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File 131679942431.gif - (1.24MB , 412x232 , swim champ.gif )
6261 No. 6261 [Edit]
The second season of Ika is almost upon us. Are YOU ready?
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>> No. 6263 [Edit]
Not yet, give me some time here man.
>> No. 6264 [Edit]
My hard drive and hngggggggg's are ready.

I recommend the rest of TC to pick up a life alert as well.
>> No. 6279 [Edit]
My body will never be ready. My video player, on the other hand, awaits the glorious return of Ika.
>> No. 6296 [Edit]
File 131707935551.png - (750.90KB , 793x730 , ika7.png )
This episode made me happy. I'm glad Ika's back.
>> No. 6297 [Edit]
I'm still waiting for it ;_;

Gives me time to finish up RKB, I guess
>> No. 6299 [Edit]
File 131708250991.jpg - (92.34KB , 848x480 , [HorribleSubs] Shinryaku Ika Musume S2 - 01 [480p].jpg )
Jesus christ, this translation, I don't even... Is this supposed to be some reference to an idiom or something?
>> No. 6300 [Edit]
It's supposed to be "Isn't That a Jellyfish!?" (episode titles are all questions) but I guess CR thinks that's too obscure for westerners or something. Aren't they also the ones who put awful squid puns everywhere?
>> No. 6301 [Edit]
Watch HorribleSubs, get Horrible Subs.
What do you expect?
If you want subs that don't suck, don't use HorribleSubs, not a complicated concept.
Other groups will sub this, there's no reason to settle.
>> No. 6302 [Edit]
Other groups are still keeping the squid "puns". Also, CrazySquid translated Ika-sempai to "senior squid girl".
>> No. 6303 [Edit]
There will be more to pick from, don't be so impatient.
>> No. 6304 [Edit]
Even for Horriblesubs, I believe this was a new level of horrible. But I really don't care either way since I can always turn the subtitles off and still enjoy my weekly dosage of Ika.

Also, anybody find the new OP and ED songs lackluster to season 1's?
>> No. 6305 [Edit]
FFFpeeps didn't last year, so I don't expect they will this year either. Go with them imo, whenever it comes out anyway
>> No. 6308 [Edit]
>Also, anybody find the new OP and ED songs lackluster to season 1's?
Yes, but that's to be expected, nothing can ever beat the S1 OP.
>> No. 6312 [Edit]
It's out and they didn't.
>> No. 6314 [Edit]
File 131714777366.jpg - (54.00KB , 1280x720 , jellyfish.jpg )
such a lewd jellyfish
>> No. 6315 [Edit]

>Also, anybody find the new OP and ED songs lackluster to season 1's?

ED was pretty nice I thought. Obviously agree with the OP part.

I've seen FFFpeeps' release, it waa decent. I kinda wish they would leave 'Ika-chan' be (instead of translating it to 'little Ika') but I can live with that.
>> No. 6318 [Edit]
Did Ika get a new voice actor or something? She seems so unenthusiastic compared to s1.
>> No. 6319 [Edit]
I noticed that too. It's almost as if she's more mature now or something
>> No. 6322 [Edit]
File 131718559610.jpg - (502.70KB , 1280x720 , [Underwater] Shinryaku! Ika Musume S2 - 01 (720p) .jpg )

That seems like a terrible place to get stung. I have such an irrational fear of jellyfish, there is no way I could have done what they did this ep.


She seems the EXACT same to me.

On another note.
Chizuru is such a bully. I wish there was another character that could at least give her a run for her money, so that she's not bullying Ika all the time. I'm getting tired of her having to bow to this girl.
>> No. 6323 [Edit]
I'm surprised they still haven't fixed the hole in that wall.
>> No. 6324 [Edit]
I think they actually did last season, but some other shenanigans broke it again
>> No. 6325 [Edit]
She's not bullying Ika, she's just keeping her in check.
>> No. 6326 [Edit]
I just finished watching S1 some day ago, this is great.

Underwater subs are pretty good if you ask me.
>> No. 6330 [Edit]
  Jesus Christ
>> No. 6331 [Edit]
and weeboos wonder why we don't buy western versions of dvds.
>> No. 6332 [Edit]

Why are dubs still bad?

Post edited on 28th Sep 2011, 1:41pm
>> No. 6342 [Edit]
They never have, and never will, care enough about anime to give it proper dubs.
For a English VA, dubbing anime is like working at mcdonalds, it's embracing low paying work they only do to get a leg in the industry and hopefully work their way up to voicing video games, cartoons, then big budget animated movies.

Post edited on 28th Sep 2011, 10:30pm
>> No. 6397 [Edit]
Oh... So those bracelets weren't just for show. I've been wondering what the deal with them was since the first episode of season 1.

Post edited on 3rd Oct 2011, 7:00pm
>> No. 6402 [Edit]

I wonder if it was intended from the beginning or just plain retconned.
>> No. 6409 [Edit]
File 131775712230.gif - (496.49KB , 500x281 , miss.gif )
This episode was way better than the last one. Ika's voice still sounds different to me, but oh well
>> No. 6489 [Edit]
holy crap she can fly now!

I jokingly asked myself while watching the op if she could fly or something, then shrugged it off as just being like the typical op that shows naked people flying in space.
>> No. 6569 [Edit]
>> No. 6570 [Edit]
I made it through nearly a year without my weekly dose of Ika Musume, I can make it through two weeks.

That doesn't mean this hiatus doesn't suck though.
>> No. 6571 [Edit]
Look on the bright side, at least a fig came out. That kinda balances it out I guess.

I guess good news doesn't come without a price.
>> No. 6572 [Edit]
Not that unusual since it started really early compared to everything else this season. Still sucks though...
>> No. 6612 [Edit]
File 131852925169.gif - (497.54KB , 444x250 , dance.gif )
>> No. 6613 [Edit]
File 131853168989.jpg - (117.79KB , 1280x720 , beat up.jpg )
This episode was awesome, and the next episode has the chapter where they try to learn english which I'm sure will be hilarious.
>> No. 6617 [Edit]
File 131853360248.jpg - (152.50KB , 1366x768 , weird dance.jpg )
Ika-chan does the Weird Dance!

By the way, were the backgrounds this detailed in S1, too? I think they were much blander. Not like we're at scenery-porn level but they look rather nice (nice enough to catch my eye).

Oh, and it was very rude to tell Ika-chan to never come back again. I'm gonna find that guy and strangle him!
>> No. 6741 [Edit]
Wow, they actually had fluent english speakers this episode. Cindy's VA was awful though.
>> No. 6742 [Edit]
Ika's was good, to the point where I wasn't sure if it was her actual seiyuu or not
>> No. 6746 [Edit]
File 131897097221.jpg - (115.59KB , 1280x720 , mini boat.jpg )
chibi ika is so cute I almost can't take it
>> No. 6747 [Edit]
It definately must become a fig.
>> No. 6749 [Edit]
>> No. 6769 [Edit]

Really? I thought it was pretty Engrish-y. Not your standard level of anime Engrish of course but far from fluent.


I like this segments, they remind me of old children's cartoons. Nostalgia overflow. I'd like to see more of them.
>> No. 6777 [Edit]
>Really? I thought it was pretty Engrish-y. Not your standard level of anime Engrish of course but far from fluent.

Some of it sort of sounded like an english speaker who was TRYING to make it sound engrishy, to me anyway
>> No. 6793 [Edit]
I just saw Episode 1 and all I can say is

Dear god everything is so cute and love sensation inducing heart attack.
>> No. 6794 [Edit]
just wait
>> No. 6795 [Edit]
  this is nice
>> No. 6827 [Edit]
File 131924612343.jpg - (136.79KB , 1280x720 , [FFFpeeps] Shinryaku! Ika Musume S2 - 04 [720p][3C.jpg )
Good lord, that English segment...

I was wondering the other day why it seems to be so hard for producers to find native English speakers for English dialog, I thought maybe it cost to much to hire on extra VAs just for those small rolls, but after seeing this, maybe it's because native English speakers just plain out suck ass at voicing anime.

I thought since this was the original work and not some rushed lazy western dub, that it might be decent, but instead it sounds like the voice actor is half asleep for most of her lines, and has no idea what's going on in the scene.
And it was so completely obvious Cyndi's voice was being done by two different people it wasn't even funny.
She actually made the other character's forced robotic engrish sound well done by comparison.

Post edited on 21st Oct 2011, 6:26pm
>> No. 6828 [Edit]
yeah she was terrible. the foreigner guy was OK though, i guess
>> No. 6829 [Edit]
Yeah he wasn't that bad, although his voice didn't seem to match the character's animation as well as it could have..
>> No. 6830 [Edit]
>I thought since this was the origanle work and not some rushed lazy western dub, they it might be decent, but instead it sounds like the voice actor is half asleep for most of her lines, and has no idea what's going on in the scene.

I think part of the issue with dubs is that they have completely different acting styles.

Some Western movie critic once said that if you compare (live action) actors side by side, the Japanese actors ALWAYS over-act by American standards.

So in other words they are more emotional. I don't know how this affects the English voice acting; maybe the pressure to be more emotional makes them over-act, or maybe they feel inhibited or who knows what.

I could assume that western actors try to do "cartoon" voices, and Japanese actors do different ones. So maybe on some level they really are different! I don't know.

But I don't like "cartoon" voices, and the Japanese voices help me with pretending I'm not watching cartoons, so I like them better.
>> No. 6831 [Edit]
Western voice actors doing cartoons do them perfectly fine, I think they just don't take anime seriously and as such don't put any effort into it, and come out with a voice that says to the listener "I don't care."
Cartoon voices might be over the top most of the time, but they still convey emotions and tones.
But when the same people dub anime, it's like they're reading off a script, and sounds almost like they don't even want to be doing it.
>> No. 6832 [Edit]
another thing is it's hard to tell if a japanese voice actor is a shitty actor because I don't know what they are saying
>> No. 6833 [Edit]
>Some Western movie critic once said that if you compare (live action) actors side by side, the Japanese actors ALWAYS over-act by American standards.
>> No. 6834 [Edit]
Gotta give them a break the lowly japanese animator is only aware of the 46 or so sounds in their language, they can't even begin to comprehend that "R" and "L" are pronouced different. I mean srsly this is coming from a county that thinks the sun is Red, you can't expect too much from them.
>> No. 6835 [Edit]
You do know that the mouth shapes for R and L are almost identical right
>> No. 6836 [Edit]
Anecdote time.

A "professional" American voice actor once said at a panel (back in the early days of Funimation) that he was offered a role in a Japanese anime, but he didn't take it because he was supposedly being paid "peanuts."

Come to find out, he would get $2000 per episode to say five or six lines per episode. So really, it's not that the Japanese can't find good engrish voice actors, it's just that all the American ones are divas. I assume the one in Ika was basically a college student from overseas.

Better than a country that thinks mustard is yellow.
>> No. 6837 [Edit]
File 131925268024.jpg - (115.63KB , 1253x605 , google sun.jpg )
Cyndi's bad voice acting wasn't the fault of animators, Except for the one scene with the alligator dance/spin thing, how the hell would anyone voice that part properly?

and yeah, them crazy nipps, must not have even seen the sun or something.
>> No. 6838 [Edit]
what a faggot.
>> No. 6839 [Edit]
>I mean srsly this is coming from a county that thinks the sun is Red

Please tell me you're joking and not actually serious about never seeing a red/orange sunrise which is where the Japanese RISING SUN gets its red colour.
>> No. 6840 [Edit]
File 131925357670.gif - (163.23KB , 620x823 , p_blair_mouths.gif )
You must be japanese
>> No. 6841 [Edit]
Thank you for proving that the only difference is you see a small part of the tongue for L, and if the mouth isn't over-exaggerated, they are indistinguishable.
>> No. 6842 [Edit]
Also, this has little do with whether English speakers are good at voicing roles or not (by the way, the idea that the speakers of one language are inherently better at voicing cartoons than those of another language is ridiculous).

>I thought since this was the original work and not some rushed lazy western dub, that it might be decent

If anything, you should expect the English voice to be worse when the Japanese staff picks them out because they most likely DO NOT SPEAK English and their target audience, also non-English-speaking Japanese, don't give a shit about how natural the English is to an actual English-speaking person.

THIS. A THOUSAND TIMES THIS. I don't know how many of you fluently speak more than one language, but please do be aware that different languages have different intonations. This is why you'll sometimes hear people claim that German or Mandarin sounds angry. It's because a foreigner is not used to the natural intonations of that language and thus interpret the tone from the confines of the language that the said foreigner speaks. Now that's not to claim that one can't have some sort of an idea as to how good the voice acting in another language, but it's vague and shaky at best. If you ever see English instructional videos, you'll likely notice that the actors sound terribly stiff but it doesn't matter because a)the goal is to pronounce english as articulately and easily as possible for a beginner's ear and b)the beginner has no solid basis on which to judge what "natural English" sounds like.

You really do have to speak the language if you want to legitimately critique the voice acting of a foreign language.

Post edited on 21st Oct 2011, 8:32pm
>> No. 6843 [Edit]
Animators don't even animate the tongue unless the characters are yelling with their mouths open. I can hardly see how that's relevant.
>> No. 6844 [Edit]
Dude, none of us are new to the language, this isn't /a/ or gaia.
Plenty of people here watch anime raw.
>> No. 6845 [Edit]
since when was bad english in anime new and surprising?
>> No. 6846 [Edit]
since a few hours ago.
>> No. 6847 [Edit]
Then why are there people complaining about bad english in anime?
>> No. 6848 [Edit]
maybe some of us, I dunno, know both languages?
>> No. 6849 [Edit]
Ah, poor phrasing, my bad. What I meant to say was as Hamish pointed out just a couple posts above. But then again, it's not like people can't complain about unsurprising stuff so just forget what I said.
>> No. 6850 [Edit]
>Some Western movie critic once said that if you compare (live action) actors side by side, the Japanese actors ALWAYS over-act by American standards.

They say the same about Spanish TV novels.
>> No. 6852 [Edit]
which is also true.
>> No. 6853 [Edit]
Forgive my idiocy, but my L, R and W are all basically different by a millimetre.
>> No. 6854 [Edit]
It's not true. Have you ever thought that it's just the language being expressive, rather than English being the master of everything while all others are shit?

You think all Germans are angry nazi and French are depressed mimes too?
>> No. 6855 [Edit]
No, it is, I know Spanish, I have seen some of those shows, and my mom watches them all the time.
They're all drama queens, no two ways about it.

soap operas are to Spanish tv what reality shows are to American tv.
It's almost all there is.

Post edited on 22nd Oct 2011, 12:20am
>> No. 6856 [Edit]
Even most Spaniards think TV novels are horribly acted.
>> No. 6857 [Edit]
Spanish TV novels can include Verano Azul. Don't you dare compare it to american reality shows
>> No. 6858 [Edit]
you mean the show that aired in the 80s?

American tv had lots of variety to it also decades ago.
>> No. 6861 [Edit]

>(by the way, the idea that the speakers of one language are inherently better at voicing cartoons than those of another language is ridiculous)

Except it's true. Just like I can say that Germans are better at soccer than say... Burkina Faso I think it's fair to say average Japanese voice actor is much better than average American voice actor.

Of course I'm not trying to say it's some kind of inherent trait Japs are born with. The reason behind their better abilities is the same as the one behind Germany being better at soccer than Burkina Faso. Voice acting is a sizeable industry in Japan (compared to States). The voice acting schools are no joke and agencies actively scout new promising voice actors. Those voice actors hone their skills over years, voicing literally hundreds of anime, drama CDs, games and the like.

In some (many? I don't know, I haven't seen many) animated movies (like Pixar ones and whatnot) characters are voiced by actual actors instead of VAs. Of course part of it is trying to draw in bigger crowd but it is also true that those actors are simply good at voice acting because that too it part of their job. They are actually better at it than an average voice actors whose only task is dubbing things. And that's pretty sad.

Also, like Shinden said, American voice actors are fucking spoiled prima donnas. If you don't believe me go watch some interviews from cons or something. Most of the time their ego is so big they barely fit through doors. On the other hand, Japanse culture sort of the encourages the opposite behavior so I think it's pretty safe to claim that the voice actors actually take their jobs seriously and simply do their best.

There's more to it but I think my point is clear by now. Also, I was talking about American VAs because most of the time it's them who dub anime. I've seen stuff dubbed by Brits, too. It was even worse. The reason? The industry is even smaller in GB. The smaller the country/it's dubbing idustry the worse results you'll most likely get.

>If you ever see English instructional videos, you'll likely notice that the actors sound terribly stiff

I notice it every time I watch dubbed anime.

Also, while I was disappointed with it at first the new OP really grew on me and by now I can actually say I look forward to it.
>> No. 6862 [Edit]
Well yes, I agree with all that but you haven't really disagreed with me either since you yourself admitted they're not better for some inherent reason.
>> No. 6863 [Edit]
I'm going to assume by "American voice actors" you're referring to those who only dub anime.
>> No. 6871 [Edit]

My memory is absolutely shit so I can't tell if that really was the case but I think I might've misread that sentence (I don't think I noticed you said 'inherently'). Or not. I don't even remember why I've written that in the first place. Oh well.


Yes, of course. The joke is voice actors who voice cartoons and animated movies are actually decent (the ones who voice characters in games are usually terrible).
>> No. 6874 [Edit]
File 131946352167.jpg - (79.81KB , 640x480 , スティーブン・セーガル.jpg )
I don't get why people are so upset about the squid puns in the translations. I watch it raw and the Japanese is even more full of bad puns and other silliness than what I've seen of the subs. It's part of the charm.

>I was wondering the other day why it seems to be so hard for producers to find native English speakers for English dialog, I thought maybe it cost to much to hire on extra VAs just for those small rolls, but after seeing this, maybe it's because native English speakers just plain out suck ass at voicing anime
That's what I started thinking after seeing this:
I remember Eden of the East as having had some good English voice acting, though.

I agree with most of that.
Germany has a fairly large industry, and a lot of animes dubbed there have pretty good VAs who honed their skills dubbing Hollywood movies, and reading audiobooks (of which they produce more than most cultures). But I noticed that a lot of them have trouble with some things peculiar to anime, like the over-the-top laughs and so on:
>> No. 6875 [Edit]
Most people that I've talked to that get upset over the puns are not native English speakers. Stuff like "squiddin" are hard to read and pick up on the actual word. It's easy for someone used to the sayings to fill in the blanks and see the actual word as "kidding", but if you've not heard the saying much, you might be at a loss. I haven't seen any subgroups other than English, Russian and Finnish myself, but they might be watching the show in English as it is not subbed in their native language.
>> No. 6876 [Edit]
I hate the puns because I consider it westernization. I just want my subs to tell me what people are saying as closely as possible, they don't need to make shit up
>> No. 6877 [Edit]
The English puns are liberal in terms of content, but in terms of mood and characterization, it's a far better translation than just going with "geso/ika." Personally, I'm a strong advocate of the puns. As they say, translations are like women. The beautiful are not faithful and the faithful are not beautiful.

Post edited on 24th Oct 2011, 10:51am
>> No. 6878 [Edit]
I find the puns so annoying that I can't even watch it with them. I guess if I spoke japanese I would hate this show
>> No. 6879 [Edit]
File 131948767082.jpg - (3.69KB , 126x119 , 1297738962759.jpg )
Count me too against the puns.
>> No. 6881 [Edit]
Who are 'they'?

Post edited on 24th Oct 2011, 6:02pm
>> No. 6882 [Edit]

Pun connoisseurs.
>> No. 6887 [Edit]
File 13195916102.png - (230.65KB , 565x317 , 2-4 channer.png )
...talking bout pun liberal translations: I'd still like to know what Makise's 2ch memes originally said.
>> No. 6888 [Edit]
That particular scene she said "Dame da, koitsu!" I guess a plain "epic fail" is appropriate.
>> No. 6889 [Edit]
(Note that there were non-shitty subs that actually did just translate it as epic fail)
>> No. 6890 [Edit]

Daru's /b/tard dialogue made the translated versions of both the VN and anime hard to read/watch.
>> No. 6989 [Edit]
File 132027657185.jpg - (418.28KB , 1280x720 , [FFFpeeps] Shinryaku! Ika Musume S2 - 05 [720p][0F.jpg )
I bet the masters here could teach em a thing or two about playing with themselves.
>> No. 6991 [Edit]
I used to play that game a lot, myself; also at the school's toilets.
>> No. 6994 [Edit]
File 132028059122.jpg - (311.43KB , 1280x720 , [FFFpeeps] Shinryaku! Ika Musume S2 - 05 [720p][0F.jpg )
I wonder if this truck can travel through time..
>> No. 7007 [Edit]
File 132034637372.jpg - (182.47KB , 1273x720 , breasts bi.jpg )
>> No. 7010 [Edit]
File 132034840042.jpg - (129.49KB , 1280x720 , ant.jpg )
I'm gonna follow him home. Kill his whole family.
>> No. 7013 [Edit]
Season 2 is horrid, I couldn't keep with it.
Maybe later down the road during a slower season I'll go back, but not now.

Ironically, it's not too terrible.
>> No. 7014 [Edit]
the first episode of the season was pretty lame, but after that it's no different than season 1 imo
>> No. 7015 [Edit]
I watched the first three before deciding this.
>> No. 7016 [Edit]
ep 5 was pretty awesome.
>> No. 7027 [Edit]

>Season 2 is horrid, I couldn't keep with it.

I like it better than S1 so far.
>> No. 7176 [Edit]
Not sure if this is a very good fandub, or a fucking awful Funimation dub.

God damn, this is awful even by English dub standards.
>> No. 7182 [Edit]
>I've seen stuff dubbed by Brits

Out of curiosity, what have you seen dubbed by Brits?
>> No. 7183 [Edit]

A few shows but that was long ago so I honestly don't remember them anymore. One dub I won't (or rather, can't) forget was HnG because it was absolutely awful (even by English dubbing standards).
>> No. 7190 [Edit]
Anyone notice how some of the specials tend to remind you of Tom and Jerry or Looney Toons US-made animation?
>> No. 7213 [Edit]


>I like these segments, they remind me of old children's cartoons. Nostalgia overflow. I'd like to see more of them.

So yeah, I guess I kinda agree. But it's probably not so much about being US made or not, it's just how old children's cartoons were. If anything they remind me of Krtek (which I adores as a child).
>> No. 7234 [Edit]
File 132140095332.jpg - (102.52KB , 1280x720 , [FFFpeeps]_Shinryaku!_Ika_Musume_S2_-_06_[720p][A8.jpg )
>> No. 7259 [Edit]
File 132140457563.jpg - (108.36KB , 1280x720 , [FFFpeeps] Shinryaku! Ika Musume S2 - 06 [720p][A8.jpg )
Was stealth showing in Japanese theaters while they were making this show?
>> No. 7278 [Edit]
File 132147345583.jpg - (176.53KB , 1280x720 , mini plant.jpg )
Another chibi episode!? Why is Japan trying to kill me
>> No. 7279 [Edit]
The parts where she got homesick and started crying almost made me cry and I'm not sure why.
>> No. 7314 [Edit]
I find it impossible to not watch this show with a smile.
>> No. 7418 [Edit]
File 132210663191.jpg - (183.87KB , 1276x715 , molested.jpg )
>> No. 7447 [Edit]
Oh the money I would pay to have that toilet...
>> No. 7499 [Edit]
File 132271693978.jpg - (170.54KB , 597x335 , Nice Rainbow.jpg )
Censorship at its best.
>> No. 7511 [Edit]
File 132279598960.jpg - (859.80KB , 960x619 , Ika_musume_hat.jpg )
Just in case, I'll leave this here
>> No. 7512 [Edit]
File 132280231721.jpg - (116.61KB , 1280x720 , robber3.jpg )
There's gonna be h-doujins about this episode, aren't there
>> No. 7572 [Edit]

What episode is it?
>> No. 7648 [Edit]
File 132346671145.gif - (492.48KB , 320x300 , pop out.gif )
>> No. 7672 [Edit]
File 132363690370.jpg - (110.98KB , 1280x720 , little girl.jpg )
That girl has problems
>> No. 7673 [Edit]
who is she anyway?
>> No. 7674 [Edit]
>> No. 7675 [Edit]
I guess Chizuru and Eiko's parents are dead. That's kind of depressing ;_;
>> No. 7693 [Edit]
I thought they were away on business...?
>> No. 7695 [Edit]
I guess that could be, but the fact Eiko started crying while remembering being with them seems to point the other way
>> No. 7705 [Edit]
Parents don't have to be dead for their kids to miss them.
>> No. 7777 [Edit]
File 132417868171.jpg - (90.37KB , 1280x720 , chizuru jiii.jpg )
>> No. 7778 [Edit]
File 132418001585.jpg - (145.35KB , 1280x720 , style.jpg )
I love these guys
>> No. 7779 [Edit]
They really know how to liven up the show.
>> No. 7900 [Edit]
File 132470271850.jpg - (110.88KB , 583x319 , short.jpg )
She looks pretty whatever she does.
>> No. 7904 [Edit]
File 132473447140.jpg - (642.53KB , 1403x992 , 266ddc6c86a28f62315ce75c44d8d905.jpg )
>> No. 7936 [Edit]
File 132501117956.jpg - (173.64KB , 1280x720 , sweat.jpg )
So much sweat
>> No. 7941 [Edit]
I want to lick it all.
>> No. 7942 [Edit]
>> No. 7943 [Edit]
Every time I see Ika I feel bad about all those fried squid rolls I ate.

I kind of want to pick this series up now, though.
>> No. 7951 [Edit]
season finale was pretty sweet. I wonder if the red hat (octopus?) girl will ever be explained
>> No. 7952 [Edit]
she was in season one wasn't she?
>> No. 7953 [Edit]
She showed up in the last episode, yeah.
>> No. 7957 [Edit]
File 132530486328.jpg - (113.97KB , 589x335 , why.jpg )
<--- I'd like to know, myself...

Anyway: season's finally over: so long, Ika nee-chan.
>> No. 7960 [Edit]
She'll take anything she can get from ika, even if it's a smack to the face.
>> No. 7967 [Edit]
I've recently started watching this, and so far I love it and Ika.

Sanae is one of the best characters on this show.
>> No. 7972 [Edit]
Even after the attempt to make Chizuru seem more sympathethic I still hate her. The show would improve 20% if she was gone/redone. Heck, they could change it slightly and go full MISUNDERSTANDINGS and make her a nice dojikko who would thwart Ika's plans by accident only, except Ika would think she does it on purpose and would still think Chizuru is terrifying. The balance/relationships between the characters wouldn't really change and I wouldn't have to watch Chizuru anymore.

Also another bad last ep. I'm 99% positive neither of the last eps (neither S1 nor S2) was in the manga. They just completely don't fit the mood of the series. I was hesitant to watch the last ep because I suspected it'll only make me sad as I didn't want to part with the characters again but it felt so dry I didn't feel anything. In that way it was rather nice I guess.

Overall I think I overrated this season after few eps. At first I thought it's much better than S1 but overall it was about the same (which is still good mind you). Sadly they stopped doing the Mini Ika episodes and the regular segments lacked the initial punch (my favorite would have to be the soap opera one).

Oh well, looking forward to S3.
>> No. 8085 [Edit]
Oh god, why do I love Ika Musume so much?
>> No. 8113 [Edit]
File 132634520847.png - (718.59KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2012-01-05-23h42m40s208.png )
Liked S1 more than S2 overall. Writers somewhat seemed to have run out of interesting ideas most of the time. I also don't remember S1 segments lacking punchlines like these ones did.
I suppose the boring segments of S2 may come from weaker chapters of the manga purposedly left out in S1, but in that case they should just have gone for original stories instead.

Nagisa barely showed, and Sanae became useless. Moving spotlight to Kiyomi was nice, as she hadn't had much in S1, but Takeru probably had more screentime than even Eiko. What the hell?
Also, was it wrong for me to have hoped for more character development? S1 was fairly successful in that regard, and I see no compelling reason that S2 had to turn out being all fillers, save Chizuru's last bit.

Like in S1 I'm still impressed at Ika's VA's skill at laughing and screaming. Hope she'll be in more shows eventually.
>> No. 8251 [Edit]
I cannot watch this show (or read the manga) without smiling.

As for Chizuru, she may be my favourite.

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