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File 135780692087.jpg - (208.81KB , 1856x1392 , CREAMY CHICKEN!!!!.jpg )
19975 No. 19975 [Edit]
What meals have you recently prepared, /ot/? Any foods you think are especially delicious?

Pic related, it's chicken cup noodles. I probably eat about 20 of these a week. So yummy -- and cheap, too!
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>> No. 19977 [Edit]
File 135780752181.jpg - (119.13KB , 640x480 , 100614_fried_egg_on_toast_fork_runny_yolk.jpg )
Goes especially well with soy sauce. Its like soy sauce was MADE to go with eggs.
>> No. 19978 [Edit]
OP, have you tasted the Maruchan noodles? If you have, how would you compare them to the noodles in your picture?

Kikkoman may want that, but I could never have soy sauce on sunny side up.
>> No. 19981 [Edit]
Agreed. People give me odd looks for doing this, but it's an amazing combination.

Egg salad is best with simple boiled egg, mayo, and kikkoman.
>> No. 19983 [Edit]
Ramen, ramen, and more ramen. I prefer Maruchan brand and don't get the stuff in the cup, though. Sometimes I just microwave it with water for 3 minutes, sometimes I boil it with an egg and some chopped up celery and onions, and sometimes I steam the noodles in a closed plastic bowl with boiling water to make the noodles a bit fatter. Soy sauce is good in it, sometimes, when I'm eating it with an egg. I far prefer regular chicken flavour to creamy chicken.

I'm going to have to try this. >>19977 looks particularly delicious; might be good with some cheese, as well. I always dice up celery for my egg salad, too.
>> No. 19990 [Edit]
Some grilled cheese sandwiches with jalapeno slices and ham.
>> No. 19994 [Edit]
File 135794137125.jpg - (2.03MB , 3264x2448 , notgood 002.jpg )
Here have a picture of some horrible chili and tortilla left over abomination I made one Thursday night. I usually don't eat much Monday-Wednesday and most of Thursday as well as Sunday. I wake up shove a breakfast bar and some coconut milk down my throat and start the day. Later I usually eat prepackaged noodles or make myself some rice and terriyaki sauce. Wednesdays I don't eat anything. I usually tag along with my father out on Friday and Saturday night to the local buffet, pizza place, or wherever he wants to go. As you can see I'm the healthiest eater in the world.
>> No. 20018 [Edit]
I can cook anything if I have instructions, i.e the internet.
>> No. 20019 [Edit]
But can you cook it well?
>> No. 20020 [Edit]
Cooking something that tastes "good" is entirely subjective. By my subjective standards I am the best chef that has ever lived. Everything always tastes and looks better when I make it.

Its not like it takes much thought anyways, cooking is braindead easy.
>> No. 20024 [Edit]
Whether or not food looks good is subjective as well.

>cooking is braindead easy
Depends on what you are cooking and how.
>> No. 20027 [Edit]
Who are you to bring my skill into question, subhuman? I can make anything.
>> No. 20030 [Edit]
When I make food, it only looks better because I'm so ugly. ;_;
It always tastes worse though, mostly because my endlessly flowing tears ruin the flavor and texture.
>> No. 20031 [Edit]
Classic tohnochan
>> No. 20040 [Edit]
I just opened up a can of Chef Boyardee.

I'm eating a mixture of Spaghetti and Meatballs along with the Cheesy Hamburger kind. I added a bit of cheese to make it taste a little better.
>> No. 20044 [Edit]
I usually have a bowl of oatmeal everyday with sliced up banana, crushed almonds, and cinnamon. It's really filling, cheap, easy to prepare, and also has lots of nutrients. Cream of wheat is also good since it's filling and has about as much vitamins as a regular bowl of dry cereal. Both usually keep me full for about 5-7 hours, and I have a pretty fast metabolism.
On a side note, I'm deathly anemic from not eating as much meat as I should. It seems like such a hassle to prepare. What do you guys usually make?
>> No. 20050 [Edit]
Do you mean red meat, or do microwavable chicken strips and chicken patties count?

; _;
>> No. 20053 [Edit]
Fried rice, over a day old is better, but it doesn't matter too much. Get some sesame oil, you can mix it in with regular oil because it's potent, peanut oil is also great. Fry the shit out of it while stirring, add some green onions, garlic if you're feeling it, and a ton of soy sauce (light soy sauce sucks), siracha too, and throw in a couple eggs. I have no idea how to cook eggs well in anything, everytime I try something different and it still sucks, I've even watched videos, I can't even fry an egg well, I'm starting to think my pans suck. Oh and if you throw kimchi in at the end, it's extra delicious.
>> No. 20055 [Edit]
I haven't made any meals recently, but I did just make a cup of hot cocoa, using the proportions on the side of the can of mix I used.

Apparently I didn't heat the milk up enough, though, because there were still bits of cocoa mix floating around after I stirred it in.
>> No. 20057 [Edit]
A reasonable amount of oil helps fry your eggs. Don't believe that bullshit that nonstick pans dont need oil. It tastes like shit without oil. Try using butter or some kind of sanwich spread oil instead of liquid oil cause it coats the pan better instead of congeling into one big blob.
>> No. 20059 [Edit]
I-I feel so welcome!
>> No. 20063 [Edit]
No, you bakas; use butter. It's adds flavour and makes you fat.
>> No. 20073 [Edit]
File 13581501043.jpg - (915.47KB , 1000x3400 , 132302518069.jpg )
I've always liked Maruchan better. And even then, they seem to not taste nearly as good as they used to a decade ago. I think it they might be trying to cater to US tastes, at least with US distributions.
>> No. 20074 [Edit]

Didn't they get in trouble for selling noodles that literally caused cancer?
>> No. 20075 [Edit]
Haha, really?
>> No. 20076 [Edit]
Nongshim is the only brand I buy nowadays. Not that I eat much ramen in the first place.
>> No. 20077 [Edit]
File 135827627484.jpg - (32.16KB , 300x261 , GetImage.jpg )
The last time I ate ramen was all the way back last Spring. When I injured myself really bad and I couldn't get out of my room for much more than going to the bathroom for weeks. My mother bought a bunch of ramen. Everyday for dinner would be a bowl of ramen mixed with black beans, crushed red pepper, and teriyaki sauce. It was actually pretty good. I eat instant noodles about once or twice a week. This is a picture of what I always have.
>> No. 20187 [Edit]
Get some noodles (not the ones made of plastic) out of their package.
Get the some sauce out of the cupboard.
Get 3-4 spring rolls out of your freezer.

Boil noodles.
Fry spring rolls.
Chop spring rolls in pieces.

Dump everything in a plate.

>> No. 20190 [Edit]
I actually have a bunch of frozen spring rolls in my freezer and a little other random stuff like some sweet potato fries, hash brown patties, and a little old popcorn shrimp. I'm putting some spring rolls in the oven thursday night. The other nights like tommorow will be either rice or prepackaged noodle stuff.
>> No. 20206 [Edit]
I only go to Japanese restaurants so I can eat Chicken Teriyaki, cause Haruhidamn my body craves that shit 24/7. I have no fucking idea how to cook it because all I can cook is ready to make shit like Spam. I tried to make it once but the Teriyaki sauce tasted way different than the one I'm eating in restaurants.
>> No. 20213 [Edit]
File 135880326276.png - (124.23KB , 266x388 , yui gnihihi.png )
Tonight I was feeling a bit peckish so I threw as many sweet things as I had onto some pieces of bread and then threw the bread into the oven for a couple of minutes.

The sweet things included:
Maple syrup
Dried Apples
Crushed Almonds

And I ate them with some delicious Turkish tea.
>> No. 20215 [Edit]
I only go out on weekends because I tag along with my father and sometimes I have influence on where we go. Occasionally we go to a sushi/other japanese food buffet that has all this really good stuff including chicken teriyaki but I prefer stuffing myself with fried shrimp, beef ribs, bbq squid, and a ton of sushi there. Otherwise it's to the regular $10 a person buffet, pizza, or some chain place sometimes like On the Border.
>> No. 20231 [Edit]
That sounds awful.

How was it?
>> No. 20239 [Edit]
Whenever I'm in the mood for sweet things I have a bunch of sweets in my room from cereal and candy to some of those Big Texas Cinnamon Buns I get from the dollar store that taste awesome in the microwave. For every other time I want snacks I'm usually having kettle cooked chips, tortilla chips and hot sauce, popcorn, or whatever other junk I have around I could be in the mood for.
>> No. 20255 [Edit]
File 135916815268.jpg - (109.63KB , 1024x680 , IMAG0399.jpg )
crushed up some pringles in my cup noodles.

I dont usually eat instant noodles that much but I'm trying to save money and these were half price because they are past the expiry date.
>> No. 20256 [Edit]
Aren't they like 10 cents normally? Just eat them all the time.
>> No. 20295 [Edit]
yeah, the fact that they were cheaper than usual was a bonus really

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