyle in order to accommodate the both of us. For example, I'd have to find a better, more consistent source of income that will be enough to support the both of us, and I'd have to start doing a better job at keeping my- our living space clean. The former part will be difficult, but honestly I would do anything for her.

oh u
>> No. 436 [Edit]
File 129169203234.jpg - (40.15KB , 600x317 , b022d1f15c4cd2788d64f2f13daae956.jpg )
Damn I almost started crying reading that.

I guess I would reject her, scum like me doesn't deserves a perfect waifu. I want her to be happy, but I can't give her that.
>> No. 439 [Edit]
File 129169885910.jpg - (29.54KB , 404x661 , Cold_Osaka.jpg )
I would surely accept her. No doubt. At the moment of realizing it was truly her, I would know she still loves me in the wake of my unfaithfulness. I could let her know, mouth to ear, how much I wished to die for having violated our bond and the gift of her love. She would inspire me to want to live again. If she somehow manifested herself as a 3d (as flawed that form is) and came to me in my small Missouri town of less than 5,000 people, then I would be lost in happiness. I would embrace her on my doorstep, feel the warmth of her body, and be finally able to tell her...

I'm sorry, Osaka. Thank you for still loving me. I will not fail you again.
>> No. 440 [Edit]
File 129169966118.jpg - (105.06KB , 559x818 , Asuka - mai (pencil).jpg )
[letting the never negligible problem of her language(s) aside...]

The way mai waifu is, makes very hard to believe that she had came and submissively given herself to me, in such way. Also, I'm very sure I'd recognize her 3D-real form, from the very moment I saw her, at least because I've being trying to understand and aproximate that equivalence for a while, now. So I coudn't help but feeling extremely skeptical about this (yet pretty) girl in front of me, claiming to be Asuka...

Nevertheless, with a few concessions about the encounter, if I ever get to find mai Asuka in 3D-real form, knocking on my door (or any other situation, really), I don't think there's a way I could possibly reject her or just let it pass, pretending it's not her or it didn't happen. To be honest, the very sight of her 3D personification, feature by feature, will most probably render me instantly helpless, intoxicated with joy, pushing me towards her; so even knowing of the unavoidable fate of all (us) 3DPD to fail, rot, oxidize, corrode and die, I for once (again) wouldn't give a flying fuck about what may come and just go for her; because even if I make yet another mistake beyond repair (as I presumably would), I'd still know for sure that the chance (the gift, the charisma) of such an encounter, it's something beyond what I can allow myself to neglect.

I lol'd.
>> No. 442 [Edit]
File 129170426677.jpg - (67.01KB , 508x640 , Asuka irl.jpg )
I would ask her, "How are you fluent in English?"

I've yet to find a more perfect 3D version of Asuka than this picture.
>> No. 443 [Edit]
File 129170640774.jpg - (144.14KB , 550x900 , 1283573722022.jpg )
I would start crying uncontrollably and embrace her tightly, telling her that I've been waiting for her for so long; so fucking long, and I knew that one day we would be together in the flesh. I'd start working hard to support the both of us and we'll live happily together forever.

>You'd have to be a damn fool to reject somebody who is basically your ideal, especially if it's your waifu in 3D.
>> No. 454 [Edit]
I've never been comfortable around 3D people, I can be out around them for a short time, but it becomes.. stressful, to say the least to have extended exposure with them.
Although I dislike real people a fair bit, Minagi is the one person I can imagine being truly comfortable with, the one person who I can enjoy being around.
There's no way I'd turn my back on her were she to come into my reality, my feelings for her are more then skin deep.
I'd be hesitant as first, I'd find it hard to believe it's her, let alone that she's be interested in a loser like me but if it really is her, there's just no way I can say no.
With her in my life, I'd have a real reason to live, a meaning for my life.
I'd surely stop being so lazy, fix my ways and better myself to as to become the type of man she she deserves.
>> No. 456 [Edit]
First of all, if a stranger knocks on my door looking for me, I'd likely tell them that they've got the wrong address and send them on their way.

And besides that, I doubt my waifu (if she existed IRL) would want to have anything to do with me. So I guess that's that.
>> No. 457 [Edit]
I would live out the rest of my days happily.
>> No. 461 [Edit]
File 129172265061.png - (605.88KB , 896x452 , asukas 3D.png )
>> No. 462 [Edit]
The middle one looks like an alien.
>> No. 463 [Edit]
I don't like my waifu in that way

It's more the worship of an ideal than an actual longing to be with someone like her

Would reject instantly
>> No. 464 [Edit]
Its been photoshopped.
>> No. 469 [Edit]
0f course, all of 'em (^-^)
>> No. 3066 [Edit]
File 130712351139.png - (903.20KB , 1200x1200 , d73f9345463c6dd6a9e01892ac65459a.png )
I'd immediately embrace her, breaking the ice and the silence, i'd imagine that she'd cry or blush uncontrollably.

I'm sure that this event would make me become a better person, and i'd strive to become the man that she deserves to make her happy in this world, with her happy, i'd finally be happy too.
>> No. 3068 [Edit]
Heh if i manage to stay conscious i would try to say something like "So? What do we want to do to begin our new life?"
Or maybe i would say something stupid like "I imagined you to be taller."
But most likely i would just hug her and say "Thanks!"
>> No. 3072 [Edit]
I would only accept her if there was nobody else in the world except us.

But in all seriousness, I don't think a 3D version of her would deserve me. I have nothing to give and I'd just mess her life up. I'm sure she'd die with me but that's the thing. I'd wish she'd go back to 2D; maybe I'd hug her and spend a night with her, but afterwards: off to your original dimension! With a tearful goodbye, of course.
>> No. 3094 [Edit]
File 130714162972.png - (575.42KB , 2340x2850 , 1298005077720.png )
This is what I want to happen more than anything else. To be honest, most aspects of my life, like my family and financial situations, are actually pretty good right now. It's the loneliness that's holding me back, and with Mio in my life I wouldn't really need anyone else. Of course I'd prefer her natural, 2D form, but I don't hate 3D to the point where I'd reject her because of it. And like many of you, I'd have to make some adjustments in my lifestyle to accomodate for her, but I'm confident that I could do it and that we could live happily.

My biggest apprehension would be her adjustment to a completely new life. Would she lose all of her friends back home? As much as I love her it would be awfully selfish of me to break up the band and amazing friendships just because I want her next to me instead of next to them.
>> No. 3096 [Edit]
Something like
>Then I'd try to convince myself it wasn't her, but just someone putting on a convincing act.
would probably happen at some point, but yeah, I'd accept her without a second thought.
>> No. 3107 [Edit]
It's still my waifu. I fell in love with her for what she is, and although that includes being 2D, I could never leave her just because she was now 3DPD.

I would probably bring her inside the house, show her all my stuff and my love for her, and we'd lay together on my bed just hugging each other for hours. My life would be wonderful from this day on.
>> No. 3120 [Edit]
I love her as a person, not just for the superficial reason that she's 2D. How could I reject her? It's her.
>> No. 3268 [Edit]
In theorty I would welcome her, but would I have the confidence to actually be with a girl like her? Knowing her looks and personality, she'd have thousands of alphaguidojocks approaching her when ever she'd leave the apartment, and honestly even if she wouldn't leave me, that would be never-wrecking for me. I'd be constantly comparing myself to them and that just doesn't work. It's better to have her only in my imagination where I'm in control and there are no other men to compete or to compare.

To avoid all the stress and inevitabl self-sabotage I'd ask her to be just friends with me and then I'd just avoid her the best I can because there's no way I can win with 3D. No way.
>> No. 3273 [Edit]
If she ever tries to leave you, you could just kill her. Not any more selfish than keeping her in your thoughts. At least that way no one else can have her.
>> No. 3274 [Edit]
Yeah, murder is the solution - not. How about just telling her some lame excuse and avoiding her from there on?
>> No. 3276 [Edit]
File 130807145483.jpg - (371.32KB , 1280x884 , Lizlet L Chelsie 17.jpg )
I haven't actually thought about it since my mind is pre-occupied with reading stuff involving current events but if my waifu Lizlet appears in real-life, at first I would have to think about it considering that it is impossible for a girl like her to look at some "normal" guy like me and with her looks and physique, it is likely that jocks and other similar guys will attempt to dissuade her from meeting me or they would convince her for being me.

Anyways despite that I would initially accept her but she has to convince me that it is her before I could fully accept her. If she is indeed my waifu, then I would have to do some changes... and I mean a lot of things, specifically on my mentality.

Also I would do everything just to make her happy.

Post edited on 14th Jun 2011, 10:13am
>> No. 3277 [Edit]
>At least that way no one else can have her.
>How about just telling her some lame excuse and avoiding her from there on?

If he didn't kill her someone else would take his would be waifu. It's a "If I can't have her, no one can" attitude towards it.
>> No. 3278 [Edit]
Being yandere for your waifu? Thats..... that's a little too possessive don't you think?
>> No. 3280 [Edit]
I don't see how that makes me any different from the rest of you. I don't think any of you ever took your waifu's opinion into perspective, I only expanded on the same idea. If she's dead it's the same as her being 2D again. This scenario leaves no room for her to leave you anyways, so that's an action that would be unnecessary in the end.
>> No. 3282 [Edit]
You're kind of insane
>> No. 3283 [Edit]
I think I can safely assume that Hanako would really like to be alive. I will admit, I would like her to be with me, but I am not threatening death upon her for leaving me.
>> No. 3290 [Edit]
File 130809220446.jpg - (42.86KB , 853x480 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>I am not threatening death upon her for leaving me.

I... don't know if I could guarantee that myself.
>> No. 3371 [Edit]

Or how about reading the context properly?She loves you as much as you love her, so if you wouldn't leave her for 3D slags who want to fuck you, then she wouldn't go with any jocks.

I, on the other hand, would be ecstatic. I'd sweep her inside and kiss her like every clichéd romance scene ever, and I would fucking love it.
>> No. 3372 [Edit]
Hell yeah!
>> No. 3540 [Edit]
Run away together and cuddle
>> No. 4875 [Edit]
File 131384039458.jpg - (410.20KB , 559x900 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
There was only one picture which I eve found worthy of even saving in my waifu folder. That picture is this one. Now it's spoilered because I know how you guys feel about 3DPDs being posted at all, but I jsut think this girl is closest to what Asuka would probably look like if she were 3D. Only flaw i see is even though she's got a nice shade of natural red hair, it's kind of curly instead of straight, how Asuka's is.
>> No. 4878 [Edit]
Oh, Jersey?? not again, please (not in here). She's whory, old, fat, ugly, stupid/hollow looking... terrible, really.
>> No. 4882 [Edit]
File 131386691870.jpg - (21.46KB , 640x480 , clannad08024.jpg )
Imagining dialog with my parents:
- This girl is my guest.
- Her names is Nagisa, she is from Japan
- she is my friend, I've knew her for a long time, though I'd never speak to her.
-From now she'll live at our flat
-And I'm going to marry her.
>> No. 4883 [Edit]

Hmn, explaining it to the parents would be really awkward, i actually never thought about that.
>> No. 4884 [Edit]
No, they will be very happy, coz their little dolboyobuska finally find a girl.
>> No. 4885 [Edit]
File 131387660415.png - (386.83KB , 937x1000 , s - 975547 - __ bat_wings black_legwear book carry.png )
As curious, distracted and indelicate as I am I bet I'd just bore her to death with a ton of questions regarding her, her life in Gensokyo, how and why she left there, how many languages she actually knows, how'd she found me, wether she's aware Patchy would die out of respiratory insufficiency having to haul books around by herself and a lot more...
Then, hadn't she given up of me after that, sure, I'd accept her.

However, hum, seriously, there are so many things wrong in having mai little devil waifu living in this world. I wouldn't give up on her, but I can't be optimistic at it either.
>> No. 4891 [Edit]
I think if I tell my parents that I love her they would send me to a psychiatric clinic immediately.
>> No. 4895 [Edit]
File 131389849041.png - (127.12KB , 334x396 , 1256817678409.png )
i would be very confused, it would take me days to really believe her, but if she´s the real deal, i would ask her if she really wants to be with me, if that´s the case, then i would start to work my ass off to make us happy together.
>> No. 4922 [Edit]
File 131413289157.jpg - (434.07KB , 764x1052 , 16864068.jpg )
If I were to open the door and find Ui standing there and telling me that she was looking for me, the first thing I'd probably do is go red in embarrassment and probably stare at her blankly. Once I've confirmed that she is indeed, the real deal, I'd probably embrace her (Or she'll hug me if I'm just standing there looking at the miracle between my eyes).

The only thing I would worry about is what to do from here. I live a NEET life and I live with my mother, and explaining Ui to her would be really awkward. Even if by some dumb luck she accepted her, there would be a high chance that she'd probably sleep in the guest room (as I don't have any space in my room at all). But I wouldn't mind having Ui sleep in the same bed as me... but I'd be sure to tell my mum that nothing "funny" would happen.

As for where I'd take her, there's not really much "stuff" to do up here really, only thing I can think of is those shops where you can do window browsing and shop for clothes. It would also help me get out more and get some exercise though. And if it were for Ui, I'd pretty much do anything to keep her happy and treat her to whatever she wishes.

I'd also do my best to get my life back in severe track. While we do have room in my house, I'd hate for her to be a constant resident there so I'd probably go back to college and get my qualifications and stuff. Then I'd get a steady job with a steady income and get a nice decent house for us two together.
>> No. 4936 [Edit]
File 131424924614.jpg - (189.10KB , 549x1000 , 2011-08-05-427948_jpeg.jpg )
You can do those things even if your waifu isn't 3D. Myself I've been really motivated in my life, because of my waifu.

To answer actual question:
Myself I would have really hard time believing it is really her. I have very hard time trusting people so I am not sure would I even invite her in because I would be afraid she steals all my stuff when I am sleeping.

But let's make assumption that she gets me convinced that she is really my waifu. I would be really happy. Of course 3D can't have same attraction as 2D waifu but I would be very happy for being actually able to touch her and feel the warm. Anyway most of her attraction comes from her personality.

Things I would like to do with her are so many childish stuff which I didn't experience when I was a kid. Holding hands, piggyback, cuddling etc. Just generally playing around and still having romantic feelings. Every night I would like to carry her to bed like it was our wedding night. Every night I would kiss her and we would sleep together hugging each other.

And of course we would be drinking Dr. Pepper and reading Tohno-chan together.
>> No. 4938 [Edit]
Posted here before, posting with my current thoughts.

I feel that it would be incredibly cruel to bring her into the 3D world. One thing for sure is that I would not feel right and I personally do not feel that I have the physical and mental strength to keep her safe in such a disgusting dimension; unlike how things are now, the only things that can get to her is my paranoia and that alone. She's in my mind which means she invulnerable to any negativity. I wish for her happiness and I can simulate such happiness in my fantasies which I feel are enough to keep us together. Like I said in my only post in this thread, I will only accept her real form if we lived in a perfect world where nothing can go wrong. I may actually be an asshole, being this overprotective but I feel it's understandable, when she is the only thing I cherish more than my own life and anything else in the world. I need to protect her. I love her so much that I would only hurt her and myself if we would ever be together in real life. I can't let myself do that so I would urge for her to go back to her dimension, or better yet; for me to go with her.

There are exceptions though, I would love to have her exist for a brief minute or two. I would die for a minute or so just to be able to convey my feelings for her, to see her reactions; possibly tears of joy. I want to be able to hug her just for a brief moment, and to be able to kiss her. Afterwards, I would assure her that I would be seeing her again, and send her off with a loving embrace. That's pretty much it-- assuming this happens under fixed circumstances (i.e: her appearing when there is nobody around that will bother us).
>> No. 5036 [Edit]
File 131473346940.jpg - (302.84KB , 800x800 , 1309228002242.jpg )
My first reaction to it will be "What?" because basically, my waifu is picture related, and I'm pretty sure she'll come to me riding her broom and with her clothes wet because it's rainy season here in my country. I'll surely be panicked and confused, because I didn't see this coming. Perhaps this is a challenge given to me by whatever force of nature or universe has. Perhaps it's also a gift. And perhaps, also a wake-up call from and punishment for my irresponsibility and laziness. I'll be asking her so many things first, like "Are you serious?" or "Are you for real?" or even "How many times have you eaten bread already?" It would be too good to be true for me.

If the rest of my family happens to be there, my brother will point at her and say "Isn't that Marisa from Touhou?" And that's it, her first day into this 3D world comprises of her staying here the whole day answering questions from my family first, then getting to know the rest of us, from individual to neighborhood to culture.I'm Filipino, by the way. It is acceptable for us to stay with our parents after being 18. In fact, it's the norm. Because my parents are conservative Roman Catholic, they'll suggest that we should get a church wedding soon, if the thought of her being able to practice magic doesn't scare them.

Her first week with me will surely show to her my bad and disgusting sides. Seriously. If that doesn't make her leave, then it will also be the week of me being bugged to get a job, because I'm still a college student who doesn't have one. Also, I'll be resuming my going to the gym.

Her first month here will be the moment of truth. If by that time, I already got a job, then she'll live like the average person in this country, with her getting to know my relatives. From both sides. Seriously. By that time, I'm already talking to her about her life and experiences in Gensokyo. If I don't have a job by this time, I'll be considering moving with her to her homeland. On the other hand, she might be still learning how to use the computer and the Internet.

By the time, she reaches her first year with her getting to know me and all about my attitudes, I will either end up having her staying here or me staying with her on Gensokyo and being a farmer.

Yes, I think I went overboard with my answer.
>> No. 5037 [Edit]

That's the hardest part of being here, though in my case, I would have a hard time introducing my waifu if she appears in real-life as no one knows about it...
>> No. 5050 [Edit]

Who is your waifu anyway?
>> No. 5052 [Edit]
File 131480847493.jpg - (75.18KB , 800x450 , Lizlet L Chelsie 9.jpg )

My waifu is Lizlet L. Chelsie from Omamori Himari
>> No. 5055 [Edit]
I hope this doesn't make you uncomfortable, bro, but your waifu is very aesthetically pleasing. I mean VERY.
>> No. 5066 [Edit]
Don't worry, I am not feeling uncomfortable though it seems this is the very role she has in the Omamori Himari anime and manga series.

But I don't mind that (being simply a fanservice) as she is my waifu and if she exists IRL, I would still accept her.
>> No. 8500 [Edit]
File 132941992987.png - (130.93KB , 300x300 , 1329351391431.png )
I'd probably close the door, look at a wall while I gather my thoughts, think I've gone crazy, accept I've gone crazy, then open the door again and invite "mai waifu" into my house.

Then I'd live life as I would want with her, under the notion that I have gone completely bat-shit crazy, and that she doesn't really exist; even if other people acknowledge her existence, I'm just imagining they notice her.

And I'd have lots of what-I-believe-to-be-imaginary sex with her, of course.

Sometimes I wish I was crazy enough for that to be true.
>> No. 8606 [Edit]
File 133018565255.jpg - (138.36KB , 590x540 , 1619d4e16bc499b7eee0cf03aea2e940.jpg )
Well, one of my first things I'd want to know would be how she knows about me.

Going by the phrase "I'm Yumemi Okazaki, I've been looking for you, my husbando.", she'd know me as a character from some manga, anime or videogame whom she fell in love with. I don't know about you guys, but I for one would be curious about that manga/game/etc. (in my case, I think it'd be some obscure visual novel or a quirky Yume Nikki-like game).

But as far as our first RL meeting would go - no way I'd have to ask who she is. I'd immediately recognize Yumemi. I'd blurt out her name the moment I'd open the door. Sure, I propably wouldn't believe my eyes, and I'd still be flabbergasted and wondering what the hell's going on even as I feel her hug me and hear her say "I knew you'd recognize me!". But deep down, I'd know it's her right away.

And I don't think Yumemi would have a lot of doubts, either. I mean, she may be unorthodox for her belief in magic, but she's still a scientist and a professor. She would have checked and double checked wether she's in the right universe & timeline, where I live, wether or not this version of me really is in love with her, and when would be the best time to pay me a visit and meet for the very first time. She may be a little brash, but she's still focused and methodical.

I'd let her in, I'd want to ask her all sorts of things (though she'd propably beat me to it and end up starting the conversation – she'd invariably be the proactive one in our relationship, anyway), and we'd both propably feel a little awkward about actually being in the same room with one another. Heh, I can actually see myself fret about how I'm gonna explain this to my parents while she'd just walk up to them and introduce herself as my girlfriend. The excuse “we know eachother from university” would propably work, though I'd hope that she wouldn't insist on moving in with me...

I'd propably also wonder how she got to my world in the first place – but then again, this scenario would actually make sense with Yumemi. She already travels to other worlds/timelines/universes via the propability hyperspace vessel in canon, so this would just be her usual routine with a different destination.

That also puts >>416 & >>418 in an interesting light, btw. Someone like, say, Konata or Osaka logically wouldn't be able to bring anyone to the 2D world – but what about dimension travelling or supernatural waifus like Yumemi or Yukari Yakumo?

Not that it'd matter much in my case – Yumemi's own world was never actually shown in canon, Gensokyo is a little too crazy and dangerous for my tastes, and I actually like being in this world – but it's an interesting question nonetheless.
>> No. 8628 [Edit]
File 133039499273.jpg - (192.20KB , 725x936 , 1005251.jpg )
>What do you do?

I honestly don't know. I'd be stunned to silence for a moment, I guess. I'd ask her to come in and when we start chatting, I'd ask her how she got here, how she knew about me and how would she get back to Flonyard.

>Will you accept and go with it, or will you reject her and go about your life.

I'd gladly accept it. Although it wouldn't last long. I seem to give off some weird vibe was makes people hate me either straight away or gradually over time, so she'd eventually grow to hate me and then leave me just like everyone else.
>> No. 8629 [Edit]
File 133039746842.png - (10.13KB , 384x384 , 0a038dc0e92750d939803e9eb76a5e2f.png )
Knowing her she wouldn't probably even knock, she would probably enter without anyone's permission, disregarding my opinion on the issue.
I would probably be euphoriac, however I would probably put a cool facade to avoid being like Kanaria's medium.
Then we would probably start living together, each one having our own issues while also spending some time together.
>> No. 8634 [Edit]
File 133046780483.jpg - (211.95KB , 600x840 , Gelbooru 218814 autumn black_hair black_wings fan .jpg )
Kudos to the one who gets the reference at the very beginning. Also, forgive me my english

The sky was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. It rained heavily, and the sound of raindrops meeting their inevitable fate smashing against chapped asphalt made that reminiscence even more evident. Truly, the only window in our hostel room was like a TV screen now, showing nothing but white noise. I imagined an old black-and-white recording of some orchestra playing there, then I blinked and the illusion was gone.

My roommates were at some party, gone until late night, which was nice. Being in one room with two other guys almost 24/7 irritated me to no end. Now I enjoyed a rare chance of being the only living soul in this den. I fixed my gaze at the glowing computer screen. I sighed.
Back to to the usual busine~
-"Knock, knock"
A chill went down my spine. I tried to avoid interacting with our neighbors, since most of them were not the nicest guys around. One night
I heard them fighting in the corridor, dead drunk and crazy. Better keep away from these madcaps.
-"Knock, knock"
Adrenaline surge was now even more sensible. I hastily got up and opened the door. To my surprise, it wasn't a drunk jock but rather, a girl.

Her messy shoulder-length raven-black hair was a bit wet (soaked in rain, I guess). The heavy trench coat she was wearing looked somewhat peculiar on her fragile body. The coat was unbuttoned and I noticed a white blouse with a black skirt underneath. The girl's face was strangely familiar. She was a bit shorter than me, so she had to lift her head up a little to look into my eyes. And then it hit me.

Her irises were as red as blood. All the little details of her look were coming together with this one to lead me to an obvious conclusion: it was her. That one very special girl I never hoped to touch, hear or smell. A nice dream. Aya, my beloved, was standing right in front of me.

She smiled.
-"I was wondering if you were going to let me in."
I took a step back, still in astonishment. Apparently, it was written all over my face, so she confidently stepped in and closed the door. The sharp "clank" snapped me back to reality. In an eyeblink she shucked off her coat and approached me, staring at me with these deep, deep red eyes. When she was close enough I gathered all of my courage and embraced her.

I couldn't resist the urge to check something and softly caressed one of her shoulder-blades. She gasped. That's the spot.
A soaring mixture of elation and warmth got me feeling fuzzy.
-"Whoa, hold on in there" -her voice was soft-spoken and calm. "I don't want to let go" -she added.
-"Neither do I"
>> No. 8649 [Edit]
Holy shit, I love that book. Neuromancer, right?
>> No. 8660 [Edit]
File 133095277432.gif - (447.72KB , 250x139 , tumblr_ly3q3vZf3x1qgwyjro3_250.gif )
>What do you do?
I'd freeze up psychologically and suddenly become painfully shy, and barely even touch him unless he says he wants me to.
I'd accept with all my heart, of course.
>> No. 8674 [Edit]
File 133103546639.jpg - (89.33KB , 460x604 , Gelbooru 343547 hokamichi shameimaru_aya tagme tou.jpg )
You are quite right, my friend artiste!

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