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File 13354390429.png - (583.88KB , 724x841 , drool.png )
9508 No. 9508 [Edit]
I've been watching Nazo no Kanojo X and it's artword reminds me of something a bit older, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is exactly. It first I thought that maybe she looked like Kaori (Tetsuo's girlfriend from Akira), but thats not it.
Anyone have any other guesses?

Anyway, it seems like a good show so far, mysterious, but not unfun, doesn't take itself too seriously and its odd, there is some creativity and weirdness in the story, its not just a rehash of clich├ęs we're all too familiar with (the MC sits one row over from the window aisle). Future mutual tooth brushing is not out of the question in this anime.
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>> No. 9522 [Edit]
shading of the hair
>> No. 9900 [Edit]
File 133937325950.png - (298.43KB , 718x424 , SLUT.png )
Just finished episode 3 of this.

Goddamn it! What a fucking whore! NTR is the worst thing you can do to someone. If you love them, you wouldn't cheat on them ;_;
>> No. 9902 [Edit]
I'm glad that I didn't have to see it. Thank you for the warning.

I also hate whores/sluts.
>> No. 9904 [Edit]
She doesn't actually fuck/kiss the other dude, but she exchanges spit with him, which is the most intimate thing she does with her own boyfriend.

In my eyes, it's even worse in episode 4 because she does it with another girl, multiple times. Ugh... I hate NTR but lesbian NTR really hits a sore spot of mine. DROPPED
>> No. 9906 [Edit]
No wonder this has gotten popular.
>> No. 9917 [Edit]
Tried to watch episode 1 last night. It's just too lewd.
>> No. 9918 [Edit]
As someone who has read the manga and dropped it:

Shit doesn't get much more intense than a kiss. Ever. They probably won't even get that far into the anime.

It's the most boring shit imaginable. Urabe is just being unnecessarily weird and hostile to Akira to the point that I wish he would just cheat on her and drop her like the cold soulless bitch she is.

The glasses couple on the otherhand, I would watch a show centered around them. Glasses-kun has balls. He knows how to handle his lady. And his lady, in contrast, knows how to handle him.

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